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Chapter 2

In Elmore:

"Huh, the waters not running," said Gumball, "Hey Darwin, did dad pay the water bill?" Gumball's father, Richard replied from downstairs, "Yeah I paid it!" "Well could you come up here and look at the shower, it's not working." "Aw, but you know I limit myself to going up and down the stairs once for each!" "Ugh, fine" Gumball said. "Alright Darwin I need you to come in here and help me fix the shower." Darwin, who was on the other side of the bathroom door replied with, "But dude I can't go in there, your naked!" "Dude you've seen me naked, remember the Forest of Death? You ate my clothes. Besides you…huh?" As Gumball said that the drain in the shower was making a sucking noise. When he looked down to inspect, it began to suck him up. "AHHH!" Gumball yelled. Darwin heard this and rushed in to see his brother being sucked in to the drain "Gumball! I'll save you!" "No wait," Gumball replied, "Gran my clothes first." "Why?!" "If I end up in another place I don't want to be naked." With those last words Gumball was completely sucked in the drain. Darwin grabbed his clothes and jumped down the drain after his brother.

In Dimension 27:

The man looks on at Elmore and says, "2 down."

In the Park:

Mordecai was trying to clean up the pipe his boss Benson told him to clean. His friend Rigby was lying on the floor and moaning. "Ahh. This is so boring. Let's go play some video game." "No man," Mordecai replied, "Benson said we need to cover up this pipe and that is what we are going to do." Rigby sat up and said in an irritated voice, "You know what you are? A party killer. Hey look at me, I'm Mordecai and I like doing work and not having any fun!" "C'mon man, I'm trying to not get fired. WE both need this job, and I intend to keep this job." "You want the job done. Fine." Saying that, Rigby found a towel and threw it over the pipe. "There, problem solved." Rigby started to walk off, when Mordecai said to him, "Uh dude..." "What Mordecai, you going to say that isn't right or something like that?" "No, but you need to see this." When Rigby turned around he saw the towel was gone. "What?! W-what happened to the Pop's towel?" I don't know it just got sucked down the pipe an- wait that was Pop's towel?!" AS he said that, the suction coming from the pipe increased and Mordecai's hand was suddenly pulled in. "Mordecai," Rigby yelled as he ran towards him, "I'll save you!" AS he said that he tripped and fell down causing him to be sucked down the pipe. "Great plan there," Mordecai sarcastically said as Rigby was sucked up. Soon Mordecai was sucked up by the pipe to, and there was no one to help them.

In Dimension 27:

"Maybe I should have tried that perverted dragon kid and that priest kid from Japan," the man said as he was regretting his decision to bring them to his dimension for help.

In the land of Ooo:

"Hmm, maybe she'd like it if I comb my hair," Finn the human said to himself as he looked in the mirror. He was going on a date with Flame Princess and he was trying to look good. He combed his hair to make it look neat, but it just got messy again. "Glob." He sighed as he thought to himself, how can I make myself look nice. As he was thinking, he heard a hissing noise coming from the toilet. As he went over to it to check it out, the noise increased. Maybe it's just a snake, he thought, yeah a snake. When he opened the lid he should have hoped it was a snake. Meanwhile, Jake the dog was playing on their game system B-MO. As he playing he heard Finn yell out, "JAKE!" When he heard this he rushed to the bathroom while saying, "What? What's wrong Fi-?" He stopped to see his best friend being sucked down the toilet. "Help me Jake!" But all Jake could do was fall over laugh like a maniac. "Ah-HAHAHA! I'm sorry. I know, hehe, I should, hoohoo, be taking this seriously, hahahaa, but this is too much!" "Dude, you suck you know that." As he said those words he was swirled down the toilet. "The right thing to do is to save him. But I still haven't saved my game. What am I saying, I need to rescue my friend. I'm coming Finn!" Jake then jumped into the toilet and flushed himself to save his best friend.

In Dimension 27:

"All 6 warriors are here. Now I must meet them. Especially the ones who caused this destruction," the man said as he looked upon the monitors that showed the 6 people he brought to his dimension. He soon turned to another monitor, and all he could see was a burning town. Please hang in there my people, he thought, soon help will arrive.

If that was too short sorry. If any of you caught my reference to my future fanfic on Highschool DXD, 1000 points. But anyway, the main charactera of all three shows have been sucked into an unknown dimension by an unknown man. Who is this force and what does he want with these six men. Find out next time. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel. No, that was awful. I will pay for my crime later.