All I Want For Christmas

Mike was walking through the park with his girlfriend, Zoey. Tonight was Christmas Eve, and they were able to meet and hang out for a little bit. It's been, like, two years sense they've gotten together on that show, Mike and Zoey's relationship was getting more and more closer than ever. They've been walking around the snowy fields of the park for an hour now; Zoey finally broke their lovely silence, "Mike, where are we going anyways? We've been walking through the park for about an hour now, and I'm starting to freeze to death."

Zoey's wining about being out here for a long time had reach-out towards Mike; he knew that it was getting a little too cold outside. "Sorry Zoey, I guess I just wanted this to be a little too perfect for your Christmas gift that I've got you," Yes, he'd gotten a gift for Zoey. A very special one. Once Mike hit seventeen, he'd gotten a job and was saving money for something big and wonderful for his girlfriend. Even though that his job didn't really pay him that much, he was earning the money to get what he wanted for Zoey.

"So...I guess we should head back to the car then, huh?" Mike asked, starting to head back to the car, with Zoey following after a quick shrug and nod.

Once they've gotten back to the car, Mike quickly took Zoey's hands and she looked over at him with a raised eye brow. Seriously, what was going on?

"Mike...what are you-"

"Shh, Zoey..." Interrupted Mike, bending down on one knee, and looking up into his girlfriend's brown eyes as he takes her hands into his.

"Zoey...for the past two years...I've loved you more than anything; you're important to me, and I hope you know that. So what I'm trying to say is," He takes out a small box and reviles a diamond ring, making Zoey gasps. "Will you merry me?" He'd finally asked.

Zoey was dumbfounded for a good long five minutes before shouting, "Yes!" and giving Mike a big hug, along with a wet kiss on the lips as he'd slip the ring onto her finger.

"Merry Christmas, Zoey." Mike says happily as they get into the car and start to drive back home to tell their families about the good news.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Mike."


Feww! It took me a while to figure out a Zoke idea for the holidays, but I just decided to go with the cheesy proposal plot for a shot one-shot.

Merry Christmas from me, and Don't expect any updates or anything until possibly after Christmas or New Years.

Until next time,