by chuckiboo

Freezing ©Lim Dall Young/Kim Kwan Ghyum

London International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, is abuzz with activity. As the planes depart and land, it's business as usual. Members of the conciegere are gathered at the receiving deck, where the passengers are coming off their flights, waiting patiently. A young man in a black suit waits as well. Many of the Londoners have heard of a special arrival, and want to see for themselves, the rumors from the Asian Pacific. A few minutes later, a young man walks out, accompanied by a young, muscular blonde woman, with red-rimmed glasses. Cameras flash, microphones are held out, just to catch his voice. But more importantly, they capture sight of his cybernetic arms, as the couple files through the crowd. All who are around caught sight of him, and were in absolute awe of what their eyes beheld. Whispers heard, words exchanged, and photos taken on the sly as they walked toward the young man in the suit, who comes to them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kazuya Aoi?" he asked in his British accent.

The woman nods her head.

"This way please."

They follow the man outside the terminal to a waiting Rolls Royce stretch limousine. Opening the door, the two, lady first, climbed in, as he closed the door behind them. He then went around to the driver side and climbed in, fired up the twin-turbo V10, and slowly took off, leaving the terminal behind.

Well, this is the start of my new life, thought Kazuya Aoi, as he gazed out the window at the passing scenes of British life. It's a world away from how I was raised outside Kyoto, since I have no family left, I wonder how I'll adapt to it... He then felt a hand touch his shoulder. Glancing to his right, was the sight he would never get enough of for the rest of his life: his partner Satellizer El Bridget-Aoi, now his wife, better known as 'the Untouchable Queen'. Giving a warm smile, she drew close to him.

"It'll be fine honey," she said softly in her sugary British tone, "I know it's hard going into a new enviroment, and leaving the old is hard to do. But remember, you're now a member of the El Bridget family, and I'm just as proud to be an Aoi, with a great fighting legacy. You'll adapt soon enough. Give it time, okay?"

He smiled warmly. "Thanks, suki," he said as she sat back in the leather seat and relaxed, or tried to. He gave Stella that pet name, which is Japanese for 'love', on their honeymoon at the resort on the island of Bali.

As the limo headed outside the city and through the countryside, his eyes perked up at the vast acerage of lush green grass, pastures, rolling hills and farmland. Twenty-five minutes later, they pulled up to a tall iron gate, which automatically opened up to reveal a huge, two-story estate with a beautiful marble sculpted fountain in the middle of a circular cobblestone driveway. The car went around in an oval until it stopped in front of the building.

The door suddenly opened, as Stella stepped out, followed by Kazuya. She stood out of the way as the door closed, and the young man who is now her husband was by her side.

"Welcome to your new home, love," she said cheerfully as she gently took his hand, and intertwined fingers. Walking through the tall doors, the man at the door stood estute.

"Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Aoi," he greeted in his British accent.

"Good to see you too, Barron," she replied in turn as they walked by.

"Do you know most of the servants here?" he asked.

"Yes, love," saying, "when my mother and I came here from Westminster, they were assigned to see after us. When mother passed away, they served Luis, Violet and I, until I went away to school, away from Luis's possessive influence."

"She must've been a great woman, your mother," he said as they stopped short of the stairway. In front of them gathered were all the estate's servants: three maids, two butlers, three chauffeurs, two chefs, and various other servants who were employed by the El Bridget family. One young lady stepped out from among them.

"Welcome back, Miss El Bridget- uh, Mrs. Aoi," correcting herself.

She smiled. "So glad to see you all again. My life as a Pandora is still alive, as I'm in reserves now. You may not know my husband, Kazuya, he's the hero of the 11th Nova clash in Alaska from near four years ago. He nearly died saving us from a type R Nova, lost all four of his limbs and his eye, but was restored as a cyborg." The eyes of the servants piqued as she continued. "He's the only male on the planet who had both Pandora and limiter abilities, making him a Limiter Specialist, the only one of his kind in the world, and the single remaining member of the Aoi family. He's just as humble and modest, yet it's become more of his strength rather than weekness. I ask that you treat him as a member of the El Bridget family, and I know you will, you've treated my mother and I with the utmost resepct when we first came. We thank you for your service."

The servants dismissed themselves, as Barron, the butler, took their bags. Kazuya gazed in amazement at the sheer size and grandeuor of the chateau, from its vaulted ceiling to the solid marble columns that ran the length of the two-story building. Mindlessly wandering, he couldn't take his eyes off of this much, most of it couture. Vases, dating back nearly 500 years, stood on pedestals. Deep cherry wood filled the air with its ageless scent. The echoes of footsteps gave measure of how grand this place really was. And then, he felt it, again: nervousness. The one thing that just will not go away. This was stronger than when they arrived in Bali three years ago. Even with the truth that he's now one of the most powerful Nova fighters in the world put no ease to it. Taking deep breaths to calm himself did work to an extent, as his nerves overwhelmed him. Feeling nothing, his vision suddenly went black.

The softness of a wet towel was the first thing he felt as he came to. His eyes slowly focused, getting used to the vast amount of light in the room. And to his left, sat his wife, red-rimmed glasses and all, squeezing the towel of warm water.

"Uhhhh," he groaned, as concern filled her face.

"Are you okay, love?" she asked in her sugary British accent.


"You passed out an hour ago, love. You had me worried. I picked you up and brought you to our new room." The young man sat up in the bed, as Stella made her way to the side of the bed.

"Kazuya honey, you know you can tell me what's wrong. If there's something going on, I'm here to listen."

He hung his head and sighed. "Well, since that battle three and a half years ago, I've been feeling that something's missing, a piece of me is gone."

She closed her eyes. "I noticed you haven't been yourself since then, having lost your grandfather, as well as half your physical body. You were pretty much near death, yet," hesitating, "that amazing ability of yours saved all of us. And for that, I'm grateful."

She placed her soft hand against his left cheek. "You've asked for nothing, gave all you had, and lost too much. I know I can't replace your family, but as your wife, I desire to give you offspring to carry on the Aoi name. I promise."

Kazuya closed his eyes and brought his left cybernetic arm to meet her hand on his cheek. "Thanks suki, I needed that," he said softly, as weeping followed. As she did before, she willingly became his pillow, as she laid beside him, guiding his head near her ample, ripped chest and released his worries.

You haven't had the chance to let it out since then, love, but you have it now, as she cradled her cyborg husband in the swaddling of love she infinitely has for him. After him bringing her back to herself, it's about time to return the favor. But how?

Three hours after crying himself to sleep in her arms, Kazuya woke up suddenly. Panting, he looked for his wife, but was not to be found. Taking deep breaths, he calmed himself as his heart rate decreased to normal levels. Footsteps were heard, as his amazon Pandora wife entered through the door.

"See you're finally awake," she said lovingly, "supper's ready. You want to come down or eat here?"

He shook his head free of cobwebs. "I'll...come down," he replied, hesitating, "just give me a minute."

Making his way off the bed, Stella's face was filled with worry. "Honey, you know you don't have to-"

"I want to," he snapped lightly, "I can't let the past hurt me anymore."

Her eyes softened. You're changing, she thought, but how much and for how long?

"I-I'm...sorry, suki," he suddenly said, head hanging down, "I didn't mean to snap at you like that-"

She lifted his head by his chin and smiled softly. "I understand, love. There's so much going through your head right now. But right now, let's have supper. You just like might like it."

A small reassuring smile appeared on his light face. Nodding, his wife took him by the hand and guided him down to the dining room. The smell of Japanese cuisine hit his nose, as he inhaled its flavorful aroma.

To say that his previous perceptions have been sated is an understatement, as he savored every bite of beef and chicken with steamed vegetables and rice, prepared by a traditional Japanese chef from his hometown, hired by his father-in-law, Howard El Bridget. He considers it part of paying him back for all he's done for his daughter while at West Genetics four years ago. Though he and Dr. Aoi had their differences, he respected him to the utmost. As he ate, Stella just glanced at her husband, smiling at the fact that he is who he is because of what he's done, and that he's come so far from where he started.

After dinner, the two walked the grounds of the estate, encompassing nearly fifty acres in the English countryside. Though they still trained, it took a back seat as to start their lives as a married couple.

This is Kazuya's first time seeing this vastness of land Stella grew up on, and it is nothing short of spectacular. Various breeds of horses grazing in pastures, a huge garden growing vegetables, a greenhouse filled with rare species of plants, and of course, the three quarter millennia house they now lived in. The silence became racking, as it was broken.

"So," she started, "how you like your new residence, love?"

He giggled. "It's gonna take some getting used to, living like this. No wonder I'm so humble."

"Those who are lowly and humble are exalted," she answered, "and that's why I love you."

She slightly squeezed his cybernetic hand, knowing he couldn't feel anything. He rubbed the back of his head with the other.

"I feel better since I released that burden off my chest. But sometimes," as he gazed into the orange-lit sky, "I wonder, what did I do to have a beautiful British woman like you as my wife." His head soon tuned downward slightly. "I know I'm being lowly, but..." hesitating, "throughout all the things I've, I mean we, experienced, regardless of how much thanks or praise came to us, I feel as if, that I don't deserve you. I don't deserve this new life."

Those sincere words hit Stella's psyche like a ton of bricks, as it stopped her in her tracks. As Kazuya kept walking, he soon noticed that his right hand was empty. He stopped and looked back, to see his beloved standing behind him, in a daze.

"Stella," he called as he made his way to her. "Stella," he called softly, "is something wrong?" The look of dazement filled her face. "Did I say something wrong?"

Hearing that, her expression softened behind her glasses. "Listen Stella," he said, "sorry for talking too much, I didn't mean to-"

He was cut off mid-sentence by a mouthful of her tongue, as she drowned her cute cyborg husband in a sudden tidal wave of passion that drilled into his senses hard. Wrapping her muscular arms around his neck, she pulled him closer, into her amazonic embrace. He gave in to her passion, as he held her muscular waist with his cybernetic hands. A couple minutes later, they finally came up for air, as both were blushing, she heavier than he.

"Kazuya my love," she said huskily in her British accent, "your ultimate sacrifice brought you the ultimate of rewards. You give your all and lost so much. Now I want to give my all for you, to you, for the rest of your life." She then scooped up her husband into her mighty 27" arms, and carried him back to the chateau in a hurry.

The sun was going down as they came in sight of the chateau, and as he observed, she really did train hard for the three years they were apart. The way she carried him as if he was light as a feather, though with the limbs he weighed about 176 pounds. And the speed she was moving at, really impressed him, having married strength and speed. Making her way to the rear entrance, through the door, through the rear foyer and up the staircase, he had no idea what he was in for.

Opening the door to their bedchamber, entering and closing it behind her, she calmly set Kazuya down on his cybernetic legs and feet and leaned against the door. Standing there befuddled, she wasn't winded in the least. Slowly, he approached her with caution, her face flush with lust and love.

"Stella, what's wrong?"

A smirk appeared on her flushed face. "How do you know what turns me on, love?"

Kazuya gave a puzzled look. Removing her glasses first, and with a steely gaze, Stella started to flex and pump her body up. The Nova blood flowed through her veins, engorging every muscle on her body, as her dress began tearing, then ripping, in certain sections of her upper body. Doing it with ease, she decided to unclothe herself in her own way, in front of the man she loved. The pretty dress that she donned slowly turned to shreds as her bontiful bosom, along with her prominent pectorals, exposed themselves, much to Kazuya's heavy blushing. Within a minute's span, all that was left were chards of fabric, as she just ripped the remainder of her dress off, along with her panties, stepped out of her shoes, leaving her naked, in all her muscular glory. Kazuya was speechless, yet smirking at how his wife expoused herself, and had a strong feeling what was coming next. Using both hands, Stella put them at the edge of his pants, and with no difficulty, ripped them in half off his lower body, along with his briefs, allowing him to step out of them. Tossing it aside, she then ripped his shirt off, leaving him with nothing on but his socks and shoes. Looking down, she smiled as she saw his member standing at attention, then looked him in the eye.

"I see that junior's up," she joked.

He had to wisecrack on this one. "So, what'cha gonna do about it?"

She wrapped her monstrous arms around his neck and pulled him close until they were skin to skin.

"This, love," as she again immeresed him in a liplock that was more passionate than the last one. He started to grab her sinewy hips with his titanium hands, but she took one of her hands and placed it on one of his butt cheeks, lifting him slightly until his feet left the floor. Walking him to the edge of the bed, she layed him down, and climbed on top. Looking at him straight in the eyes slowly brought out a side of Kazuya that ony came out every blue moon. And like a match to a striker, it ignited his passion, more than before. As Stella settled herself on his pelvis with his member inside her, she grinned.

"Bring it out, love," she cooed, "let me feel what you can do." He grinned as she began grinding him, he grabbing her glutes, squeezing the firm muscles, and arousing her more. This went on for fifteen minutes, as Stella reached multiple orgasms. But when he pulled her down and switched places, it took her by surprise. Grinning, she knew it was about to get better!

Seeing the passionate fire in the eyes of her cyborg husband, she never expected to see this side of him in this way. The feeling of the man she loved inside her, and in control, sent her mind to a place beyond estacy. Pumping in and out of her at a slow pace as to make her beg for more was his plan from the start, as her soft hands caresed his cybernetic arms.

"How does that feel, suki?" he asked, slightly panting. She stared into his eyes with love, lust taking over.

"Please love," she whimpered, "let me come..."

"I know," he said smiling, "just wanna see how much you can handle..." as he stroked, her slight gasps music to his ears. The two lovers made love in multiple positions, staving off the inenivible, passion growing more and more. Sweat pouring down their enhanced bodies, the bed taking a workout it was probably not meant for. After an hour, they were back in the original position, with him on top stroking her. Going faster, he felt himself building to his climax. He could tell his wife was the same way, blushing heavily.

"Please Kazuya," she panted, "let's come together..."

"Are you ready..." he asked, feeling the pressure at its peak.

"Come...inside me...deep...hard...strong..."

Looking at his face, she knew he was about to explode, as was she.

"I'm...coming..." as she pulled his head down and locked his lips in a kiss, as they climaxed together, their juices mixing together, he unloading his gushing wad of semen into her vagina, flooding her orfice for what seemed like an eternity. The excess flowed out of any crevice locked by his penis inside her vagina, white cream im abundance. Both the cyborg specialist and the amazon Pandora was spent, as he laid on top of his wife's muscular body, him still inside her.

"Please," she whispered, "stay inside me, for a while."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," as they continued their deep kiss. This will be a night of many to come for this couple.

Stella was taking her shower one Friday, a week after their most passionate session to date. She had the head maid run into town to pick up a couple of things that she needed. As she dried off, she looked over to the top of the toilet at the device that looked like a stick. It's been an hour, and she was a bit afraid to even look at it. Finally, she got up the nerve, and picked it up. And what she saw brought a smile to her face and a tear to her eye.

"After all you've done for me, this will be my gift to you, Kazuya, my love," she whispered, rubbing her bulging abdominals. Kazuya Aoi is in for a big surprise.