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Kazuya gazed down at his wife. The way she looked now, reminded him of how she was that one evening, during a dinner party.

After the 10th Nova clash, the school threw a party to ease the angst of the students after that horrific event. A few Pandora were lost, yet most were returned to their human state afterwards through treatment. The dinner party was to be as a reward for facing up to those four Type S Novas that invaded.

He remembers being taken away from Satellizer by Rana, leaving her to face the third years by herself. What resulted was a heavy drinking contest between her and Elizabeth Mably. Of course, with her iron clad determination, she won eventually, but was stinking drunk as a result, reeking of multiple shots of House Mably #7, one of the strongest and most expensive liquors on the market. She remembers her partner carrying her back to her dorm room, and particularly her asking him to loosen up certain articles of clothing to help her breathe, due to the amount of said liquor consumed.

Kazuya recalls being conflicted with what and how to act in that situation. Back then, he had no idea that Satellizer had a wrecker of a crush on him, that developed into a strong, full-on love affair not too long after. What they have now is just as much, now that a little one was on the way soon. As he stroked her forehead, pushing aside some of her blond hair, the memories flooded back into his mind.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered to himself, as she stirred to life. Opening her eyes, her first sight was that of her husband.

"Ooh," she groaned, "what happened?" she asked in her sugary British accent.

He smiled. "You fainted," he said, "another first for the Untouchable Queen."

She blushed heavy red, as she sat up with ease. "Yeah, a lot of firsts," as she stared at her love.

"You'll be alright," he said in return. He allowed her to stand up, just as Cassandra and Wendy Mae entered into the room.

"Are you alright?" asked the oldest sister.

"Yes, I'm fine now."

He sat on the side of the bed, facing her. "Out of all the times we fought, I've never seen you pass out. You're so hard-edged and ferverent in your hardriven will." He chuckled. "Yep, you're definitely softening up."

Stella rubbed her stomach, standing out prominently with their unborn child growing inside. "Yes," she said, "I guess I am." She stared sternly at Kazuya. "And it's because of you. You made me this way."

Kazuya cocked an eyebrow. "Guilty?" Wendy Mae giggled in the background. She's gotten used to her nephew's Japanese mannerisms. Cassandra just smiled.

"We have a lot to learn about you, don't we?" the middle aunt said, in a cutesy way, "father told us about your mild sense of humor."

"Oh, he did?" Kazuya asked, "it's not that good, or bad, for that matter." He looked at the clock. "About time for bed," as he stretched up and out, loosening his torso. The Nova blood flowed through his veins, to parts of his enhanced torso. With a tank top on, it made Stella blush like crazy. Cassandra couldn't help but admire her nephew's body; truly a world away when he was a baby those few years ago.

"We'll see you in the morning," Wendy Mae said, as she and Cassandra exited the room. Kazuya sighed, and gazed at his wife.

"It still amazes me what went on while we were apart," he said, shaking his head.

"Yeah," Stella said, "that time apart made me think what I wanted to do after life as a Pandora," as her husband sat down on the bed next to her. "Those two years molded me more into what I am, to be the best for you."

He smiled. "It was hard being away from you for that long period, but look at us now." He placed his hand on her protruding stomach, holding their unborn child. Stella smiled as well, feeling just as much love for him mow, than any time in their relationship. "if only our parents could see what we've become." She closed her eyes, thinking about her late mother, who sacrificed being ridiculed by others, to give her a better life among the El Bridget family. She knew that Kazuya doesn't want their child to be raised in a world where an alien invasion is always certain but uncertain.

"Kazuya," she whispered, "I love you," as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"I love you too," he whispered back, as they made their way onto the bed to lay down.

As the night unfolded, the slumber that encompassed Kazuya somewhat eluded him. What he saw in his dreamscape, was eerily similar to those times talking with that entity that contacted him months ago.

The feeling of being in another body had returned. Only this time, he was more eye level than before, instead of towering. Through his mindscape, he saw creatures of various sizes and shapes, moving around busily, as if preparing for something. What is this? he thought, as he felt that no one knew he was there. Suddenly, a creature came his way, and stood in front of him. Tilting its head, it then gazed down, looking at something. Kazuya couldn't see what the creature was studying, but felt something in return.

What's...going...on...? he struggled to say as a strange sensation began to overtake him. Due to his percentage of Nova and human genetics, his physical body began to become infected with the change. He then felt his body dematerializing slowly.

Within minutes, the young man's body was outside the chateau, in the vast field surrounding the compound. He was suspended in midair, hovering while still in his sleep. The stigmata on his back began to glow, as the chemtrails appeared on his arms, legs and face. Slowly, fragments started to form on his body. His fingers began lengthening, to the form of sharp spikes, as his physical height grew. The glow now surrounded his entire form, as he began to change.

In one of the bedrooms occupied by his aunts, the eldest of the sisters slowly opened her eyes. Sensing something, Cassandra's eyes snapped open as she jerked up in bed. Panting, she uttered one name.

"Kazuya," she muttered, as Wendy Mae peeped open the door.

"Did you feel that, sis?" she whispered. Cassandra nodded.

"Go check on Kazuya," she said, as the second youngest quickly did as told. Just then, the others showed up.

"What's going on?" asked Chiffon, as she, Lucy and Teslad walked in.

"Kazuya," the eldest said, as Wendy Mae, as well as Satellizer came to the room.

"He's not there," she reported.

"Where's Kazuya?" the British blond asked with concern.

"Outside," she said, as she got up, and using her stigma, immediately dressed in her combat gear. The rest did as well, except for Satellizer.

"Stay here," Chiffon told her, as the group of Legendary Pandora made their way outside of the large house.

"Bring him back safe," she whispered.

Reaching the outskirts of the chateau grounds, the five looked around, for any whereabouts of their nephew. Then, Cassandra felt it.

"He's on the other side," taking off, with her sisters following behind. Upon reaching the hillside, they were met with a terrifying sight.

Their nephew hovered ten feet off the ground, and part way through Novalization. The armor was forming from his body, making him more Nova than before.

"He's changing!" Chiffon muttered, twitching her eyebrows. "Spread out!" she barked, "we need to combine our soul power to bring him back! It's not yet his time!"

With that, the five Pandora formed a pentagon around the vicinity, and activating their volt textures, began to bring their abilities together. The curved graphic panels hovered before each of them, as they accessed their core; called 'soul', it was discovered by their father, Dr. Gengo Aoi, as the life that flows through them. Just as blood flows through a human, this energy inhabits the legendary Pandora, allowing them near unlimited capabilities, including multiple instantaneous healing. Once the energy was accessed, each of them aimed their palms towards the hovering form of their nephew.

"Use your soul sparingly," yelled the Chevalier lieutenant, "it'll take us a while to recover, but we need to bring him back," as the procedure looked to be working, albeit slowly. Chiffon gazed up as his suspended form. "Come on," she muttered, until she felt a surge come from somewhere. Looking around, she saw where it was coming from.

"Cassandra!" she called, "not so much! You'll drain yourself!" But her eldest sister wasn't listening. Though Kazuya was regaining his human form, the number of soul from her eldest sister was dropping fast. Looking closer at her, she began to see why she was doing it.

Could it be, from that time? she thought, as the form of the young man slowly descended from its height, Fully human again. touching ground, he collapsed, as did Cassandra.

"Big sis!" cried Wendy Mae, as she and Teslad ran to her, while Chiffon and Lucy hurried to Kazuya.

"Is Cassandra alright?" Chiffon called.

"Yeah," she replied, "she's knocked out," as she and Teslad began to pick up the eldest Pandora.

"He is too," the Chevalier lieutenant said, as they too picked up their nephew. Though he looked heavy, to them, he was pretty light, due too them being what they were.

"Let's get them back to the house", as each of the Pandora started to make their way back to the chateau, with cargo in tow.

Minutes later, the group arrived inside of the large house, to a waiting and worried Satellizer. Her husband was draped in the arms of Chiffon, as she carried him.

"Kazuya," she breathed, not trying to get too upset at this. As the woman laid him on the couch, the former Pandora sat him up some, as to place his head in her lap, despite her protruding belly that is bearing their child. She started stroking his dark hair with one hand, as she placed her other hand on his cheek.

"Where was he?" she asked.

"About a mile away on the grounds," Chiffon said, "he was nearly halfway through Novalization."

Satellizer was shocked. "You mean-"

"He almost became a full Nova," she finished, "unlike regular Pandora who maintain some look of humanity, he was becoming armored, due to his genes."

She gazed down at her sleeping husband. "He's that powerful," she whispered.

"He may be more powerful than all of us combined," Chiffon added, "it not his time yet." Just then, a stir was noticed from the figure who laid in their presence. Slowly opening his eyes, Stella noticed that it still had evidence of an Erienbar set, in this case, Nova stigmatization. Looking up, he got an eyeful of a protruding belly, as well as a bountiful bosom, and his wife's beautiful face.

"Stella," he whispered hoarsely. The Pandora gazed down at him, smiling.

"Kazuya," she whispered in her British accent, as she continued to caress his jet black hair.


"Kazuya," whispered another voice, "how are you feeling?" He turned his stigmatized eyes to his aunt, who knelt by him.

"Chiffon," he wearily replied, "I feel a bit better," taking in a breath, "but-" Then his eyes shot open. "Oh no..."

"What?" she asked.

"It's gonna happen," he whispered, "and soon..."

"You mean...the invasion?" He nodded. He told her of his vision, of little he could explain. This disturbed the fighter.

"I'll contact Sister Margaret in the morning," she said, "the general needs to be informed about this."

"It was almost, as if..." he struggled to say, "they were prepping the fighters."

"They probably were," answered Chiffon, "our kind has forgotten our true purpose, and are now trying to make your mankind exactly like us instead."

Kazuya slowly lifted his head off of his wife's lap, and steadily sat up. "From what I read in history," he said, his voice a bit clearer, "this happened with Adolf Hitler, that started World War II, over a hundred years ago. People who think they have all the answers, and try to impose the solutions on others instead, whether we like it or not." He shook his head. "I don't understand it."

He then felt a hand touch his shoulder. "Sometimes, we have to fight, to protect what we cherish," Wendy Mae said softly, "very many of your mankind cherishes life, and relish in your possibilities. Others, like our kind, think that your way of living is naïve, and feel that our way is the best. They leave no room for choices."

"I can see that," he replied, sighing. Hunched over, Satellizer rubbed her hand across her husband's back.

"It's something that's unavoidable," she said in her sugary British accent, "that's why we chose to become who we are. So that future generations will have the chance to thrive."

"I wonder what grandpa would think of this," he muttered to himself, though his aunts caught on to his suggestion.

On the other side of the world, in France, a lonely figure looks out on the beautiful city of Paris, eyeing the iconic Eiffel Tower. He sighed.

To believe that thing has stood for over three hundred years, he thought, I hope in the coming times, it doesn't come down. Turning away from the long window, Gengo closed his eyes and sighed again. Kazuya, if only you knew how much I care about you, maybe you'd come around to accepting your destiny, unlike your father, as he stepped towards his bed. Sitting down, his personal revelry was disturbed by the door opening.

"You alright, old friend?" asked Howard el Bridget, in his stoic French accent.

"I wish," he replied, "I feel, something is amiss."

"What is it?" he asked, stepping into the room.

"Winter is coming," he said simply.

Howard looked befuddled. "Huh?"

"It's the slogan of the Stark family, from George R.R. Martin's classic novel 'Game of Thrones'. It means that terrible times are on the way, and there's no way to avoid them."

"Well," Howard responded, "we are in terrible times, with the Nova advancing on every front, in their unrelenting goal of conquest. But I know, that the world's armies, alongside the Pandora, will help us survive this ordeal."

"I know that," Gengo said, "yet there is more to it than that. I just can't touch on it," sounding frustrated.

Howard placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Get some rest, my friend. It will come to you, don't force it."

Gengo sighed for a third time. "Maybe you're right, after coming out of hiding after the Alaska clash, my nerves are still somewhat rattled. I'll do just that."

Howard smiled. "I'll leave you to rest, then," as he headed to the door, "see you iin the morning," as he shut the door. Gengoo laid down on the bed, and pulled the sheets over his body.

Well, he thought, at least I have a great grandchild to spoil before my days are done, smiling as he closed his eyes, no telling how that will go over.

Outside the Japanese city of Shintoshi, at West Genetics, something else was happening. Deep below the academy, lies the secretive Ravensborne chamber. In the cask suspended against the wall far above the set of platforms, Maria Lancelot gazes up in oblivion, her thoughts her own. In her heart, she loved Gengo, and wishes he was here, to comfort her, just as she comforted him at their first meeting thrity years ago.

At least I had the chance to meet my grandson, she thought, her expression never moving, he is as handsome as Gengo and Ryuuichi, sighing in thought, how I miss them...

Suddenly, Maria felt a sensation course through her being, that aroused her eyes like never before.

They're nearly ready to move, she thought, I hope Kazuya knows about it, hanging her head down some, my daughters will be there to help him. And in a jerk reaction, her stigmatized chest dipped in, as if exhaling, as a tear escaped her eye.

The future of mankind lies on your shoulders, as another tear rolled down her cheek, and in another surprise move, moved her lips.

"Grandson," she muttered to herself.