Takes place during Mr. Yin Presents...Shawn has to decided who he loves more. Enjoy

"Who do you love more Abigail or Juliet?" Yin says on the phone "You can only save one." Then the phone goes dead. Shawn looks at Gus and Lassiter.

"What did Yin say?"

"I have too choose?"

"Choose what?" Lassiter asked very confused.

"Lassiter go get Abigail I have a vision she is on the pier go save her I can't go."

"What why not?"

"Just take Gus with you."

"Shawn you know I can't swim."

"I know and right now you have to just help Lassiter I have to go save Jules! Come on dad!" Shawn said grabbing his keys and driving with his father too the clock tower. They get up to the top and there is Juliet bound, gagged and danging from a clock tower crap.

"Jules I am here!" Shawn said running over and kissed her cheek.

"Dad hold back the minute hand please!" Henry tried to hold in back as much as he could. "Dad did you bring your gun?"

"Shawn what are you trying to do?"

"Just let me take the gun." Shawn said grabbing the gun then walking behind the tower. He shoved the gun into the clock and it stopped. He ran back out untied Juliet and held her. She just cried and didn't let go. He kissed her forehead.

"It's okay not to be fine." He said she just sobbed she couldn't say anything just then the phone rang. Shawn got it knowing it was Gus.

"Gus did you get her?"

"I am sorry Shawn we couldn't get to her in time."

"What are you serious"

"Lassiter tried reviving her but it was too late."

"Okay." Shawn said no emotion.

"Is Juliet okay Shawn?"

"No but she's safe Gus." Shawn said still holding Juliet in his arms. "I have to go thank you for trying." Shawn said dropping the phone. Henry looked at his son.

"Did they?" Henry asked Shawn nodded No and that gave Henry the clue they didn't make it in time.

"Juliet I will make sure everything is okay I will be here for you ever step of the way I love you."

"Please Shawn don't say this now just because of what happened." Juliet said between sobs.

"No I love you I mean it it doesn't matter what happened...I mean what happened was big but I love you."

"It …..took you to realize that you love me for me to be near... death."

"No Juliet it just kinda gave me that extra kick in the ass." Shawn said holding Juliet. He kissed her cheek and held her tight.

"I could have done that." Henry said. Then Shawn Juliet and Henry walked down too safer grounds.

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