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I smoked four cigarettes before going inside of the studio. It was nerve wrecking, just as I thought. To think of the possibility I could get out of this madness and never see Orihara Izaya again was so deliriously good, it kept me calm through the night. While now, it didn't seem like it would happen, for when I entered the studio, I saw Tom hunched over a box full of women designer clothes for the showcase.

And there, standing in all of his glory, was Izaya.

He was dressed pretty casually, which was odd, because all I've seen him in was sparkly shirts and pants. He had black jeans on, a black v-neck shirt and some kind of a dark fabric jacket with fur on his hood.

I had to admit, the guy had some taste in clothing. But I noticed one thing missing.

Ah, the girl.

"Heiwajima Shizuo!"

Shit, he saw me coming in. I sighed and moved forward to join Tom in his quest.

"I told you to call me just Shizuo," I said and earned a light 'tsk' from the raven.

"Alright, just Shizuo," he said, holding one of the outfits up. His eyes roamed around the curves and colors of the matter, brushing it with his hands. "This is quite nice. It doesn't seem like it's really your design, though."

"What?" I demanded and Tom exhaled.

"It's his design," Tom said and Izaya folded the dress he was holding.

"Still don't believe it," he said and grabbed another one. I face-palmed myself. And I had to work with this guy for seven weeks?

Think of the showcases, think of the showcases, think of the showcases.

We unpacked nearly every single outfit for Izaya to see. He contained himself from further comments on my designs, but he asked random questions whenever he pleased. My brain couldn't cooperate with me when I tried understanding why did Tom try so hard to get Izaya to work for me. It was mind-blowing, really.

When we were done with everything, I asked if Izaya could try his male lead outfits on. He seemed genuinely happy he could do that.

"You'll have to help him," I turned to Tom, but he shook his head.

"I will destroy every single stitch you made. I thought you always helped models dress up."

Izaya glanced at me and lifted his eyebrow up.

I groaned and waved for Izaya to follow. The reason why I didn't want to be the one to help Izaya was quite obvious, I guess. He annoyed the shit out of me for near three hours of unpacking, asking all those questions and never bothering to think how we feel about this whole event of showing my work to Izaya.

We got into the changing room and I closed the curtain behind us.

Izaya didn't wait for my q, he just started undressing.

I didn't bother turning around, for I would soon have to help him with the suits and accessories.

Izaya had nothing but boxers on, and I couldn't say I didn't like the view in front of me. I was attracted to men, which was a known thing amongst Japan.

He was lean and barely muscular, but that didn't make him less manly. His skin was pale white, creating the illusion of luminescence. Izaya's hair contrasted with his skin, being raven black. And his eyes, oh, his eyes made everything look even more surreal.

If I didn't know the personality of this man before me, I would've pinned him down and ravished the skin reddening before me.

"Like what you see, ne?" Izaya said and made a little spin.

I shook myself out of it and rolled my eyes. "Just get on with it."

We made quite a fuss over deciding how the outfit went on. Izaya nearly fell three times, and I had to hold on to him when we pulled one of the jackets on. I felt his hands tighten around my neck when I buttoned the back (the design was quite hard to handle) and when I leaned back, Izaya stood straight, admiring the view in the mirror.

"Oh wow," he breathed out.

I looked in the mirror, seeing the perfection of Izaya's body shape and the outfit I designed. It was as if it was made for him.

"Yeah," I said. "Wow. Tom?" I yelled and then Tom drew the curtain to the side, coming in.

He laid his eyes on Izaya and smiled.

"I told you he'd improve your showcase."

"He would, if his mouth stayed shut for seven weeks," I said and fixed one of the straps from his pants. Izaya shot a glare at me, but stayed silent.

"That was all of it," Tom said. "You guys finish here and we'll talk business."

"Hahaha, finish here," Izaya chuckled and I mentally crushed him with my fist.

It took a lot of effort and time to get Izaya out of those clothes, but when I was done, he rushed to dress up and we walked into the studio again.

When we were properly seated and holding a cup of coffee each, Tom caught my glance and coughed.

"So what will you say to the offer?"

"I would've gone with you without this whole showing the designs thing," Izaya smiled and took a sip of his coffee.

He has got to be kidding me.

"You made us unpack every single piece of fabric and you would've gone with us either way?!" Oh, I got angry.

Tom looked unpleasant too.

"It's how I test my employers," Izaya said. "If they really want me to work for them, they will do anything. And I do mean anything," he said while smirking.

How fucking hard it was to keep myself from smashing the shit out of this raven haired fool.

"Anyway, now that this is done, I have to say, I'm quite impressed," Izaya said, putting one of his legs on top of the other. "The whole collection is hardly anything I've ever seen."

I leaned in, feeling some kind of a warm feeling in my chest. I always felt better when my work was acknowledged, even if the acknowledgement came from a flea like him.

"Thank you," I squeezed out and poured the rest of my coffee down my throat. It burned like hell, but it distracted me from wanting to kill him with my bare hands.

"You'll start working a week from now," Tom interrupted, handing Izaya a document he had to sign. "We have practices every day at nine. Be sure to attend them."

"I'm gonna bring Tami with, she loves staring at models," Izaya said, biting his lip and carefully reading through the contract.

"Come to think of it, why didn't you bring her today?" I asked, purely out of curiosity.

"Oh, she's staying with my friend until the end of the week," he answered, signing the sheet. I glanced at his handwriting, and I had to say it was kind of beautiful. "Since I'm taking her on the trip, she needs some quality time with a woman for once."

It was maddening to know I had some kind of interest in Izaya's life. Who was Tami's mother? Why was Izaya alone and working as a model? I did some research on him the other night, and it was strange to see he had a college degree and his CV was filled with various business places. He was also rich.

He was a mystery.

Izaya handed the contract to Tom and zipped his jacket up. He lifted his hand to me and smiled.

"I look forward to working with you, just Shizuo," he said.

I shook his hand, bitterly smiling. "Not so much with you, Izaya."

"Okay, you two, cut it out," Tom said and I quickly let go of Izaya's hand. "Shizuo, you'll have to behave. He's your male lead now. Treat him with some respect?"

I took out another cigarette and tapped it on the table. "Yeah, don't count on that, but I'll see what I can do."

Izaya couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He lifted himself from the table and bowed.

I followed him, wanting nothing but a good smoke outside.

"I'll be right back, Tom," I said and walked toward the door. I felt someone following me. "What are you doing?"

Izaya was standing next to me as I was holding the door handle.

"Going home, obviously," he answered and went straight past me. I bit the inside of my lip before I could answer something horrible. I promised Tom I would try treating Izaya with respect.

We got into the elevator and I pressed the down button. Izaya rocked on his heels, watching the numbers lower to one and right before the door opened, he turned to me.

"I wasn't lying I was looking forward to working with you, mean protozoan," he said.

I shot him a look.

"Why?" I asked.

"It's because I get to see all of your cute reactions when I do this," he said and proceeded to grab my ass.

I almost fell back, but when the door opened, he flew by me and waved at me, shouting 'Bye bye, Shizu-chan!'

It took me a moment to understand what just happened.

"What the fuc-," I blurted. "Shizu-chan…? SHIZU-CHAN? I AM NOT A BLOODY SHIZU-CHAN, GET BACK HERE, FLEA!"

And thus, the hardest weeks of my entire life came to an annoying start.

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