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"ISAAC, PLEASE GET IN LINE FOUR AFTER MOLLY WALKS OUT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE," I roared for the seventh time this hour, a hilarious amount of nerves spent on one model who, apparently, didn't understand formation guidelines. "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, IS IT THAT HARD?"

Isaac flushed red and murmured an apology, quickly arranging himself next to Molly. If I had known that Isaac would be such a deal-breaker from the very beginning, I would've questioned my own judgment and chosen another guy for Isaac's part.

Tom placed a calming palm on my shoulder, instantly grounding the anger I felt to a simmering fire. I groaned at him and clapped my hands. "Formation from start!" I said, slumping down in my seat, staring ahead and quietly calculating formation requirements.

The whole performance had several different stages, huge decorations and a whole lot of preparations. My whole team worked towards a serious goal – making the stupid world tour famous. I had ten different choreographers, seven stylists, twelve make-up artists and so many model assistants I could barely count them all. At this particular moment, every single person on board for the world tour had training to do, which meant half of the crew sat directly behind me, watched the formation and rested.

The other half, well – they all stood on a stage, training for six formations me and the choreographers produced.

"Fucking Isaac," I whispered under my breath, releasing the tension.

"He'll learn, we have three days to go," Tom reassured me. I stared at him for three seconds.

"Only three days to go. That's a small amount of time, Tom. That is a fucking joke of a small amount, Tom. That is a disastrous amount of time, Tom."

"Stop Tom'ing me," he said, taking a quick sip of his orange soda. "I'm just saying this is going to work out."

"There hasn't been a model that didn't fuck up the formation."

Tom shot me a half-smile. "There was one."

"Oh yeah?" I shot out, following the walking models around, trying to catch a single mistake (if there was one).

"Your best friend," Tom said, chuckling.

Oh hell no.

"He's made mistakes," I said.

"Name one."



"Uh, he sidestepped in front of Matsuko that one time –"

"That is not a valid reason," Tom said. He gestured at the formation. "I can tell that when Izaya steps into the formation, no one's going to notice any mistake whatsoever."

I straightened, brushing my chin with my thumb absent-mindedly. Shit, Tom was right. Izaya has never made a mistake in a formation, and we've been practicing for what now, four days? He flowed with everyone, moved in beat and genuinely looked like he was having the time of his life.

I gathered my attention to the far left corner of the mirror wall, to a little chair and a girl sitting on top, clutching to her fluffy unicorn toy.

"Hey, could you please keep an eye on the formation? I'm gonna go check on Tami."

"Sure thing," Tom said. "Wait," he looked at me. "Since when do you 'check' on kids who were raised by your hatred target?"

"Fuck you," I said and moved out of my chair, my eye catching the sight of Izaya entering the formation. Fucking hell, two seconds in and he owned the god damn scene.

I walked over to Tami, who now watched her father with interest, tightening her grip on the toy. I sat next to her on the ground, noticing how the fluffy toy had a rainbow of colors and sparkles on, much likely chosen by her father rather than the kid herself.

"Hey, Tami," I said, keeping my voice low. "You okay?"

Tami nodded, her eyes fixed on the formation. "Daddy said we were going to Londun next weekend. I have never been to Londun."

"London?" I said, correcting her slight mispronunciation. Her soft flocks of hair covered her little shoulders in wavy bangs. Gosh, this kid was going to grow up a model for sure. She already had features any model agency would kill for.

"Daddy said they drink tea with milk and they take their spoons out after they mix the sugar in."

"I guess they do," I said, slightly hurt she didn't even acknowledge my correction. "They also eat biscuits with their tea, did you know that?"

I followed her gaze and found Izaya doing a perfect pose, chin high, hair ruffled and hands in his pockets. Fuck, he was doing a great job.

"I know that. I also know that people in Londun are this tall," she said, emphasizing her statement by placing her palm above her head. "And that's even taller than you or daddy combined."

"Your dad isn't that tall," I said, smiling. Tami interested me in many ways, most of them involving talking to her about anything, really. She was such an intelligent kid sometimes, I had to argue with myself just to ensure she was still just a kid. "I'm taller."

"You're taller twice," she said, finally directing her eyes to me, a playful smile on her lips. I winked at her. Tami then laughed.

The music stopped, ending the formation in a non-graceful way, with Isaac fucking up again. I stood up, brushed my pants off and sighed. "If you want anything, just ask one of the assistants, okay?" I told Tami, who nodded eagerly.

"Melanie told me she'd do my hair after lunch and then she said she'd take me for shopping when we stay in Italy and then she said she makes the best ice-cream sundaes in the world and she'd make one for me!" Tami said with enthusiasm, her smile widening with each word. I found myself grinning from ear to ear, and then remembered I had a lunch to announce. I searched my head for the name Melanie and tagged it to an attractive blonde assistant that managed all other assistants. She was an amazing young woman and a great role model for Tami.

"Awesome! And we'll be having lunch right about now, so let's see Melanie to her job afterward, okay?" I said, Tami jumping off her seat and finding my hand with hers. My heart leaped in joy, accusing me of warm feelings toward this kid. She wasn't even mine. Worse – she was Izaya's.

What was I supposed to do with fucking fatherly feelings?

I decided not to dwell too much on this and turned my attention to the crowd. "Say we have lunch?" I shouted, and Tom turned around to see me hand in hand with Tami.

"We have 1 hour people! Be sure to not be late, or else Shizuo will kill you," Tom counter-shouted, making everyone shuffle to their ways.

I heard chattering around me, some of the models already rushing off to the restaurant we booked for the rest of the week, some consulting their assistants. I suddenly felt very tired and lead Tami toward Tom.

Unfortunately, Izaya accompanied him, furiously explaining something I wasn't able to hear until we reached them.

"Daddy!" Tami cheered, Izaya instantly finding his daughter in the crowd. His eyes lingered on our joined hands, first gazing at a happy Tami, then locking our stares.

"Hey there, sweetie," Izaya said when we approached them. She didn't let go of my hand, instead clutching her free one with her dad's. Well fuck, now we looked like parents with a kid.

Tom must've also noticed the view, for his expression changed from serious to amusement in a matter of seconds.

"We were just discussing Isaac's line," Izaya said, urging a set of nerves on fire inside of my brain. "I think we should change some of the steps for him. He's too slow."

"Who said you had a say in this?" I snickered. Izaya laughed.

"You see the formation as a whole," Izaya said. "I see the formation from within and every person as a particle. I do have a say, in fact."

"I don't care," I said. Izaya stepped closer, his eyes dangerously close to mine. I squinted and Izaya smirked.

"Do you want your formation to work?" he asked, his voice mischievous and alluring at the same time. Fuck my hormones.

"It does work, except for Isaac," I said, grinding my teeth. Our foreheads touched and lightning shot between us, somewhat igniting the tension in the air an ounce worse.

Tom suddenly rushed in between our little fight, pushing us aside of each other. Tami gripped my hand, questioningly looking at me and sometimes at Izaya.

"Shizuo, Izaya, calm down," Tom said. "Now, Shizuo, Izaya has a point. He explained how Isaac could change places with Steven, since Steven is smaller and could finish the line in time."

I glared at Izaya, his triumphant face glowing. I rolled my eyes.

"Fine. Okay. Let's try it out after lunch. I'm fucking starving," I said, and crouched down to Tami. "What do you say we get some milkshakes after the main course?"

Tami squealed in joy, hugging me. I smiled. "Milkshakes with Dad Shizuo!"

I froze in place. Dad… Shizuo? I glanced curiously at Izaya, who averted my gaze and looked anywhere but me.

"Izaya?" I said in the calmest way possible. "Care to explain?"

"Explain what?" he said.

Tami pushed herself away, smiled and went back to her seat, where she accidentally left her toy unicorn. Tom excused himself, stuttering he needed coffee and he'd catch up on lunch with us later. I folded my arms on my chest, cocking my head to the side. Izaya was cornered.

"Dad Shizuo?"

He let out a long sigh. "I'm a responsible father."

"That is not an explanation."

"I'm as responsible as a father can be. And Tami knows what responsibility is. Which is why I may or may not have told her that you're responsible for her when I'm not around."

My mouth fell open. "You…what?"

He shifted his standing position to the left. "We're not on greatest terms, you and I. But Tami seems happy when she's interacting with you and I don't trust anyone enough to entitle them to nanny her. You could say I trust you a teeny-tiny weeny-winy bit and that should be good enough for me."

"But seriously, Dad Shizuo?"

"That was the only way to convince her to listen to you when I'm working."

I face-palmed, sudden fatherly feelings going away. Not that I felt scared, no, it was just that Tami trusted me only because her father told her to do so. And I wanted to achieve that all by myself.

"Okay, fuck it. But could you please tell her to not call me Dad Shizuo? That could be confusing to other models and the crew."

"No can do, when she sets her mind to it, she doesn't change it."

"Londun also?"

"Londun also. You couldn't believe the times I tried telling her that it was 'London' instead of 'Londun'."

I caught myself smiling at the remark. Izaya and I stared into each other's eyes, not believing we just had a pretty functional conversation. I opened my mouth to ask him whether we were trying to get along, when I felt someone grabbing my hand and dragging me.

"We have to go! Milkshake!" Tami said with a set destination in her eyes. I looked at Izaya, who started walking toward the exit of the hall, followed suit by Tami and me dragged along.

And for fucks sake, for the first time in my life, I stared at Izaya in a different light.

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