Happy Holidays! Just a small christmas related story for you guys while you wait fir the long waited chapter 6 of Getting Back to the Future.


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"What are you two dorks doing?" Erica asked Benny and Rory, who were huddled up with a map of some kind.

"Nothing." Benny quickly replied.

Erica arched a brow. Then she smiled and brought her hand up to Rory's shoulder. "Hey, Rory. What are you doing?"

"We're planning where to put some mistletoe so Ethan and Sarah can kiss!" Rory replied with an awestruck face.

Benny groaned and Erica took her hand off of Rory's shoulder. "Ok, I'm in."

Benny and Rory looked at each other with confused faces. "What? I thought you didn't like Ethan and Sarah together." Benny said.

Erica shrugged. "I didn't. Now I do. Besides, he makes her happy, so as the awesome best friend that I am, if she's happy, I'm happy."

The boys looked at each other. Erica rolled her eyes. "Let me see that map of yours."

Benny handed her the map he and Rory were looking at earlier.

"Is this a map of Ethan's house?" she asked. "Why didn't you try at school?"

"We did. Everytime we tried either the bell rang or other people stood underneath it." Benny explained.

"We tried until we got caught hanging some outside the class they share." Rory added.

"It will be easier in Ethan's house." Benny said.

"Ok then. Let's get started." Erica said as the three huddled around the map.

The three groaned as they saw Sarah walking out of the Morgan household.

"What now? That was the fifth attempt!" Rory said.

"We have to try harder!" Benny ordered.

"We'll try again tomorrow." Erica said.

Christmas Day

"We will be right back." Benny said as he pulled Rory and Erica out of Ethan's room.

Ethan and Sarah looked at each other with confused faces.

"Well that was weird." Ethan said.

"Knowing them, it can't be good." Sarah said.


"What are you doing?"

Benny, Rory, and Erica flinched when they heard Sarah from behind them.

"Nothing. What are you doing, Sarah?" Benny asked as he and the blondes turned around to see Sarah with her arms crossed.

"Checking what you three are up to. Knowing you guys it's not good." Sarah said.

"Well we're not doing anything. You can go back upstairs." Benny pointed to the stairs.

Sarah arched a brow. "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you're up to."

The three supernaturals looked at each other and turned back to Sarah. Erica sighed.

"Fine. We're trying to figure out where to put some mistletoe so you and the nerd ki-" she stopped when she saw Benny's and Rory's looks of hurt. "I mean, Ethan, can kiss."

"That's it?" Sarah asked.

The three nodded. Sarah sighed and extended her hand. "Give me that."

Erica handed Sarah the mistletoe and followed her to the living room, Benny and Rory behind them.

They stopped when they saw Sarah hanging the mistletoe in the archway between the main hall and the living room.

Sarah stood under the archway and called, "Hey, Ethan! Come down here!"

Ethan came downstairs and stood next to Sarah under the archway. "What's up, Sare?"

Sarah pointed to the mistletoe. Ethan looked up and smiled.

"Merry Christmas, Ethan."

"Merry Christmas, Sarah." They both said as their lips touched.

Benny, Rory, and Erica high-fived in the background.

Happy Holidays!