Move over Hiccup! It's Astrid's turn to tell this tale.

It's the dragon tale that we know and love, yet, now loaded with an interesting feature… Astrid's story about How To Train Your Dragon.

Astrid tells the tale about life on Berk. Her mission: become the best dragon hunting Viking Berk has ever seen. But when sudden complications arise with a certain boy and a certain dragon, does her mission remain the same or will her heart get in the way of her head? The story you never knew until now!

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HTTYD: Astrid Style

Chapter: 1 Welcome To Berk

This is Berk. It's twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death. It's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery.

In a word: it's sturdy. Berk has been here for nine years, but every house is new. The only problems are the pests.

You see most places have mice or mosquitoes, we have…

"Look out!"

My head shot up from my crouched position near a few barrels to see a Gronckle spin my way. It's eyes darted to mine and narrowed. With a hefty breath it shot a fire ball straight for me. I rolled away just in time to miss the sparks by inches.

"Dragons," I said breathlessly.

Most people would just leave… not us. Were Vikings. We have stubbornness issues.

My names Astrid. Great name, right. Some of the best female Viking in history were named Astrid so if you have something against it… I'd keep it to yourself. Unless you want your tongue shoved in your ear… sorry. Charming Viking demeanor, don't you think?

I ran past Viking after Viking. All of whom held axes at the ready and shields held in protection. When I ran by, a few would see me and call out. "Mornin'!" I waved to a few of them and continued my way to the villages' water tankards.

I passed by the forge on my way and saw Gobber holding a scrawny figure in his interchangeable hook-of-a-hand. I shook my head and quickly appeared at the tankard. I bent down and filled my bucket with water.

I'm part of the villages' water brigade. My job is to fill buckets of water and dump it on burning buildings, boats, Vikings themselves, and so on.

Scanning the grounds, I saw a building in dire need of a beverage. Sprinting forward I saw my pals and fellow water brigade members follow my lead.

Oh yeah. That's Fishlegs, Snotlout, the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and…

As I dumped my bucket onto the burning building a Nadder Head shot a stream of fire a few feet from where I was now standing. The flames leapt at my fur boots but I walked away with a confident stride. Was I afraid… not so much. But then my eyes caught a pair of familiar green ones.

Hiccup… the screw up.

Hiccup was a scrawny teenager, about my age of sixteen. And believe me when I tell you, he wasn't much. Freya must have forgotten to give this kid some muscle because he was nothing more than a twig. Hiccup couldn't even throw a bola! He was as awkward as a three legged yak. His shaggy hair even reminded me of one. To sum it up, Hiccup was, well… a hiccup in the eyes of Viking kind.

I ran by the forge window and heard Gobber talking to Hiccup. "Alright! They need me out there." I turned and saw Gobber heading in the direction of a Gronckle. "You, stay… put… there," he said, then charged off with a strong battle cry.

Filling another bucket with water, I turned to see Hiccup racing out of the forge with what appeared to be a wheel-barrel of some kind. Another one of his stupid contraptions that he thinks will take down a dragon.

'Poor fool' I thought. 'All he wants to do is kill a dragon'.

Because around here, killing a dragon is everything around here.

My own mission: be the best Viking warrior Berk has ever seen. And trust me just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't beat you up. In fact, I could probably beat almost every man on Berk.

But, back to dragons. A Nadder Head can get you at least noticed. Gronckles are tough… taking down one of those would be impressive, but definitely not enough to get my attention. A Hideous Zippleback is exotic; two heads and twice the status. And the Monstrous Nightmare. Only the best Vikings in Berk go after those ones; they have this nasty habit of lighting themselves on fire.

I dropped my bucket once the fires were out. Instead, I picked up my mother's battle axe and headed for the north side of the island. A sudden screech in the sky broke my stride. I looked up but knew I wouldn't see anything.

"Night Fury! Get down!" I shouted, as I dove for the nearest cover I could find. With a deadly explosion of fire, the docked catapult just off of Raven Point was knocked to the ground.

Night Fury. The worst dragon Berk has ever seen. It never takes food, it never shows its face, and it never misses. No one has ever taken down one of those before… that's why I'm going to be the first.

I picked up my axe and headed for the center of the village. Ruffnut and Tuffnut were currently relaxing on a barrel shoving each other for a better view of the destruction.

"Move over! You huge ass is hogging the entire seat!" cried Tuffnut. Ruffnut looked at her brother with a disgusted look before she punched him in the jaw. "I'll move my ass over when you move your fat head out of my way!"

They continued to bicker between each other while Fishlegs watched on unenthusiastically. I would bet he was more interested in what his breakfast was going to be. Snotlout was busy flexing his beefy arms and kissing his biceps. I practically lost last nights dinner.

Shaking it off I walked up and perched myself behind the group, taking a seat on a smooth boulder. I picked up a rock and started sharpening my axe. Upon hearing the sound of the rock scrapping the axe, Snotlout stopped his kissing and turned to face me; a stupid grin plastered on my face. 'Oh, give me a break'.

"Well hey there, Astrid!" he all but shouted. He wiggled his eyebrows when he said my name. I could have smacked him, but I was still waking up and too lazy to care right now. I just looked down and continued to sharpen my axe.

"So you looked good today," he said. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his eyes wander over my body. I shivered inwardly. It felt like he was undressing me with his stupid brown eyes. 'Perv'.

A sudden girlish screech caught all our attention. I looked up from sharpening my axe to see Hiccup rounding the corner to hide behind a poll. Following him was a Monstrous Nightmare. It snuffed around for a quick second before deciding upon spewing flames at the pole. Hiccup cringed.

I didn't even move from my spot; too absorbed in the action that was taking place. Out of no where a sudden blur took the Nightmare and punched it away from and unsuspecting Hiccup. It was Stoick the Vast.

Stoick the Vast. Chief of Berk. They say when he was a baby that he popped a dragon's head clean off it's shoulders. Do I believe it? Sure. Stoick is pretty awesome.

As the Nightmare flew off, Stoick turned to see his son cowering behind the burning poll. The pole gave way and caused a shower of sparks and flames to tumble down the hillside. The pole itself nearly crushed a few Vikings that were holding a net over a few Nadders; but letting go to avoid the flames of the oncoming pole ended up releasing the dragons, who so swiftly carried away our livestock.

Oh, and one last thing you should know…

Hiccup cringed as the dragons screeched and flew away. "Sorry… Dad." Yup. That little worm is Stoick, the strongest and most daring Viking in Berk, his son. And right now, I'm guessing Stoick would give anything to not be Hiccup's father. If he was a dragon he'd be spewing fire. "I shot a Night Fury though." I snorted.

Relax. Hiccup didn't really shoot down a Night Fury. We've all heard him say this multiple times, and I'm pretty sure he only says it to lighten the mood. He thinks he's funny like that.

"Dad I'm serious! It went down just by Raven Point, if we can get a search party to…" Stoick shouted and Hiccup instantly quieted. I stopped listening for a few seconds and fantasized what dragon Stoick would be. Probably a Monstrous Nightmare and if Hiccup messed up as much as he did, Stoick would constantly be on fire and spewing flames. I smiled at my own thoughts.

I looked up to see Gobber hauling Hiccup towards his house. Gobber looked just as embarrassed as Stoick. While Stoick was Hiccup's father, Gobber was Hiccup's mentor, meaning whenever Hiccup failed, it meant that Gobber failed. Why Hiccup was apprenticed at the forge was a mystery to me, but hey, maybe it will help the little guy out… eventually.

As Hiccup passed by with his head hung low, Ruff and Tuff found the predicament to be incredibly funny; even Fishlegs chuckled softly. Snotlout cast a glance my way and smirked at his own fortune. "Wow! That was amazing," he said to Hiccup. "I've never seen anyone mess up like that. That actually helped!" Snotlout's words dripped with sarcasm and Hiccup's face began blushing a harsh red.

I remained quiet. Hiccup glanced in my direction but I didn't meet his gaze. Hiccup was the village screw up and just because I felt bad for him sometimes didn't mean I thought he was my friend or anything. And I most certainly did not like him!

"The rest of you, start with the repairs. Let's get this place ready for winter," Stoick said, picking up a hammer. Everyone else stirred and slowly dispersed; heading back to their homes to do any necessary repairs.

Snotlout turned to me with a smile. "So…" he began but I cut him off. I jumped off of my boulder and swung my axe over my head.

"Bye," I said simply, speaking to no one really. I wanted to get a few hours of training in before breakfast. Ruffnut looked up from her fight with Tuffnut and called out.

"Hey, Astrid!" I spun on my heel and faced her, giving my typical what-do-you-want look. Ruff was the only other girl in Berk my age, and even though we weren't entirely close, I still considered her my friend. Probably my best one.

"Astrid. You're going to the arena tomorrow, right? I heard that's when Gobber starts the dragon training." I smiled to my friend.

"Well what kind of Viking would I be if I wasn't there." I swung my axe in front of me for emphasis, nearly striking Ruff when I did. She jumped back in mild humor and I grinned. Ruff grinned back at me before she turned to continue her fight with her brother. With a final swing of my axe, I hefted it back onto my shoulder and headed for the woods.

I felt a sudden excitement wash over me. My goal was in sight. This was the beginning of something huge.

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