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HTTYD: Astrid Style

Chapter 10: The Yak-Boy, the Blonde, and the Black Dragon

Berk was relatively quiet for nighttime, and that was possibly due to the lack of dragon attacks. Yup, it was true. Berk was finally at peace with dragons! There was no longer a war. There was no longer any bloodshed. Everything was great. And it was all thanks to yak-boy.

I glanced over at Toothless who was sitting in front of the fire uneasily, with his snout on his front legs and his eyes trained on the flickering flames. My Nadder, perched beside him, absorbing the warmth and the comfort the fire gave. Ever since we had returned to Berk, having to fly through that terrible storm was not a fun process let me tell you, but ever since then both dragons had taken to each other like brother and sister. Whenever I would come over to visit Hiccup, Toothless was eager to see his new pal, and she was like wise. I thought it was good for the two of them to bond. Her having someone to play with, and him not always worrying about his rider.

Toothless suddenly picked up his head and swiveled it in my direction, as if he had heard my thoughts. I smiled at him lightly, my eyes meeting softly with his questioning green ones. They nearly reminded me of Hiccup's, just a tad lighter. The black dragon warbled, then turned his head back around and continued his staring contest with the fire.

I sighed heavily and slumped back into my chair. Getting back to Berk was the easy part, but it was this exaggerated waiting that was killing me. And it didn't help that my sleep was plagued with more nightmares than I could stand for. I closed my eyes, wishing for two minutes of peaceful resting, but as soon as I did, the images instantly flooded my brain.

As soon as Gobber made his comment about 'most of 'em' I vaulted forward to see what he had meant. After losing my breakfast near a few rocks, along with a few other Vikings, I managed another peak and instantly regretted it. The blood, the bone, his moaning…

I sat forward, suddenly, as the pain in my chest became almost unbearable. A black dragon head shot upright instantly, followed closely by my favorite blue head. Both warbled at my panicked expression and I fought to control my breathing. I gulped in air like it was the last on Earth, then leaned back into my chair, moaning softly.

"Astrid." I looked up and over my shoulder to see Stoick emerge from his bedroom. He looked at me softly, then walked over and rested a hand on my shoulder. I turned back around and we watched Hiccup lie in his bed in silence. I started counting his breaths, from time to time, just to make sure everything was constant and even, and he never failed to.

For another few moments, Stoick remained silent. Hiccup shifted in his sleep, but continued on in his out-cold like state. I sighed. "When will he wake up Stoick?" I looked up and the Chief shook his head.

"I'm not sure. Soon, I would hope." He looked down at me and smiled lightly. "You should go home, get some rest." I opened my mouth to object, but he stopped me. "I'm not asking, I'm telling. As Chief yull listen." I silently scoffed. 'Way to pull that one.' His hand reached down and he pulled me up out of the chair, though I made no move to actually leave. He sighed loudly at my objective stance and started pushing me towards the door, my boots sliding over the wooden floor without friction. "Astrid I promise I'll find you if anthin changes, eh?"

I pushed myself away from him and stood properly. I turned to face him, arms across my chest. "Can I at least say goodbye?" Stoick rolled his eyes playfully, but turned and walked back into his room silently. I looked over at the two dragons, then walked back over to Hiccup's side.

If you looked at him, you wouldn't have guessed he had taken down the biggest dragon in life, nearly three days earlier. He just looked so… small. And fragile. He had a gash over his eye and a few cuts and bruises visible underneath his shirt. But the worst was under the blanket.

I was compelled to pull it back and stare. It happened a lot lately, for some reason; it was like I just needed to stare at it. For some reason, it held this sort of… signifigance, something that reminded me, and everyone else, what Hiccup had done. How he had risked his life to save the people he cared about. Risking his life for what he believed in… my personal reminder that I nearly lost someone very important.

I ran my hand over the artificial leg, feeling the stone cold coolness seep into my hand, and I stopped just as I touched the real leg. It had happened when the Red Death's tail struck them. I had guessed that when Hiccup had tried to turn them, he turned left. So when the tail hit them, it had crushed his leg. Of course, when we found him, the leg was 'intact' but Gobber had taken care of that quickly. I shuddered.

I erased the thought briefly and ran my fingers over Hiccup's body and up to his face. My fingers touched the scar on his chin lightly, before I cupped his cheek. Subconsciously, he leaned into the cool touch as my hand absorbed his hot face. I smiled at his actions, subconscious or not. Hiccup breathed heavily then sighed deeply in his sleep. I smiled at my yak-boy, running my fingers down his neck to the lace in his shirt. I pulled myself down and leaned over his restful face.

"You better wake up soon, yak-boy. Or I'll make you wake up!" I placed a small kiss on his cheek, and I swore his mouth twitched slightly. I smiled even more. 'Wake you up with a kiss, eh? Someone should write a story about that.' I leaned over, cupping his face in both my hands, then placed my lips on his ever so slightly. Not really kissing him, but just letting our lips touch just a bit. I pulled back and laughed as Hiccup's features turned down in his sleep. "You'll just have to wait for the real thing when you wake up!" I whispered in his ear, "Goodnight, yak-boy," then turned away.

I turned to my dragon lying beside Toothless. "Ready to go StormFly?" I asked my dragon, her blue-scaled head popping up instantly. She stood up, along with Toothless, and we all walked towards the door. I glanced back at the sleeping Hiccup, and a surprised smile lifted my lips.

He was smiling. Just a tiny bit, but he was still smiling. That stupidly easy, goofy smile.

I jumped down his steps, followed closely by StormFly. I had decided upon the name after we had flown back to Berk three days earlier in that Thor awful storm. Out of all the dragon's, apparently Nadders are the best for flying in the rain and thunder. StormFly, of course, loved her name and showed her appreciation towards me often, with wet, slime-filled licks. Apparently, that too was a trait that all dragons shared, hence the reason Toothless loved to lick me when I walked through his door.

We reached the bottom of the incline and I turned around when StormFly squawked. I looked at her and noticed her eager anticipation. I smiled at her and she shifted in excitement from foot to foot. "Ready girl?" Like I really needed to ask.

I turned and took off running, heading straight for the small hill that dropped to the lower side of Berk. A smile was plastered on my face as ran in a full sprint to the drop-off, wind rushing in my ears and whipping my braid around. The familiar panting and heart pounding pushed me faster towards the hill. The gust of wind behind me told she was ready, so I jumped into the air as high as I could go, spreading my legs further apart. StormFly squalled and I landed on her back in the air as she flew underneath me and caught me. It was a trick of sorts, something we had perfected since we got to Berk. I leaned over her and scratched her chin. "Nice one girl!"

We flew around Berk in content silence, enjoying the chilly night air as the breeze whipped around us in pathetic protest. I couldn't help my whoop of pleasure, lifting my arms above my head, hanging on with my feet as StormFly squalled, performing aerial dives and rolls that made my stomach drop. I smiled happily. Though I love the feeling of running… nothing beats flying.

We reached my home and I hopped off of StormFly's back. She lifted me up with her head to the top of the barn, where I jumped in through the window with ease. StormFly jumped up after me and ducked in my window following my suit. I grinned as she licked me lightly, no slime involved, and moved herself across the room to her favorite corner next to my bed.

My smile didn't waver as I stripped down to my underwear and wrappings, and I climbed into bed. I nestled in comfortably, wrapping my blankets around tightly as the night air breezed into my room. Winter would be in Berk soon enough, and then the furs would really come out. But for now, I really didn't care about the cold. All I really cared about, was a certain boy and a certain dragon, with their goofy grins on their faces. I fell asleep feeling better than I had in three days.

I woke up the next morning late, the morning light shining through brilliantly. I smiled and stretched myself out of the awkward angle of slumber. Today would be a great day for flying. 'Too bad Hiccup's missing out.' I swung my legs over the side of the bed and tripped on StormFly. She picked up her head as I face planted the ground, looking at me with mild annoyance. I looked at her and growled, rubbing my chin as I picked myself back up. "You could at least apologize," I said, which earned a slobbery wet lick. I grunted and looked at her with frustration. "I take that back," to which she warbled in laughter.

I dressed quickly, humming an early Snoggletog tune, until I realized what it was that made me so cheerful this morning. I had actually slept soundly through the night. Of course I dreamt, and the dream was most obviously about Hiccup. I shook my head and chuckled in mild annoyance. "Stupid yak-boy."

StormFly finally picked herself up as soon as I was done getting dressed. I scratched her under her chin playfully and she purred enthusiastically. "What'd ya say, girl? Visit Hiccup, then flying all day? Maybe meet up with the rest of the gang?" I asked, to which she nudged me happily.

We both darted down the stairs, and I was surprised to see my parents both up and relaxing. I greeted them hurriedly, grabbing an apple and racing for the door. "Morning!" I called to them and nearly made it through the entry, until my mom stopped me.

"Where you goin?" she asked and I halted mid step. I bit into the apple then turned to face her, looking relaxed and nonchalantly.

"Just to Hiccup's, to-"

"Ah. Right. Seein if he's 'ol right. I know." I watched her curiously as she smiled over to my father, who returned the smile back to me.

"Not long I'd say, til them two are together. Should we get that contract signed now, or yesterday?" dad joked and I stuck my tongue out at him, spitting pieces of my apple out. He chuckled then ushered me along.

"Bye!" I said ungracefully with another bite into my apple, then left my chuckling parents behind with dragon in tow. I darted down my steps, slight blush on my face, then breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh Freya! This is going to work out well, 'init?" I asked to myself, which StormFly replied with a squawk. I turned to her, then smiled again. "Ready?"

I didn't wait for her answer, but ran in the other direction instead. I sprinted past a few Vikings and their dragons, knowing well that mine was somewhere waiting to swoop in at the exact moment. My smile brightened as the attention around Berk's streets suddenly flew to me in admiration.

People sort of thought us as heroes, now, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for Vikings to holler gratitude our way, or stare as you walked by. I absorbed the attention for another second, then smiled as I gave them a performance of tumbles, flips, and dives; finally ending by pushing off a wagon and jumping high into the air. I laughed with delight as StormFly caught me, and we sped off in the direction of Hiccup's house, leaving the stunned Vikings to return to their normal state.

We flew quickly, my giddy state of being not waning, and Hiccup's house soon came into sight. But their was something different going on at his house, or more like around it. Scores of Vikings were gathered in a circle around Hiccup's steps, all of them seemed to eager for a simple gathering.

My heart started to pound loudly as I hurried StormFly closer to the ground. Could it be that after four long tired days of waiting for my yak-boy, he was finally awake? Two-feet from the ground, before StormFly could touch down, I swung off of her back and landed on the ground. I leapt forward and sprinted up the hill, heart pounding and head spinning. 'Hiccup. Hiccup, don't be messing with me now. Hiccu-' I pushed my way through the thick crowd until I came face to face with those soft green eyes that I had not pleasured to see in over three days.

"It could use a few tweeks," he commented, turning to Gobber and smiling. The Vikings around us started laughing, but I paid no attention. My heart was practically out of my chest, pounding an imprint inside my rib-cage, readying to burst outside and dance around on the ground. My joy couldn't be contained as I smiled brightly, but I walked up nonchalantly without Hiccup seeing me. Acting on instinct, and earlier experience, I swung my left hand out and Hiccup grunted in pain as my fist connected with his bicep.

Once his eyes found mine he smiled lightly, his green eyes flashing. I grinned and said, "That's for scaring me." He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Wha- What is it always going to be this way? Cause-" I shook my head whilst reaching for his green long-sleeve, pulling on the lace and bringing him closer. Our lips collided and I sighed into his mouth. His lips were soft and tasted everything I knew he was, yet there was also the taste of fish which I could only guess was from Toothless. 'Ew…' I ignored the taste as Hiccup greeted my lips by pressing further into the kiss. My gut started somersaulting the longer we kissed and I smiled against his, enjoying every second of it.

I pulled away reluctantly, but the wolf-whistles and the cat-calls coming from the other Vikings had turned my cheeks red. I let go of his shirt and stared at his befuddled face for a moment, before he broke into a grin. "I could get used to it!" We cackled along with the rest of the Vikings.

Stoick put a hand on the yak-boy's shoulder as Gobber handed him the new tail designed for Toothless. "Welcome home son." Speaking of the black dragon.

"NightFury! Get down!" Toothless bounded over the Vikings as if they were rocks that he could just bowl over. Snotlout's father, Spitelout, took the worst of it as Toothless all but squashed him. The black dragon reached his rider in a fury of excitement, eager for only one thing. The Vikings still standing laughed out loud and I nudged Hiccup. He turned to look at me and I smiled, jarring my head at StormFly who also burst through the crowd just as eager as her counterpart. He nodded to me and smiled.

This is Berk.

I jumped onto StormFly's back as she lined up next to Toothless and Hiccup. I patted her head to which she squawked in happiness. "Hey, Astrid?" I turned to look at Hiccup as he nervously scratched his head. "Uh… back there- uh, when you- er… um, you know?" He avoided my gaze by fixing something on Toothless' saddle, but because so, he missed my smile.


He chuckled nervously, rubbing his head a little more vigorously. "That was- um… uh- are we… um?" I chuckled at his awkwardness. It was one of the many things I liked about him. Along with his smile, his laugh, his heart…

"There's no need to ask me out, Hiccup," I commented, shifting StormFly sideways to get closer to him. I leaned over her side so our faces were less than inches apart. His lovely deep green eyes met mine in embarrassment and laughter. "After all, I kissed you!"

His eyes suddenly shifted to devious and I didn't react in time before he reached up and kissed me. I closed my eyes and smiled into his soft lips as he gently pushed my bangs away from my eye. He pulled away and smiled up at me. "There now were even." I scoffed, yet noted his goofy grin with pleasure. "So about that marriage contract?"

I laughed, not at him or the contract, but for bliss. StormFly took to the sky first and we whisked ourselves away from the two, diving through the air like fish in water. Hiccup called up to me, to which I called back, "Whatever, Yak-Boy!"

It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three.

Hiccup soon caught up to us in the sky and we flew around Berk on probably the last day before winter struck. The birds sang, the ocean air blew, and everything was as it should have been. We flew in close to the Vikings, startling a few unsuspecting ones with our whoops and cries of laughter. One man nearly spat out his ale because we caught him off-guard.

Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless.

I glanced over to Hiccup who smiled at me, beaming with brilliant green eyes that I had missed days before. How was it that nearly a month before this, all I wanted was to be the greatest Viking Berk had ever seen. Yet now, I couldn't imagine my life without StormFly, or Toothless, and certainly not without Hiccup. 'Stupid yak-boy!'

The people that grow here are even more so.

I hollered in laughter as Toothless and StormFly did aerial spins and flips, trying to out race each other.

The only upsides are the pets.

I turned when I heard a familiar shout and saw that it was the rest of the gang by the bridge with their dragons. I waved them all over and soon we were all racing around Berk; laughing, joking, having a great time. The war was over. Our troubles were back to normal teenage Viking things, and it felt like nothing could stand in our way.

While other places have ponies, or parrots… we have…


How To Train Your Dragon: Astrid Style

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