Christmas Morning

Jack was usually a heavy sleeper, but not on Christmas morning. No Jack thought he heard the sound of reindeer hooves on their roof and bells ringing. "'Ennis." His cowboy was lying next to him fast asleep.

"Whut, huh, Jack, what the hell?" He sounded like the Grinch, but Jack knew better, he was just a groggy cowboy.

"Merry Christmas, Ennis."

"It's Christmas mornin'?"

"Yep, cowboy, you didn't sleep through it and miss it. The spirits brought you back in time to celebrate it with me." Jack remembered a line similar to that from a Christmas Carol.

"Whut spirits, whut are you goin' on about."

"You mean you never saw Scrooge?"

"Yeah, I seen it, you sayin' I'm a Scrooge or a Grinch Jack Fuckin' Twist?"

"Uh uh, you might be Mr. Grumpy sometimes, but I know there's a soft heart under there."

"Just like you're all mushy inside."

"You like my much."

"Yeah," Ennis kissed him.

"Santa was here."

"You know he isn't real."

"You hush up. Santa is too real. I heard him up on the roof with his reindeer."

"Sure you did." Ennis relented and went along with him. "Let's go on downstairs and see what Santa brung us."

"Yeah, Ennis." Jack threw the covers off and slid his feet into his slippers and ran downstairs before Ennis could blink an eye. They sat on the couch next to the tree they'd picked out together in the woods a week ago. Ennis chopped it down and they dragged it back home and decorated it from top to bottom.

They placed a gold star up top, now there were a myriad of presents beneath.

Each handed the other a gift. "Aw Jack this is real good." Jack had gotten Ennis a new winter coat and gloves to go with them.

"Ennis how did you know?" Jack held a pair of boots; he'd needed a new pair for a while but hadn't gotten around to getting any. "Oh wow, hunting gloves?"

"Yeah so this way I don't have to hear you bitchin' about your hands being cold no more." They were battery operated and kept hands nice and toasty up to minus 30 below.

They finished up ripping open gifts and Sat back with their arms around each other's shoulders and looked over the gifts they'd gotten.

"Real nice Christmas ain't it?" Ennis said softly.

"Yeah real nice."

"Know what the best gift I got was?" Ennis whispered into Jack's ear as they held each other close.

"No, what?"


Jack sat there looking into Ennis' eyes, speechless for a change. A tear trickled down his cheek.

"Jack? What are ya cryin' for?"

"Ain't cryin'. Just so happy ya said that Ennis, cause I got the best gift too the day you said yes to all this." He swept his arm to encompass this room and wrapped both arms around Ennis' neck.

There were some more unwrapping they did. They spent time unwrapping each other's clothes and gave themselves more reasons to be happy.

Later that day Ennis went out to do some shoveling. He saw a strange looking set of tracks and footprints in the fresh-fallen snow. He traced them back towards the house and it suddenly stopped. Out of curiosity he'd gotten a ladder and rested it against the house, climbed up and his mouth fell open when he spotted a set of what looked like sleigh tracks and reindeer hooves prints.

"No it couldn't be." Ennis looked down at the tracks in the snow below and saw they ran a short distance before suddenly stopping. Like the sleight had taken flight.

He'd gotten Jack to come take a look too and they stood there by the tracks and held each other.

"Told ya Santa paid us a visit. He treated us real good too."

Happy Holidays.

I hope Santa treated you all real good too!

From Ennis, Jack and yours truly.

Bless us everyone.