Author's note: Others may have elaborated this theme before me, and I apologize if this story is down the well-trodden path. But just having finished watching through the whole series for the very first time over the past few months, culminating in tonight's "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen", I just had to get this little snippet off my chest.



"Where is she!" Dr. Pierce – still in operating gear with bloodstains all over him – slammed his bloody hands on the counter of the hospital reception. "Why wasn't I told right away? I'm a doctor, you know!"

"Of course." The receptionist smiled a little. "I'm sorry, doctor. Let me take you right to her."

"Yes, you'd better." Dr. Pierce pulled off his surgical gloves and dumped them in the nearest trashcan as the young lady came out from behind her fortification. "What kind of a hospital is this, that they don't even inform a guy that he's about to become a father! 'But you were in surgery, doctor.' Yeah, right. As if I can't handle a little distraction. I used to operate with bombs exploding around my ears, you know. And you think I can't even handle the stress of hearing that my wife has gone into labour? I've delivered half a dozen kids with my own hands back in Korea – I know what it's like! At least let me be present when my own is about to be born!"

"Not 'about to be born', doctor. She's already born," the receptionist corrected with a smile.

"Well, there you go! You couldn't even let me know in time for... What? What did you say? It's already...?"

"Yes. Congratulations, doctor. You're the proud father of a little baby girl!"

Dr. Pierce stared at her with his mouth wide open. "You mean... No, wait. I'm... it's..." A sudden wild roar echoed through the corridor as the good doctor made an urang-utan jump, kissed the receptionist on both cheeks and then tore off down the hallway towards neonatology.

But at the door he suddenly stopped. A deep, deep breath, and then, cautiously, he pushed open the door.

The nurse on duty noticed him instantly, and immediately she was all smiles. "Dr. Pierce! We've been expecting you. Come and meet your new daughter!"

Slowly, the doc entered the warm room. There were cribs lined along the walls, with either a blue or a pink blanket. And one of those with a pink blanket had to be...

The nurse lifted one of the babies with a pink blanket out of her crib, and the doctor's eyes misted over as she held it out to him.

"Here she is. Your little daughter."

Awkwardly he received the pink bundle from her, furiously blinking in order to be able to see his daughter properly. His daughter, his own little daughter...

She didn't seem to enjoy the change of hands very much though. A little whimper, a hiccupy sob, and suddenly she was crying her lungs out.

"Ssh." The nurse who hovered nearby instantly appeared with a baby soother and tried to put it in the baby's mouth.

"No!" the doctor snapped, and brusquely he turned his back to her, clinging his crying daughter protectively, albeit awkwardly, against his chest.


"I said no!" A quivering breath. "No one is going to smother my daughter – or any baby in this hospital. Is that clear?"

The nurse gave his back an odd look. "Yes, doctor."

"Good." The tears were streaming down his face now, making wet drops on the crying pink bundle in his arms. The live bundle in his arms.

And under his breath he added, "Let her cry as much as she wants..."