Peace. Everything was in it's rightful place. The Dark Forest was destroyed along with it's evil warriors and StarClan had been restored to its former glory, bringing with it a new age of peace to the warriors clans. So, in this time of serenity, the cats of StarClan gathered around to share tongues and watch as their former clans prospered.

A group of ThunderClan warriors were basking in the warm sunshine on some flat rocks by a river that looked eerily similar to Sunningrocks of the old ThunderClan territory. One of these cats was a blue-gray she cat with deep blue eyes. Her name was Bluestar, former leader of ThunderClan. With her were Redtail, Lionheart, and Whitestorm, all of whom were once deputies of ThunderClan.

But another cat was with them as well.

He sat in the shadows of a small tree off to the side of the rocks, his orange pelt seeming to glow like fire even in the darkness of the shade. He was staring into the ground at what any clan-cat would think was nothing, but to a cat of StarClan, he was gazing into the world of living cats. Through his eyes you could see joy and happiness, though sadness rolled off of him thick as smoke.

"Firestar," Lionheart rumbled. "Do not pain yourself with the lives of the living. Stop thinking about what could have been and think of now."

Firestar closed his eyes from the world of the living and the cats that surrounded him.

"Firestar, you need to let them go." Bluestar mewed gently. "You died to save them, for peace, and you have done that."

"And for that they are grateful." Whitestorm nodded.

Firestar opened his eyes and hung his head low. Slowly he lifted his head up and met the eyes of each of his clanmates. "Your right." he said. "I died to protect them from the Darkness. A path that I alone chose to take." Relief washed over Firestar from finally saying it. Everything was at peace.

"Tell us," Redtail meowed. "Is there any news from ThunderClan?"

Firestar's expression brightened and he said, "Squirrelflight and Bramblestar are expecting kits. And so are Cinderheart and Lionblaze."

"Firestar, that's wonderful news." Bluestar said looking at him warmly. "Cinderheart is finally living the life she wanted."

I may be gone, thought Firestar, but I live on through my clan, through my clanmates, and through my kin.

But he knew there would always be a loneliness inside of him. Spottedleaf was gone, her soul destroyed by a ruthless Dark Forest warrior named Mapleshade, and she wasn't coming back.

Am I to go through this peace with no one to love by my side? He had only truely ever loved one cat and she was gone from exsistence.

At least the darkness is destroyed.

The sound of a charging cat snapped Firestar from his thoughts. A yowl filled the air startling the others from their chatter. Firestar listened for the direction in which it was coming from and turned to it.

He turned to late.

A shadowy, black cat leaped out of the undergrowth and sprang onto him. He got a glimpse of jade green eyes filled with remorse before it quickly sliced his throat. It barrelled through the others and disappeared into the forest, the deputies chasing after.

"Firestar!" Bluestar screamed rushing over to his side.

But he was already gone.