A Christmas Carol: Ciel's Christmas Journey

Act One: His Butler, Perceptive

"I don't need all of this Christmas rubbish!" Ciel Phantomhive said angrily to his butler. "I am far too busy with my "work" to be thinking about such childish nonsense!"

Even that burnt-out excuse had been enough to ward off his ever persistent fiancée, Elizabeth. Yet, much to his chagrin, the aforementioned excuse had had no effect on his

butler. Yes, even Sebastian allowed this ubiquitous and infectious 'holiday spirit' to brainwash him. The uncharacteristically jolly butler was STILL trying to pose a legitimate

argument. "Christmas is meant to be spent with friends. Why do insist on shutting yourself in here?" "Because, that is way I like it! Since when am I obligated to answer to you

anyway?!" Ciel picked up his walking stick and for brief moment, Sebastian thought the boy would strike him with it. Fortunately, he simply stepped over to the window of his

study. That is when the butler realized something was off. Ciel was visibly shivering and leaning rather heavily on his walking stick. Also, his breath was labored only after taking

three or four steps. "Young Master…" Sebastian's tone of voice was enough to make the boy tense up. "Ah...you're not feeling well. That's the reason for your seclusion." "I'm

fine you twit! I'm pretty sure I know my own body." Even the boys' voice lacked its usual bite. Sebastian sighed and stepped closer. "3…2…" As if on cue, Ciel fainted right into

his butlers arms. "Too sick to even argue, this could be bad."