It was dark, that was all he could infer at the moment. When he moved he knew he was bound by something by the digging in his wrists and he assumed it was cloth. His mouth was dry from dehydration and fear so he didn't dare utter a word. When he moved his feet, he realized they were free but they felt numb for some reason. His arms were sore from the position they were in, which was above his head, wrists tied together. He tried to move them and realized that his wrists were also tied to something, keeping him down.

The more observations he made just made him more fearful for what was going to happen next. When he moved around some more he made his most terrifying discovery.

He was on a bed.

When he tried to remember what happened, he felt rage and agony fill him once more. After two years of slow and torturous anguish, he was finally free only to have that new-found freedom taken from him. The Devil himself had come into his life disguised as an angel only to kill him from the inside so he could have him forever.

The blond-haired man on the bed bit his lip in anger. He had killed his friends, he had ruined his life since he had first met him that day. Just a student transferring from another high school, that's all it was. He was kind and loving when he opened up but that was just one of his many layers. He composed himself so well that he never noticed until it was too late, even after they had bought a house. He was naïve and arrogant and this was his punishment.

After a few more minutes, the man moved around some more to see if he could get his blindfold off but at was fastened tightly behind his head. He knew he was naked, but he still kicked off the sheets in hope of finding some way to escape.

"You're filled with much more fight now. I thought you would behave better than this for your Danna, Angel."

The blond stilled completely as he heard that chilled voice. It was like the words crawled over him, violating him more than a touch ever could. He gulped, not even daring to breathe.

"You've been asleep for a while now. I almost thought I had killed you, but I would never do that." Footsteps were heard and they came right to the side of the bed and when the man spoke again the blond felt it right above his face. "You don't have the right to die."

The blindfold was ripped off and blue eyes met warm brown.

"I love you, Angel. Not even death can keep us apart," The man spoke with a sweet smile. "I know we've had this introduction before but I wanted to talk to you before we go on." He sat down on the bed beside the blond and stared down at his face.

Even after four years he still looked the same. Flaming red hair and pale skin, with high cheekbones and a handsome face. Anyone would fall in love with that but it was a trap. He knew it.

"I was a little harsh our last encounter, but I promise you nothing like that will happen unless you disobey me." The man didn't move as he stared up at his former lover's face. "I've been nice enough to fix you up, if you want to look." The redhead ran his index finger over the blond's right shoulder and moved down to his chest where scars would have been, before going all the way down to his navel which was also clear of any scars. "That's why you were asleep for nearly a month but that's fine. It means we can do more and know that you will be okay." He continued to smile sweetly and he rested his hand against his prisoner's stomach. "Aren't you going to say anything to your Danna? I took care of you, Angel, so it's only nice that you thank me."

The blond made no sound, he just closed his eyes and tried his best to remain motionless.

"It's okay, but I know you will be screaming my name later…" The man stood up, a smirk now on his lips. "Deidara."

Blue eyes opened and he stared up at the redhead. "Don't count on it, Sasori-no-Danna, un."

The redhead continued to smirk but his eyes narrowed dangerously. "We'll see."


Deidara was left tied up after his little conversation and he was doing his best to slip out of his bonds. He had even tried biting the cloth that bound him, but nothing worked. He had no idea what Sasori was planning on doing with him, but knowing the older male it was not going to be good.

After a few minutes the redhead came back with some food on a plate. "You haven't had a proper meal in weeks," He cooed as he sat on the bed next to Deidara who was motionless once more. "Not going to talk? You made a very witty comment and I was almost planning on not even feeding you." He sighed and clicked his tongue. "I didn't want to re-train you, Angel."

Deidara narrowed his eyes slightly, but kept his lips in a firm, thin line. He wasn't risking to say another thing. Even though Sasori was speaking to him softly and the words weren't evil it's what was behind those words. The hidden meaning in everything the redhead said. Deidara wasn't risking in upsetting Sasori any further.

"Deidara…" Sasori purred as he threw the food on the ground. "Are you ignoring me? That's not a good pet," He scolded as he ran his hands over the blond's chest. Deidara bit his lip at the soft touches and did his best to not twitch. "Did Tobi do this with you?"

The blond's eyes widened at the thought of his dead boyfriend. "Don't touch me, un!" Deidara glared up at the redhead. "No, he did not! Do you know why? Because he actually loved me and took my feelings into consideration, you bastard!" Deidara was panting heavily with his teeth bared. He suddenly realized what he did when he saw Sasori staring at him impassively. Even over the two years Deidara still remembered that face.

"You do need to be retrained." He straddled the blond's hips and Deidara bit his lip to prevent another outbreak, but he still glared at him. "I was only asking because if he had then I would need to cleanse you once more." He looked down at Deidara's skin with a soft expression. "I would have to cut off all of your skin that was touched by him. I would need put new skin there that would be only touched by me." He looked at Deidara's face, gauging his reaction. He looked to the side, a small smile playing on his lips. "Though you say he's better than that." He chuckled. "That's a lie," He whispered. He leaned down, his forearms beside the blond's head. "I've seen the way he looks at you. You were nothing but a piece of meat to him," Sasori growled. He leaned his closer, their lips almost touching. "I knew that every time you two kissed, you thought of me, Angel."

Deidara bit his lip even harder till he tasted blood. "You're wrong," He whispered back. "Every time I thought of you, it was because I was glad that you were dead, un."

Sasori stared down at Deidara, a smile still on his lips. "Oh, but you're not going to think that anymore. I know that deep in your heart, you still love me," He said with a coy smile. "You've never stopped, have you? You never left and I think that's because you knew that you would come crawling back for my love." He leaned down and licked the younger male's neck sensually. "You would always love me, Angel~" He purred as he ground his hips against the blond's.

Deidara ignored the feeling and turned his head away from Sasori who took that as an invitation. He bit down on his neck lightly before digging his teeth into the blond's skin. Deidara gasped at the pain and dug his fingernails in his palm. After a few more grinds and gnaws, Sasori pulled away with blood on his lips.

"The first mark of many," He whispered as he nuzzled the other side of Deidara's neck. He inhaled deeply and moaned. "No one will ever touch you again, Angel. I will purify you~" Deidara stopped clawing at his hands, but he took to gnawing at his lip again. Sasori sat up unexpectedly and gave a smirk. "I can feel it… You're already hard." Deidara sneered at Sasori, but kept his mouth shut as the redhead reached around and took ahold of his hard-on. "It's cute that you're still so sensitive, Angel, though we can't have you finishing anytime soon."

He got off the blond and moved to the foot of the bed. Deidara looked up as he opened what seemed to be a chest. After a few minutes of searching through it, he finally found what he was looking for.

"Perfect." Sasori stood up and moved back to Deidara with a black ribbon in his hand. "A little less crude than before, but don't think of yourself as any cleaner. You're still a whore," He said harshly. "But you're my whore, so that makes it better." He straddled Deidara once more but so he his back was facing the blond. He put the ribbon down by the blond's hips before messaging his thighs lightly. He leaned down and stared at the erect member, before taking it in his hand gently. Deidara kept his mouth shut as Sasori began to stroke him experimentally. "You really are too cute, Deidara," He cooed before licking the tip slowly.

Deidara clenched his eyes shut, not wanting to show a single emotion to this bastard. Sasori stopped to see if the hard-on had changed in any way, but it hadn't. He gave a hum and licked the erection from base to tip to see any reaction. Deidara threw his head back and bucked his hips lightly.

Sasori chuckled and took the head into his mouth before swirling his tongue around the top slowly, but hard. Deidara continued to keep his eyes shut while digging his nails into his palms again. He tried breathing, but his breath was ragged and pleasure filled.

"You can enjoy this before it ends, Angel," Sasori said once he took the head out of his mouth, a string of saliva in between his mouth and the cock in front of his face. Deidara turned his head to the side and did his best to not move.

Sasori kissed the tip lightly before taking more into his mouth, already tasting pre-cum. He moaned at the flavor and Deidara continued to take labored breaths at the feeling. He unconsciously bucked his hips and Sasori pulled away once more. He was teasing him.

Deidara almost groaned in frustration and he let it show on his face. Sasori sat up and looked over his shoulder, still smirking. "You're so cute when you're flustered, Angel." Deidara felt his face heat up and he knew that he was blushing hotly. He panted lightly and let his head fall back against the pillow. "Just enjoy it," Sasori cooed as he grabbed the blond's member once more and squeezed.

Leaning back down he took the head and a little more. He began sucking, his cheeks hollowing at the act. In one full swoop, he went down and licked the side of the penis before going back up while nibbling on the flesh. Deidara gasped harshly and let a groan escape his throat. Sasori ignored it and continued to bob his head, his lips touching the blond's pubic hair. He began deep throating the blond while circling his tongue around the cock in his mouth.

Deidara gave a high-pitched moan and tossed all reason out the window as he began bucking his hips while pulling at his restraints. Sasori chuckled when he felt the blond tensing. In the last second, he got his mouth off the blond's pulsing erection and he took the ribbon into his hand. He used his thumb and pointer finger to pinch the area right below the head of the cock, while holding the ribbon. He began to expertly wrap the black material around the saliva soaked member until it was tied up nicely with a small bow tie.

"This way you can't ruin the fun," Sasori said as he turned around to Deidara's flushed and disappointed face. He frowned and turned around so he could get a better look at the blond. "Don't worry, you'll still have a great time, Angel." He kissed his lips gently, but it was ruined when he took the blond's bottom lip between his teeth. He let go and licked the sore lip, tasting blood. He began kissing away from the younger male's mouth till he was at the love bite he left just a few minutes before. He kissed it softly before sinking his teeth into the blond's skin once more.

Deidara gasped in pain but didn't try biting his sore lip again. After a few seconds Sasori finally let go of the blond's neck before giving a long lick. He sat up and gave tilted his head while narrowing his eyes.

"I don't think that that will be enough to mark that you belong to me." He suddenly got off the blond and went back to the chest at the foot of the bed. Deidara moved around slightly, gasping as his erection throbbed painfully. A few seconds later Sasori came back with a silver tray and he sat down on the side of the bed. He set the tray down on the blond's stomach and Deidara got a good look at what was on them.

He paled considerably and he felt nauseous. On the tray was an assortment medical instruments and vials of different liquids. Just the thought of the last time Sasori did this sent him into a panic. Sasori picked up a scalpel and a needle, examining both carefully. He looked at Deidara to see sweat forming on his forehead and he smiled reassuringly.

"Don't worry, Angel, this won't be a punishment." He put the needle down and picked up a vial that held a clear liquid. "This is just to mark you as mine is all, you should feel loved." Taking the cork on the vial between his teeth, he ripped it off and spat it out of his mouth so it landed on the floor. There was just enough of the liquid to cover the whole blade of the scalpel. Deidara began squirming as Sasori lowered the metal to his outer thigh. "Moving is bad, Angel," Sasori warned before making a cut on the blond's skin.

Deidara bit his lip as the searing feeling pain went through his right leg. He kept his eyes closed as Sasori continued on with more smooth strokes of the knife. After a minute Deidara felt that the redhead had stopped and he opened his eyes to see Sasori placing the partially bloody knife on the tray. He looked at him, his brown eyes warm.

"See? It didn't hurt," He said as he placed his hand on the wound, massaging it gently. Deidara flinched and did his best to stay quiet. Sasori used his other hand to stroke the blond's face gently and his eyebrows furrowed. "It may hurt a little, Dei, but it's supposed to. Like our love." He continued to rub the younger male's leg so his hand was well drenched in his blood. Sasori raised his hand after a minute and he knocked the metal tray off Deidara's chest before smearing his blood all over him. "I'm considering making more, but I don't want your beautiful body to be marred too badly."

Deidara gulped silently and closed his eyes. Whatever the redhead was about to do, it wasn't going to be good. It was most likely going to send him to his grave but Sasori would never do that to him. He would hold onto him for as long as he could, sipping every bit of life out of him slowly. Just like he did before. Deidara's eyes suddenly snapped open when he felt Sasori's bloodied hand go between his legs.

"I still have to claim you again, Angel, but don't be scared." Sasori moved and sat between the blond's legs so he had a good view of the naked man beneath him. He moved a finger to the blond's entrance and began rubbing it slowly. "If you tell me how you want it, I'll listen. Though you have to beg me~" Sasori practically prowled over to the blond to stare at his face. "Just say that you want me to pound into you and make you cum over and over," He whispered as he nuzzled Deidara's neck, still teasing his hole. "Beg me and you'll be in heaven~"

Deidara didn't even consider that to be an option. He didn't care if Sasori was actually giving him his word, he wasn't going to beg the bastard to do anything. He was going to keep his pride until the very end. After a few seconds Sasori looked up, expected him answer. "No."

He blinked and raised his eyebrows. "Oh, really? You sure you want to do that, Angel? Trust me," He growled with an angry glare. "I will make this different than any other experience that you have ever had." He chuckled, a sick smirk on his lips. "I promise." Deidara didn't even blink. He just stared at Sasori who smirked back. "Fine, I guess I won't have to do this," He said before pulling his hand away.

Deidara closed his eyes, ready for death but it never came. He felt the man get off him before moving to the door in the room. Deidara opened his eyes, confusion written all over his face. What was this? Sasori was looking at his stoically and a smirk came over his lips.

"I hate to wait, but for you, I'd wait for all eternity." He opened the door and left the blond.

Deidara stared up at the ceiling, not knowing what to think. What was the man trying to do? He waited a few minutes, or what the blond thought were minutes, and almost sighed in relief. He turned his head, hissing as the bite on his neck stretched, but continued to look for the scalpel. The vials on the bed had been tipped over but nothing had spilled due to a tight seal. He ignored that once he got sight of the bloody tool over a foot away.

Gnawing on his bottom lip gently he moved his unmarked leg trying to reach for it. Twisting his body to his left lightly, he managed to touch it with his toes and he grabbed onto it, trying to bring to to himself somehow. He had no idea how he was going to use it but he wasn't going to use it to escape.

He wasn't stupid and neither was Sasori. He knew the redhead had planned ahead of things and that even if he did manage to get out of his bonds he couldn't go anywhere.

Deidara knew that, so he wasn't going to try to escape from this fortress, he was going to escape from life.

It was the cowards way out but he was at his last ends now and he was desperate. He had tried this many times before when Sasori's abuse had gotten bad but each time, his lover would find him and fix him up gently. He would kiss the bandages he applied and he would tell the blond he loved him and made him promise he wouldn't do it again. Deidara had never said anything then, he just nodded, knowing that Sasori didn't like it when he hurt himself because he wanted to be the only one doing it.

Deidara had once found Sasori's gun and tried to shoot himself in the head but the redhead found him, and instead of holding him softly, he beat him with the weapon. That was the last time Deidara tried to end his life, only a month before Sasori tried to kill him.

After a few moments the blond was brought back to reality and he looked at his wrist, seeing only a faint trace of scars. Sasori had been studying to be a doctor, or at least that's what he told Deidara and that's how he always managed to fix him up and make sure that the only scars that he had were applied by only him.

Taking a deep breath, Deidara picked up the scalpel between his toes, but his legs still felt numb and he had trouble lifting it. His right thigh was itching and stinging from the mark Sasori made but he ignored it, trying his best to push on. If he could get it to his hands, it wouldn't take much effort to stab himself in the wrist; hopefully with enough damage Sasori couldn't help him but the blond was reminded of his skill he he looked down at his body. He had practically destroyed him with a rusty scalpel but here he was, looking completely undamaged.

He took another deep breath and tried to lift his leg up again, his hatred for the older man driving him all the more. He gasped lightly when he only managed to raised his knew six inches before it collapsed. It seemed that Sasori had thought ahead once more, probably putting a sedative in his body to stop from moving around too much.

He still tried.


He didn't know how long he had been left alone but he had already fallen asleep twice. His erection had died down the first time he fell in unconsciousness but the dry feeling of his fluids and Sasori's saliva were disgusting on his skin. The blood on his chest had also dried and it itched but there was nothing he could do to relieve the feeling. Though he had regained some of his strength, he still could not lift the knife up to his hands; it lay only a few inches away from his leg if he decided he would try again but he was fighting another problem now.


He woke up this way when Sasori was around and he had said that he had slept for a month. Deidara knew that was enough time for his body mass to go down to nothing if the redhead only provided the bare minimum. He felt lighter and sicker as more time passed on and he licked his dry lips, unconsciously reminding himself that he was dehydrated from the start. He tried to swallow to quench his throat but he barely had any saliva do that in the first place.

There was food on the ground that Sasori had spilled but it wasn't much even if he could reach it. Just a hand full of rice.

So this was how Sasori was going to kill him? He cracked a small smile at the thought. No, he had never experienced this before and the redhead was doing a good job at torturing him but that didn't being Deidara down. He had something to look forward to after all.


It sounded so sweet and Deidara knew that it would taste amazing as well. Freedom. Something that was stolen from him four years ago and he knew that he couldn't retrieve it no matter how hard he tried. No matter how hard Sasori beat him, or how many times he had said he loved him, Deidara knew he had will.

Deidara's smile slipped away, giving relief to his chapped lips. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, almost wishing that he could die just like this. He had wished that too many times and he knew it would never work but he still liked to try. If Sasori kept him like this than he would soon die, aching from the hollowing pain, but he would die.

He could feel the backs of his eyes burn and he blinked wondering why this was happening. He still had his will, so why did he want to cry? Maybe it was out of joy for almost being done with? Or maybe these tears were for the pained hours ahead. He had cried so much already that the thought of it seemed exhausting.

No, he wouldn't cry, not even in his dying moments. He was going to smile, showing his supposedly cruel world that he didn't care. He was going to laugh himself to sleep and be gone.

He took a deep breath, almost hurting his lungs from the inhale. Exhaling softly, he let himself slip back into his dreamless sleep.


Deidara groaned as he tried to lift the scalpel once more. He almost hadn't been able to reach it due to his body being so weak. He had no way of keeping track of time but he had fallen asleep two more times and Sasori still hadn't come around as far as he knew.

He felt disgusting from laying in one spot for this long and he desperately wanted to scratch at his leg, the blood making it unbearably itchy. Deidara found that if he paid attention to that, his stomach didn't hurt as bad.

His eyes felt heavy but if he closed them then his headache became more intense and he just wanted to scream. His wrists were raw from trying to break free but nothing had worked. He was pretty sure he had cut off his circulation from his struggles because he could no longer feel his hands.

After a few minutes, he tried to will himself back to sleep but the gnawing in his body was keeping him from the escape. He moaned and looked at the vials on the bed. He had tried reached those and a few he had but they were impossible to open so he couldn't make do with those.

It was after the fifth time he fell asleep that he felt someone stroking his hair. It had been kept down this whole time and it had gotten matted in his struggles but it felt brushed now, almost making the blond hum in comfort.

But he knew this was wrong. He didn't want to open his eyes to the face of the monster who was touching him. "I know you're awake, Angel. It's okay to open your eyes." He practically cooed it and Deidara didn't want to obey him, he never did.

A sigh was heard and Deidara gasped loudly as a hand quickly wrapped its way around his neck. With his air supply now cut off, his body began to panic and his eyes opened to see Sasori smiling down at him softly.

"There we go," He said gently, but enthusiastically. "I've always loved your eyes, Angel." Deidara began kicking his feet, his body responding in the lack of oxygen and Sasori tilted his head curiously. "I'm sure you want me to let go but you wouldn't even listen to me so why should I?"

Deidara tried his best to stop fighting. To let death take him but it was so much harder than expected. His chest felt like it was collapsing, along with his other innards and he gave a whimper from the pain, tears coming to his dry eyes.

Sasori's smile doubled and he chuckled before leaning down to kiss the tears away. "That's a good, Dei." He let go and Deidara gasped for air, now coughing heavily, his breaths high-pitched and audible. "How has your time been away from me? Has it given you enough time to think about my offer?"

The blond wasn't listening, he just wanted air at the moment and he hated himself for clinging onto life so desperately when he was telling himself to embrace death.

"Angel~" Sasori drawled out, trying to get his attention. "I'm sure you're hungry right now and thirsty on top of that." That caught the blond's attention and his bloodshot eyes found Sasori's. He almost had an animalistic look about him and the redhead chuckled. "It's been three days and I knew that if you survived this long that you must really want to live."

Deidara bared his teeth as anger overcame him. "You fucking sadist, un! I would love nothing more than to just die so I could get away from you! I hate you and I hope you rot in hell, un!" His throat ached from just those few sentences and he almost groaned in pain.

Sasori seemed unfazed by anything and he sighed in boredom, now looking down at his nails. "You used to scream that at me in the beginning, you know. You should come up with something new, Angel, like perhaps…" A smirk slowly came to his lips and he leaned in front in the blond. "Begging to be fucked~" He whispered, pecking the blond's lips lightly and Deidara moved to bite. The redhead moved away quickly enough and he sighed once more. "I thought that after this there would be less fight in you. Pity that it doesn't seem that way."

Deidara continued to scowl and he wished that he had more strength in him to hurt the man. Though wishing never got him anywhere.

"Are you ready to participate? Like I said, I will make it pleasurable not just for me, but for you too." He leaned down and kissed the blond's forehead, Deidara biting his lip to prevent himself from yelling again. "I can give you other things as well. Just submit and we can live peacefully, Angel~" Sasori's hands began wondering towards the blond's hips and he straddled him. "You're tired, I can tell," He whispered, his tone dropping to sound like he cared. "Do you want me to untie you?"

Deidara had almost forgotten about his hands tied together but now that Sasori mentioned it he could feel the ache coming back, especially in his back and shoulders. Sasori's hands massaged his hipbones almost soothingly and he felt the older man kiss his head once more.

"It's inevitable, Deidara, so just submit and you'll be fine. I promise." Another kiss but the blond wouldn't budge.

When he had first woken up the redhead was telling him that he was going to cleanse him by removing his skin. Now he was kissing him tenderly like nothing ever happened. He knew from early on that Sasori was not right in the head and he learned to do what he was told but he wouldn't anymore, not even if he was going to be killed. That was almost a motivation. Don't do anything and you will be murdered.

Sasori sighed and sat up, his face stoic like a dolls. "You're not making this easy for me, Angel." His voice was now cold, the lovingness in it before now gone. Deidara knew it wasn't the real thing and Sasori reached for a veil. He took the cap off quickly and poured it into his left hand. Without even blinking he scratched his nails into the mark he had cut into Deidara's thigh, making the blond's eyes widened.

His mouth opened in a silent scream as he tossed his head back. After a few seconds he began gasping, his breaths shallow as he tried to hold back on any sound. Sasori had reopened the wound with the unknown liquid and he was rubbing it in, making it feel as if his leg were on fire.

"I know it hurts, Angel, but this is what happens when you don't listen to me. I gave you a chance but you were too stubborn to take it. It's time for your punishment now," He growled, his voice dripping with venom.

He got off the blond's hips so he sat with his crotch to the blond's. He rubbed his clothes hips to Deidara's rear end but the shorter male didn't even bother reacting, barely feeling anything. After a few more dry thrusts he sighed and placed his palms on the his inner thighs before pushing so they were more spread.

Deidara's eyes widened and he tried to kick him away, knowing what was going to happen anyway. He wouldn't stop fighting though. He still had his will and he would keep it.

Sasori barely chuckled as he dug his sharp nails into the blond's flesh. "Fight all you want, it'll only hurt you in the end and bring me more pleasure. I always knew that you liked to please me~" He cooed before unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off his shoulders.

Deidara couldn't stop himself from looking, wanting to know if the man had changed at all since he had last seen him naked. He still had porcelain skin, his body almost shinning. He still looked tone, just enough to see some muscle and it almost made Deidara interested. He still had that birth mark right under his left collarbone and although it seemed to ruin the plain beauty of his body, Deidara had once thought that it added to it. That one imperfection that seemed so perfect. His pants came off next but Deidara concentrated on the birthmark.

He didn't stop staring until he felt a rough finger being shoved in his ass. "It's impolite to stare, brat," Sasori hissed as he thrust the finger in and out harshly, scratching the blond up with his sharp nail, making him wince. "You can't do what you want if I haven't given you permission yet." Sasori was glaring lightly Deidara noticed and he remembered finding his face beautiful once.

He may still, had he not known the monster hiding behind that shell.

Deidara held back the hiss as Sasori added another dry finger harshly. "You don't seem to be enjoying this, Angel. Don't you want to be prepared so it doesn't hurt?" Deidara didn't respond as he stared up at the ceiling. A sigh. "Here I am being nice to you and you won't even talk to me. You honestly have it good, don't you, Deidara?" He took the fingers out and Deidara tried not to moan from the uncomfortable feeling.

After a few seconds he hadn't heard a thing but he felt something soon enough. His back arched off the bed almost painfully and he didn't know what that sound was until he registered as him screaming. As soon as he was out of air, his lungs filled up once more but he bit his bottom lip until the scab broke and bled once more. The tears pooled in his eyes but he refused to let any fall, instead letting out a few sobs from his aching throat.

He felt Sasori lean forward, moving his legs further apart so he could do so, before he began kissing his neck softly. "I know it hurts, Dei. It's supposed to, so you'll learn." He shifted himself so he got deeper inside of the blond and Deidara clenched his eyes shut, not wanting to look at the man's beautiful face. Another kiss and they soon began trailing up to his mouth. "I really missed your touch, Angel," Sasori sighed, now nuzzling his face into the blond's neck. "But now it makes me feel better knowing that you are here with me." He began kissing his skin once more and Deidara did his best not to swear the man out. "I love you, Deidara~"

The blond barely felt Sasori shift and it shocked him to feel the older male pull out of him most of the way before thrusting back in. He kept his eyes shut and kept a firm grip on his lip. Sasori was grunting softly into his ear as he continued and Deidara was surprised that he was being taken so normally. A few thrusts went by when the redhead sat himself up so the blond's ass and lower back was resting in his lap and he continued on from there.

Before, scalpels and poisons were involved but now there was nothing but the both of them. But Deidara wasn't going to let this little fact make him think that Sasori cared about him. He was raping him once more and that was fact enough to not trust him.

After a few minutes, Sasori seemed to quicken his pace and he smirked down at Deidara who barely had his eyes open now. "This would be s-so much better if you," He stopped at a grunt, his face filled with pleasure. "Enjoyed it as well. I want to see my angel happy." He gave a hard thrust forward, harder than all the rest and Deidara turned his face into the pillow so he wouldn't cry out. "Don't hide, Deidara," He growled. "I want to see what you're feeling."

Deidara barely shook his head and Sasori thrusted forward again, his hips smacking loudly against the blond's. Deidara flinched very noticeably and he dug his nails into his hands for extra assurance. He was taken aback though once he felt a soft hand touch his exposed cheek. He didn't dare open his eyes as the hand stroked his skin, the thrusts never faltering.

"Won't you at least open your eyes?"

Deidara could almost see the redhead's pleading expression and he knew it was fake. Everything about him was fake, just like his puppets.

"Deidara," Sasori whispered as he leaned down to kiss his neck. "If you open your eyes I may stop."

The younger male was very tempted to do it but he didn't want to submit to the redhead; not in the slightest. So what if he continued, so what if he didn't? Deidara was probably going to end up hurt anyway. He refused, keeping his face buried in his pillow.

Sasori scowled and grabbed the blond's chin with his hand. "Look at me, Deidara." It was an order but the blond still refused. He growled deep in his throat and the hand that he been resting on his thigh began digging into his skin, his sharp nails adding to the affect.

Deidara gasped lightly but refused to open his eyes. He could look at them when he was dead, he honestly didn't care what Sasori did to his body after he was gone; it couldn't have been as bad as what he had done to him, mentally as well.

"Listen to me, Angel," He cooed and Deidara refused to respond once more. He sighed harshly and continued his thrusting, which had never faltered. He changed the angle just barely and Deidara's eyes flew open, his mouth open in a silent gasp. Sasori chuckled deeply into the blond's neck as he continued to hit that spot. "I know your body better than you do yourself, Angel~ Be happy that I'm allowing you this when you've defied me so many times today."

A whimper left his lips as his body curled up tensely, making his arching back ache. "Sa… Stop." The one word left his lips as he tried to hold in his moans and was satisfied that he was at least able to do that.

"Why? You did this with Tobi," Sasori growled the last word out before continuing, "Why is this any different, Angel?"

Sasori let go of the blond's skin and cupped his calfs to push them up higher, almost getting a better angle. Deidara let a hiss slip between his teeth but he refused to answer. Tobi never did this to him and he was honestly ashamed to say that Sasori was the only one he ever trusted enough to let him do this. The fact that this wasn't hurting anymore sickened him. How many times had he been raped to finally have gotten used to it so quickly?

Sasori continued his perfect stride, still waiting for Deidara to reply. "Are you all out of fire already? What happened to your opinion of me?" He chuckled sadistically. "You can't even keep up your hate for me."

Deidara felt a moan crawl it's way up his throat, taunting him but he kept it forced down, instead tilting his chin back, burying half his face into the pillow underneath him, clenching his eyes closed. He was surprised that Sasori was still hitting the spot, not trying to tease him at all, but maybe he really was teasing him.

"You're already so hard and I can feel you tighten around me whenever I'm in you completely," Sasori muttered into his ear sensually. He bit the shell of his ear and hummed softly. "I love that about you. You pretend to hate it but you really love it don't you?" He went down and kissed his collarbone. "You love me~"

Deidara's eyes snapped open and he could feel the rage fester. "You- Ah~" The moan was drawn out and he couldn't stop the others.

Sasori practically grinned and he gave a high chuckle. "I knew it." He sat up once more and went slower. "Now that I know that you like this, things will get more interesting."

Deidara jerked as he went in slowly before thrusting the rest of the way roughly. He bit his lip but the sound kept on coming out. He yanked at the restraints around his wrists, feeling the circulation being cut off once more.

"I can do something for you, Angel." He smirked down, enjoying the sight of the blond under him. His cheeks were flushed brightly and his eyes were filled with contempt and refusal. Though he did look sick from not eating for three days. Beyond the blush he could see the blond's pale, clammy skin. He could easily see his ribs from not eating in such a long time and he had been trembling even before Sasori had started this. He was on his last legs and this was what the redhead had planned.

"If you let go then I will love you like never before. Just ask me and I will, Dei." Deidara shook his head lightly and Sasori scowled very lightly. "Come on, Deidara. You don't want this to hurt at all do you?"

"I-I don't care," He managed to rasp out, giving a high-pitched groan. His member ached from the ribbon tied at the bottom of the head and he was almost aching for release. Almost.

Sasori was amused by this or at least made it seem that way. "I can give you other things too," He grunted softly. "I can let you live." Deidara bit his tongue, not wanting to scream at him again. "I'll take care of you," He whispered, now leaning forward again. "You won't have to worry about anything. You'll be fed, cleaned, clothed. I'm sure you want to eat, right?" He taunted, a cruel smirk lining his lips. "Am I right?"

Deidara almost cried as he was reminded the pain in his stomach. "I… d-don't care, un." He closed his eyes and repeated himself.

Sasori was now angry and he bit down on the mark he had made from before, getting a whine of pain from the younger male. A large amount of blood was drawn and he sucked a mouth-full out before bringing his lips to the blonds. Deidara felt the touch and he tried to squirm away but Sasori thrust in even harder, making him gasp. Sasori pushed his lips against the blond's, blood flowing from his to the others.

Deidara eyes opened wide and he chocked, not just from the liquid flowing down his throat but the taste of his own blood. And he was sick with himself to say that he actually felt slightly better with something in his system. Sasori was now kissing his roughly, shoving his tongue into his mouth, scraping it against anything that he could.

Deidara coughed and he pulled away for his own breath. "If you keep disobeying me I'll make you do much worse," He hissed into his ear. "I can cut off each of your fingers and force feed them to you if you're so hungry." Deidara whimpered as he felt one of the redhead's hands go up to his own, contradicting his words as he gently caressed them instead of disassemble like he thought. "Do you really hate me so much that just the thought of you submitting is so repulsive? That you'd rather be tortured by me than loved?"

Deidara didn't answer as Sasori's hand slid down his arm to his chest before going up to cup his neck. He accidentally looked into the man's warm honey-like eyes and he saw not only insanity, but almost a mix of desperation and adoration.

"I just want you, Deidara," He muttered against his lips. The blond then realized that he had stopped their 'love making' a while back. Was he so serious that he would stop his ministrations just to talk to him? Deidara wasn't going to try to flattered. "I've always wanted you~" Their lips were still covered with the blond's blood and Deidara now felt sick to his stomach because of the fluid. "So just tell me what you really want and I'll promise you that you'll feel amazing~" He rolled his hips against his former lover's and Deidara gasped lightly as his prostrate was just brushed, teased.

"I want to die," He admitted now looking away from the older male.

Sasori seemed impassive after that, now staring at Deidara intensely. The blond snuck a peek and saw something light up into his eyes. "I can give you that." Deidara knew that was the answer and he looked away again. "I can make it painless as well. I can even make it pleasurable~"

Deidara didn't seem lured in by the offer but the idea seemed like heaven itself. He would still get into heaven if he let himself die, right? Once the thought crossed his mind a ghost of a smile appeared. That seemed irrelevant and if there was a heaven and hell then he was going straight down and he wasn't afraid to admit it.

"And what is it that you want me to do, un?" His voice was monotonous and he was close to giving up. He still had his will and he would will himself to let Sasori do whatever if he could die peacefully.

Sasori almost grinned as he chuckled before pecking his lips, something that Deidara grew to ignore. "I've already said, Angel. Submit. Tell me that you want it and I'll give it to you plus more."

Deidara's eyes burned. He was tempted with the thought of just letting go to be done. Though would he be given what he wanted? He looked at the redhead who was awaiting his answer. He had tried to kill him before and that was going to be painless, just a shot in the head. Would he do something more humane? Just give him a sedative? He was so tempted to ask, just to make sure that he was lying.

"Kill me," He rasped.

Sasori ticked his tongue. "First I get what I want, then you, 'kay, Angel?" Deidara begrudgingly nodded his head. He swallowed, barely feeling his dry throat ache. "You have to say it, Angel," Sasori urged.

Deidara stared at the man, defiance lighting up his face. He didn't want to, that much was obvious. But would he do it to die? When he thought about it, it was two negatives. Have Sasori fuck him, then get killed. He knew that being let go was never an option so he turned towards death to escape.

"Say it." Sasori had a small but noticeable look in his eye. A crazed one. He seemed hungry, wanting to hear his former lover say it. He leaned so their heads were by each other and he kissed the blond's ear. "Now."

Deidara had to literally swallow his pride, knowing exactly what the redhead had wanted him to say. He had forced him to beg before, he was trained to. He was trained to do many things, things he wanted to forget.

He parted his lips slightly, not wanting to say it aloud but if it meant his death, his peace, he would do it.

"Fuck me, un."

Sasori brushed his lips against the blond's skin. "More, Deidara. You know what you have to say."

Deidara dug his nails into his palms and took a deep breath. "I want you to fuck me until I stop coming back. I want to be fucked raw and I wanted to be fucked into the bed." There was no conviction in his voice, just him reciting lines and Sasori was not pleased with that.

"You can do better than that, Angel. Do you need some encouragement?" He began rolling his hips once more, but started to pull out after a few moments. "Get into it more," He demanded before thrusting into the blond again.

Deidara didn't even bother holding back the moans, knowing it was going to be useless. Sasori wasn't a gentle 'lover.' Not in the least. He was always rough with Deidara, even before he had turned abusive and Deidara had grown used to it and had begun to enjoy it until it turned to rape.

"Say my name, Angel," Sasori growled into his ear before biting down on the lobe hard.

Deidara bit his lip before exhaling. "Sasori," He moaned lightly.

"The other one." Sasori smirked as he quickened his pace.

Deidara groaned at the pain and pulled at his restraints. "Danna, un~"

The redhead chuckled. "That's it. Now say what you want, Deidara and mean it."

He wanted to disobey. He never wanted to do this again, to be humiliated for someone else's sick pleasure. "Ngh, p-please… Please fuck me, un."

Sasori smirked and he kissed Deidara's lips once more, the dried blood almost gone from their kissing. "Perfect, but keep on going." Deidara bit the inside of his cheek and pulled harder on his restraints. Sasori saw his shoulders tensing and smiled gently. "I think it's about time to let you go." He let go of the blond's leg and moved the hand to untie Deidara's wrists, not even stopping his perfect stride.

One the ribbon came undone Deidara moaned loudly from the relief. His arms fell down by his head and his whole upper body screamed in relief, but it also hurt from changing position.

"There, now go on, Angel." Sasori moved his hands to the blond's hips so he had a better leverage on his thrusting. "G-go."

Deidara's mouth was open in a silent moan and he clutched at the sheets under him. "Faster… please," He panted. "Do it harder, un~" His back arched off the bed lightly as Sasori continued to thrust into him savagely. He threw his head back, now releasing a loud moan that was almost forced. Anything to get Sasori satisfied so he could die.

The redhead was grinning at the blond's reactions and he began kissing his neck before sitting up and pulling out of him. Deidara gave a confused groan as he looked at Sasori with tired, bloodshot eyes. He was rolled onto his stomach quickly by his hips, which were pulled off the bed, so Sasori could get into him once more.

He cried in pain at the new position, that allowed the redhead to have better access. "Ah… Ow, you're…"

"I'm what, Angel?" Deidara squirmed and clawed at the sheets once more, before burying his face into the mattress. "Are you not enjoying this anymore?" The blond whimpered and Sasori sighed before going slower. "What do you want?"

Deidara lifted his head slowly to stare at the metal headboard in front of him. "I want you to make me feel good, un. It hurts." As crazy as Sasori may be, Deidara intended to have him keep his word. He said that this would be peaceful or at least his death would be. Did he intend on torturing him before he killed him?

"Hmm," Sasori hummed, now leaning forward to bite the blond's shoulder blade. "I could do that but wouldn't that be more boring?" He continued to thrust roughly, shoving Deidara further into the bed. He was barely able to keep his hips up and if it wasn't for the redhead, they would have already dropped.

Deidara whined and whimpered as he was taken roughly but he couldn't lie and say it didn't feel good at the same time. Sasori's hands began wandering, tweaking at his nipples, running them up and down his back or his legs gently, the hands that had caused him so much pain in the past.

After a few thrusts Sasori stopped hitting his prostate and Deidara mostly felt the pain. "Stah… Saso- fu-!" He cut himself off as Sasori began going harder, his pace slower. "Th-this hurts, Danna," He near cried, the tears ready to fall. The only word that came to his head was pathetic. He hated this man yet he was begging for him. "Danna~" He whined and the redhead chuckled.

"You never continued, Angel. That's why I stopped. If you want it good again then just say so."

Deidara groaned, absolutely humiliated. They were going in a circle, a circle he didn't want to complete and tears filled his eyes from the shame. Sasori gave a thrust in encouragement and Deidara gasped loudly, his body shaking. "There! Please, there~" He rocked his hips back against Sasori's and he told himself it was his body, not his mind.

Sasori snickered and continued to hit the spot. "And? Anything else you want, Dei-chan?"

Deidara was practically writhing on the bed, trying his best to stay still but the feeling of having his sweet spot hit was almost sending him over the edge. "Go slower," He ordered and Sasori raised a brow.

"Are you trying to make this not pleasurable for me, Angel?" Deidara's eyes widened and he looked back at Sasori, shaking his head. "Then what do you really want?"

Deidara gulped, his throat feeling dryer than before. "I want you to slam your cock into me. I want you to fuck me into the bed," He moaned out and Sasori grinned broadly. Deidara buried his face into the mattress in shame as Sasori did just that. He was almost feeling numb from all of this as tears poured down his face.

All of the pieces that took two years to pick up where shattered once more and Deidara knew he would never be able to find them, let alone pick then up and put them back together. His cries sounded like moans and Sasori was enjoying the sight of the broken blond under him. "I can feel that you're close, Angel. Do you want to beg for that too?" He grunted as each thrust became a fraction rougher.

Deidara's eyes went wide and he moaned loudly, only half his face hidden so he could breathe. "Yes! Please let me come, Danna, un~!"

"But shouldn't I get the privilege first?" Sasori's hands snaked down the blond's hips and back up before one of them went to wrap around the blond's member softly. "Make me come first, Angel~" He whispered into his ear. He then grabbed both of his hips and pulled back so Deidara was sitting in Sasori's lap. The redhead was resting on his knees, completely sheathed in the blond who was panting loudly. Deidara was glad for the transition or else he wouldn't have gotten a break, but then he was reminded of what Sasori wanted from him. "Get to work," Sasori purred before nibbling on his neck softly.

Deidara groaned and tried to lift himself up, but it didn't amount to much. His legs still felt numb from whatever Sasori drugged him with. Instead he began rolling his hips and Sasori sighed.

"Come on, Dei-chan, I'm sure you can do it," He encourage before cupping his thighs where they met the knees. "You're making me do everything," He chuckled. "Spoiled brat." He snapped at the blond's neck again playfully as Deidara's head lulled forward in exhaustion with his eyes closed.

Sasori was thrusting into him again though not as much as before. He was setting Deidara on his feet slightly so he got used to the motions until he could do it himself. Deidara was still panting softly, surprised that he was getting some feeling into his legs again. Maybe it wasn't a drug, maybe it from lack of walking.

The thought was interrupted as Sasori stopped moving and Deidara was tempted to look back in question. "You have to keep on going, Angel," Sasori said, kissing his neck softly. "Please me and I'll give you what you really want."

Deidara nodded slowly and began moving on his own, his palms on Sasori's knees to keep himself steady. He panted softly and turned his head to the side, unconsciously allowing Sasori more access to his neck. He bit down hard on the junction and Deidara's eyes opened once more, a few tears falling from the corner of his eye. The second mark of many? He continued to move, but it wasn't even fast enough for his own liking. He whimpered softly and moved a hand back to hold the side of Sasori's neck. "I c-can't," He gasped, coming to a stop and Sasori sighed in his ear.

"I expected better from you, Deidara." Disappointment laced his voice and he took over, pushing Deidara back onto his knees, but the blond just collapsed and Sasori turned him over to look at his face.

Deidara's cheeks were an even darker pink, almost a red and it seemed to cover up his sickness. Just the look in his eyes showed how exhausted he was and Sasori leaned down, arms on either side of the blond's body. He kissed the blond's eyes which were ringed a blue-ish purple from lack of sleep, or nutrients, it was hard to tell.

Deidara didn't fight, he just lied there defeated and Sasori almost wanted the rowdy side of him back. He moved his legs open again and pushed his way in for the third time that day. Deidara grunted softly, his body tensing for just a moment before relaxing.

"Do you love me, Deidara?" Sasori asked as he kissed his lips softly, the blond almost responding. He felt something in his hair and the thing entangled itself with his blood-red locks. He realized they were hands. Deidara's hands. The blond pulled him closer to deepen their kiss and the redhead was taken aback by the action.

He did kiss back, but roughly. He bit Deidara's lips, and molested his mouth with his tongue quickly before going back to just lips. He still hadn't moved yet and Deidara got some strength to wrap his legs around his hips, urging him forward.

Sasori did that and they continued their mating once more. Sasori was quick and hasty, not wanting to waste a single moment of this. Deidara just lied there and took it, moaning every few thrusts. He was gripping Sasori's shoulders tightly before going down to his biceps and holding there.

"Do you want to come, Angel?"

Deidara nodded his head and kissed Sasori's lips once more. "P-please let me come, Danna."

"But what needs to h-happen first?" Sasori kissed his cheek in an innocent manner and Deidara whimpered wantonly before rocking his hips in time with the redhead's. He tightened around him and Sasori breathed in deeply near the blond's bloody neck. "Yes?"

"C-come inside me, Danna," Deidara pleaded, all rationality out the window long ago.

Sasori chuckled. "Good boy."

After that, he let loose. He had untied the ribbon around the blond's cock and he began pounding into him like never before. Deidara couldn't stay still at all, always having to move from the feeling. He had just been panting and moaning but now he was screaming and begging, something that Sasori wanted from the beginning.

The metal headboard was banging against the wall but Deidara's screams drowned it out. He moved a hand down to stroke himself and Sasori let him do that as he felt close as well. The blond squirmed against his body and when Sasori kept on hitting his prostate gland the blond's eyes went wide, tears running down his cheeks. His mouth opened in a silent scream as he came, his legs tightening around Sasori's waist but the redhead kept on going, ignoring the blond's attempts to stop him.

Deidara's fluids had hit the both of them in the chest and stomach but the blond could barely tell as Sasori continued to pound into him ferociously, almost to the point of making him erect again. Sasori groaned and his hips soon jerked forward quickly as he spilled himself inside the younger male. After a few seconds he began rocking his hips, riding out his euphoria.

Deidara was lying beneath him, now completely unable to move. Sasori had kept his arms by the blond's head as he panted, still buried deep inside of the man. After a minute he pulled out and sat up. Deidara was watching him and saw that he had a very satisfied expression on his face.

"I'm glad that you finally came to understand, Deidara." He lied down next to the blond and pulled the blanket around them. Deidara was still too tired to move but the tears came down rapidly. Sasori noticed this and pulled the blond close. "I'm sorry, Angel but I can't fulfill my promise. It'd be such a waste to kill you now that you're like this. It's better this way, really," He cooed as he tucked the blond's head under his chin as he began to sob.

It hadn't taken much to break the man and Sasori knew that. He just needed a little shove and he would be his again.

Deidara didn't stop crying and after a while Sasori looked over and reached for a veil that hadn't fallen off the bed in their movements and opened it. He held it under the blond's nose and Deidara inhaled naturally, his eyelids fluttering. His cries went down to whimpers until he had stopped completely.

Sasori smiled softly and pulled him even closer. He was all his.

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