When Deidara's eyes finally did open he realized he was burning. His eyelids narrowed at the headache he had and he tried to sit up but a gasp came from his mouth as pain raced up his back and hips. He bit his lip and moaned as he shifted his shoulders to get back in bed comfortably. That was his first time in a long time he had sex for the whole night and his body knew it.

Shifting around some more he turned his head and squinted once more to see the clock on the side table. Three o'clock, well at least close to it. Sighing, he kept his ears open, expecting to hear Sasori out and about. This wouldn't be the first time Sasori tired him out before he left somewhere and usually when he did, he was back by the time Deidara woke up but this time he said he was going to be gone for three days.

What took three days? Sasori never spoke of any financial troubles but then again he never spoke about anything to the blond besides living happily together. Sometimes he would get him art supplies to draw him out but Deidara never touched them. All of Sasori's attempts to make Deidara like his new home had failed but he accepted it and was satisfied with him being a hollow husk, as long as he submitted.

Deidara almost patted himself on the back for denying Sasori but that had just pissed the redhead off and he even went harder and longer to exhaust him. Though his plan worked for keeping him in bed. This was the latest that Deidara had ever slept in. Sighing, he sat up again doing his best to ignore the pain in his hips and ass. He slowly turned his body to the edge of the bed and slid off the mattress only to fall on the floor. He stuck out his arms to catch himself but the impact jarred him and he fell again.

Groaning, Deidara bit his bottom lip and moved his arms under him to push himself off the ground as he made one foot moved under him as well. All of it hurt like hell but he needed to get up to take a shower and wash Sasori off of him. He almost collapsed once he was standing so he leaned against one of the bed posts.

He suddenly sneezed which made his headache throb and he groaned. He should have taken Sasori advice of getting dressed but he was tired of listening to him. Giving a sniffle he pushed himself of the bedpost and limped towards the bathroom. He wasn't wearing any clothes so he just got in the tub and turned on the water. He didn't want to stand the whole time so he ended up sitting down even though it hurt like a bitch.

Once he was done bathing around an hour later he stood up, and ringed his hair out of as much water he could. He got out of the tub and stepped onto the mat before grabbing a towel off the rack. He wrapped it around his waist and walked back to the bedroom. Even though he had been feeling hot when he woke up he felt freezing.

Limping over the dresser he quickly dried off and tossed the towel on the ground before grabbing a pair of baggy sweats and a long-sleeved tee. Even with that he was still cold so he walked out into the living room to see the fire place running. He smelt something and saw food on stove, maybe enough to last him the whole three days.

He guessed Sasori didn't want him cooking anymore. Ignoring the food, he walked over to the couch and found a clean blanket to wrap around himself. The fireplace was going and everything felt very warm and homey but he still felt cold. His head pounded once more and he gave a small groan before reaching for the remote.

He doubted there was medicine in the house; if he ever complained he was sure Sasori would have just made him some. Deidara frowned and pulled his knees close to his chest.

He didn't want to be there anymore. It was obvious that he never wanted to be there in the first place but he was getting sick of this life in general. Of never getting to do anything but sit and watch t.v. He missed his friends, his family and his life. If he ever did manage to get away he would have to kill himself before Sasori found him but what it would feel like to be free again.

Deidara turned on the television and saw more news.


Deidara ended up laying in bed until the next day. He hated that particular spot but it was more comfortable than the couch. He hadn't eaten yet but he knew that by the time Sasori came back he wasn't going to be able to starve to death. He cringed at the thought of the redhead coming back. Sure he was ready to face him but he guessed that Sasori wouldn't have the patience to deal with his rebelliousness and would do something else.

Deidara buried his face into his pillow making sure to stay off Sasori's side of the bed even though the redhead made them stay in the middle when they slept together. Giving a sigh, Deidara sat up, used to the sting and ache in his body.

He got out of bed and pulled on a sweatshirt before wandering around the house. He found the door that led to the outside world but there was a keypad on it. He guessed that if he tried every single possible code that Sasori would be alerted somehow.

He was away so he doubted that he could get back in time to do anything about it.

Deidara's eyes widened and he realized how true that was. Sasori was away and he had only been gone for one day. Deidara practically grinned and he began thinking of what he could do.

He knew that whatever he was going to do was crazy because by now he had to realize that he wasn't right in the head anymore. One person could only endure so much torment.

Deidara ended up pacing through the home, trying to locate something that may open the door that led outside. He guessed that if he tried to break it, something would send an alert to Sasori and he would have less time to escape. But he couldn't just leave, he knew that. He may do something to spite the redhead for the hell of it, knowing that he was going to die in the end but Deidara didn't want to die by his hand.

He just wanted to go into the outside world again before killing himself, that was his only wish. Nothing infuriated Sasori more than having Deidara hurt himself. The older male saw the blond as his property and Deidara wanted to destroy what was the redhead's.

Deidara suddenly stopped his pacing to see the fire place. It was turned off but the blond could easily turn it back on with a flick with a switch. He didn't hesitate as he walked over to the fire place and turned it on full blast. After that he moved to the bedroom to find something to carry food and clothes. He had no idea where he was and where his next destination was but he may need some supplies.

Though through his foraging he stopped and sat on his bed, now completely thinking about his actions. Did he really want to kill himself? Life was hell with Sasori, yes, and he may have been nice but he treated him like a child that didn't know any better and it hurt the blond's pride. It was demeaning.

But he lived comfortably, no? In a nice house, all the food he wanted, warm bed, television, books. Did he really want to leave?

Deidara bit his lip and quickly shook his head, headache stirring back to him. He was beginning to behave like a stockholm syndrome victim, but he knew what Sasori was capable of. He knew what he was really like and just that thought got him looking again.

After some more searching he found an old backpack in a closet near the living room and began filling it with bread, peanut butter and water along with a spare jacket and one shirt and a pair pants.

He looked at the clock and saw that Sasori was gone for almost a day and a half. If the round trip was three days, Deidara needed to hurry up.

After he got everything ready, he found a pair of shoes and slung on a jacket. He braided his hair so it wouldn't snag on anything on his trek away from his current home. As he walked to the kitchen to find something, he caught his reflection in the mirror of a wall.

Even though he still looked pale and sick, he could see some color returning to his face. He didn't know if it was from his fever or because he was leaving, the fact exciting him.

He didn't spare a second glance at the mirror as he went to the kitchen, trying to find something big and preferably hard. After he looked for a few minutes, he couldn't find anything so he slumped against the counter in thought. As he moved his arm to rest on the counter, his elbow bumped against the paper towel that was held up by a stand. He eyed it for a second, and some would think that he was admiring the leafy designs on it but that wasn't what he saw.

He quickly unscrewed the top and tossed the roll of paper towels off the stand so he could grab the shaft. It was pretty heavy and just what he needed. After some more looking, he saw the dining chair and decided that would do as well. He put down the stand and grabbed the chair before smashing it to the ground. Unfortunately only the back broke but that was all he needed from the chair.

He did that with all the chairs until he had a large stack of wood. After that he found a towel and wrapped it around his hand. He didn't hesitate as he grabbed the paper towel stand with his covered hand and walked into the living room to the living place. He stood at the side as he held the metal stand steadily and in one full swoop he broke the glass, letting in a burst of heat.

Deidara quickly put the stand on the coffee table as he went to get the broken pieces of chair. He stuck about five pieces into the fire to burn and began waited. By the time he was gone, he hoped the whole house would be aflame and that may convince Sasori that he had died in the fire. It was a long shot and the redhead may search after him but it gave Deidara a little time to get away.

He waited a little longer until most of the wooden ends were ablaze before picking one up and setting one on the couch with the afghan, setting fire to it quickly. He did so with the other pieces around the home and the house was beginning to burn slowly when the fire alarm went off.

Deidara looked up at the ceiling in shock and swore silently. He had to get out now before Sasori was alerted but as he ran to the door, he remembered the keypad and he caught sight of the metal stand once more. The smoke began to spread through the whole home and it was beginning to get hard to breathe but he ignored it as he ran over to grab the stand.

He walked over to one of the large windows and swung the paper towel stand at it but it barely made a crack. He stared at the window in disbelief and swung again, ending up with the same result. He screamed once he realized his mistake. Maybe he should have never tried to leave, or if he did, he should have thought about it in advanced.

Panting, he looked around for anything else to help him but gave up as the smoke became to thick. His eyes teared up as he began smashing at the window again. He wasn't going to give up now that he had forced himself into this situation. He didn't put up with Sasori this long to die in a fire that he had started out of his own stupidity.

After the fifth swing there was a noticeable crack that began to spiderweb quickly when the fire began to spread to Deidara and he couldn't hold his breath anymore. He put more strength into his swings, until his arms burned. The glass began bending, so with one final swings he managed to make a hole big enough for his fist to fit through.

Growling, he kept on swinging, letting his rage fuel him until there was a hole big enough for him. He jumped out as quickly as he could, but in his rush he cut up his knee and fell to the ground. The house was more elevated than he had thought and the fall startled him.

Though he ignored the pain as he got a whiff of clean air and he savored it, but the action was cut short when he heard something explode in the house. He assumed it was the burning wood he put in the oven. Neglecting the cut in his knee, he began to run, the adrenaline pumping through his body.

He got away. He nearly grinned at the simple fact. Maybe he didn't have to kill himself later on. He may just change his name, move away and start again. He could forget about his current life, right? The optimism running through him was fueling these strange desires but in just a few minutes, he pushed them away.

Deidara couldn't have a normal life again, and if he did, Sasori would find him easily. He needed to get away just for a week and end his life once he was done living the remainder of his life.

After about ten minutes, Deidara stopped running, wheezing heavily, from both the smoke and new exercise. Hunching over, he threw up, using a nearby tree to support himself, sap sticking to his hand. A minute passed by and he straightened his posture to see which direction to go to. He decided it was just best to get away from the house that was burning down. Looking back, he saw the smoke rising into the sky and found it best to move as quickly as possible.

He took his first step and hissed at the sting from his knee. He looked down to see the blood running down his pant leg and he swore when he realized he didn't pack any first-aid, but he had not been able to find any. Looking through his pack, he saw he could sacrifice one sleeve of his spare shirt to bandage his knee after pouring some water into the wound.

Once he had tied the cloth around his knee, Deidara straightened his leg before walking away from the smoke.


Only a few hours had passed but exhaustion seeping into the blond, his eyes drooping. The sun was setting and his body began to tire but if it wasn't for the asphalt he had stepped onto he would have fallen asleep.

He was on the road. Excitement filled him again and he had to suppress it as he looked around for any cars. There were none but that didn't mean much. He may be able to get a few miles before going to sleep but the fact that he made it this far was enough to encourage him further.

Deidara didn't have to walk far as a truck began driving behind him, but he didn't worry, knowing they were going to pass. But when they slowed down to pull up beside him, he thought the worst and assumed it was Sasori. He didn't get a chance to look back or even run as the truck door swung open and a pair of strong arms caught the blond.

Deidara screamed once he realized what was happening and he tried to shove his arms against his captor but he was struck in the face with what he assumed was a gun, and was put in daze as his wrists were tied with a plastic cable ties in front of him.

He was shoved in-between the driver and passenger as one began to talk into a walk talkie. "We got him. Where to now?"

Deidara shivered and bit his bottom lip. Of course Sasori would send someone after him if he ever left. Why wouldn't he? Though the voice that replied wasn't Sasori's, but someone else's, a very familiar voice.

Deidara's brows furrowed in thought but he couldn't put a face to the voice. Well whoever it was wanted him for some reason and he hoped it wasn't for Sasori.

"God, he smells terrible. Do you smoke, buddy?"

Deidara didn't respond and took a liking to staring at his lap. The passenger scoffed and buckled him in, and Deidara wondered what they really wanted with him.

They didn't speak after that and it was already getting dark, but Deidara didn't feel tired anymore; he felt defeated. As the light was about to fade, the driver swore and Deidara looked up to see what was wrong, his eyes widening when he did so.

He screamed in shock as the driver was shot in the head, then the passenger. He tried to brace himself as the truck swerved into a tree, but he ended up getting whiplash, and his wrists ached from bracing himself against the dashboard. If not for his seatbelt, he would have flown into the tree. Giving a groan, he looked up, a little shell-shocked by what just happened. It wasn't real, right? It was someone else.

He didn't get to hold onto that sliver of hope any longer as the passenger door opened the body was dragged out. The shooter climbed in and Deidara screamed as he tried to get away through the other door.

"No! No, let go of me, just let go, un!" He screamed the profanities he had held in for months as the person took him from the truck and held him to his chest.

"It's all right now, Angel," Sasori assured. "You're safe now." That confused Deidara even more and had even stilled him. Then who had just kidnapped him? "But it was very selfish of you to run away like that, Deidara. After I told you what would happen if you did." Sasori's voice was cold and Deidara could barely withhold the scream of agony as he was shot in the leg. He clutched at Sasori's jacket, but no noise escaped his throat as the tears poured from his eyes. "Don't worry, that's just to ensure that you can't get away once he get home. Well, to our new home." Sasori gave a sickly sweet smile that made Deidara want to squirm but he couldn't do so as his world went black.


Deidara was cold when he woke up, but that observation left him almost immediately once he realized where he was. He had no blindfold, no gag and he wasn't bound to anything so that should have reassured him but nothing could help him now. He had opened his eyes slowly afraid to see the room he hated apart from the bedroom that Sasori forced him to sleep in.

It was just four concrete walls, a completely naked room except for the table in the middle. Deidara would have expected the blood to be cleaned up from his previous sessions but the fluid was still there, the dried blood now a brownish color.

Deidara gasped and his eyes widened once his mind completely processed his current situation and he tried to get out of the corner he had been tossed in. He placed both hands on the freezing ground, not realizing that he was naked, and pushed. That was when his leg gave a protest and he gave a choked groan, tears coming to his eyes. He looked down at his thigh and gasped when he saw that it was crudely bandaged, the blood leaking through easily and onto the floor.

Giving a small groan of desperation, Deidara looked around, trying to locate Sasori. Why did he shove him in here alone, and not even tied up? This wasn't what he usually did and if he did change it must have been more terrifying.

Deidara tried to get up again but once he moved his injured leg, he gave a pathetic scream, tears coming from his eyes. He glared down at the chilled ground as he bared his teeth.

He had been so close to getting away from him. So close. And this was what he had accomplished. Not even a full day of freedom before someone found him and it wasn't even Sasori. His fingers curdled into a fist and his nails bit at his palms as the tears continued to form a puddle on the ground.

He did not want to admit defeat like before. He had just gotten himself together again and he knew that once Sasori came around, he would not treat him as lightly as before. Deidara hoped to be killed and just the thought sent complete happiness through him, a soft smile stretching at his cracked lips.

He wouldn't be killed. His life would be dragged out as long as possible, and Sasori would make sure to drink every drop until Deidara was done.

Deidara fell on his stomach and did his best to forget where he was. That was when the door opened. The blond didn't even bother looking up, knowing either way he was going to be tortured. A set of bare feet was all that he heard until they were right next to his shoulder, and he opened his eyes.

Sasori didn't mutter a single word, he merely squatted down next to the blond, his expression stoic but calm. He picked up the younger male's wrist and turned it over, revealing the radial artery, the blue veins pulsing weekly due to the blood lose. Deidara didn't pay any attention to it, not even when Sasori pulled out a small syringe, the needle barely ten centimeters long, before sticking it into the quivering vein.

Deidara didn't watch him push the plunger in but it was done quickly before the thin needle was removed. After that, Sasori merely stood up and left the room. Afterwards, the blond let a smile come to his lips. He may have been poisoned so that was good. The death may be painful but he would die. Wouldn't that be nice?

Even though he couldn't count the minutes, nothing was happening. Deidara didn't seem to notice anything and his eyes slipped closed but that was when something in his body jerked and he gave a gasp of pain. He lifted the wrist Sasori had injected the clear liquid in and the blue hues widened. The hand's skin was peeling off slowly, from the tips of his fingers downward, revealing the muscle hiding beneath. He cried as it went faster and that was when he saw what was pulling it. A shadow stared at him, large white eyes and a wicked grin, needle like teeth pointing towards him. The creature's hand was pulling at the flesh with knife-life hands and Deidara shrieked, trying to pull his hand away but it kept him there.

He tried to look away from his hand but the shadow kept it's eyes locked with the blond's. It kept on pulling down the skin until all of the epidermis on his right arm was gone and Deidara was sobbing by the end of it. The shadow dissolved into nothing and Deidara clutched at his arm desperately, expecting to feel the warmth of his blood but all he felt was cool oily substance. He gasped and looked at his uninjured hand only to see that it covered in a dark red liquid.

And at that moment Deidara felt like he was bathed in the disgusting substance. He licked his lips and he cringed at the burning feeling on his tongue. And that's when his body started burning. He began shrieking and screaming as he clawed at the wall, trying to get away from the pit that he was now trapped in. He tried crawling away from the flames that engulfed his body but failed as something pulled him down.

He felt his skin fester and bubble towards the end of it until there was nothing left and he didn't want to look at his body, but his eyes moved on their own volition. His skin was completely charred and even though the numbness felt like bliss, he couldn't help but feel nauseated when he saw the ashes of his body float towards the sky, covering the endless amount of clouds.

Deidara blinked and wondered when he got outside, but the ashes covered his view and only until they cleared did he see the same room he had been placed in before. The tears blurred his vision but the one thing he was sure of was that the shadow was back.


Once Sasori heard the screams stop in the other room, he waited at least an hour before halting his grinding of herbs. He set down the stone pestle on the table top before opening the door that lead out to the hall. This was actually his safe house that he used occasionally. He had a spare greenhouse there incase his other one was ruined, like it was, but he also used it for a place of punishment.

When he first captured Deidara he brought him here and tortured him for trying to kill him, forget him, disobey him. The second and third time he had brought him there was just the last month, when Deidara pushed Sasori away when he was tired, and the other time when he refused to eat, saying he wasn't hungry.

After that, Deidara remained docile and complied but Sasori saw this as the last straw. If the blond tried running away again, he would just use more hallucinogens over and over until he died. And those drugs lasted for at least ten hours each dose.

Walking into the next hall, Sasori went to the next door over and took out his set of keys before unlocking it. That's where he saw Deidara on the floor, in a corner shaking like he was in an earthquake. He was facing the wall and was on his side, completely unaware of his leg. His bandages had come undone and there was fresh blood on most parts of the small room, walls included.

The blond was holding himself, whimpering and sobbing and Sasori hadn't felt an ounce of pity for the man. He had done this to himself and that's all there was to it. There was even blood on the blood from where he scratched himself. Sasori calmly walked over the shaking form and stood behind the blond and just cried into the ground, eyes red and sore. The redhead squatted next to the younger male and turned him over harshly so he was laying flat on his back.

Deidara stared up at him like a wild animal and began shrieking, his back arching off the ground but Sasori remained aloof as he held him down by his shoulders until he stopped screaming. Deidara began thrashing around, and he snarled at Sasori who simply slapped him across the face, snapping him from his hysteria.

Deidara laid still after that, his face towards the wall as he stared at the cracks. His breathing slowed down quickly and he became like a rag doll.

Sasori didn't even bothering talking to him at this point, knowing he would be too far gone to even register what he had said. He merely picked him up bridal style and took him to his work room to clean his gunshot wound before bandaging it again.

The redhead kept his gaze ahead as Deidara moaned and gripped at his shirt before bawling into it. He tried talking but the words were slurred and mumbled until all that came were the sobs of pain.

Sasori had placed him on his extra work desk as he got another needle out, this one full of antiseptic so Sasori could care for him more easily. Deidara was staring at the ceiling when Sasori brought the syringe over but once the blond saw it, his reddened eyes widened and he rolled over, screaming but Sasori caught him before he could get away and he shoved the needle into the blond's neck before pushing the plunger down. It only took a few seconds and Deidara's eyes drifted closed before his head tilted to the side, finally falling unconscious.


Deidara gasped as he took off one of his bandages, revealing the long cuts from his nails. Sasori had refused to clean them himself, claiming that since he had harmed himself he should take care of it.

And that was the first of Sasori's acts of not caring for Deidara. Sure he gave him food and a blanket to sleep with but the food was usually a handful of rice and he was forced to sleep on concrete in the garage with a moth-eaten blanket. Sasori didn't treat him kindly anymore and the only time Deidara was allowed inside was when Sasori used his body and if he was lucky, he could sleep inside afterwards.

All of the doors in the garage were blocked off and the only thing in there was an old table with a stain on it which Deidara found had been colder than the floor, being made of metal. Luckily, Deidara was granted clothing even though it was a tattered old shirt and pants, it was something.

As the blond peeled off his bandaged, he saw that the scratch was getting better and the infection was improving. He flipped it over and began wrapping his arm up again, wanting to keep it from getting worse. As he was starting on his other arm, the door opened revealing Sasori with a look of distaste on his countenance.

Deidara looked down at the small blanket he was sitting on, doing anything to keep not make eye contact with the redhead. "Hi…" He whispered slowly, not wanting to upset his captor any further. He didn't ask any questions as to why Sasori was there, he just stood and Sasori turned his body to let Deidara through the door so he could get to the redhead's bedroom.

Once there, Deidara began stripping, showing off his bony physique with Sasori watching him; though once he was about to get on the bed, the redhead gripped his arm tightly and pulled him away.

"You're filthy," He spat before leading Deidara to the bathroom. He turned the tap on the bathtub on before shoving Deidara inside, not caring that it was cold. Deidara didn't bothering shivering as he quickly took off his bandages and began scrubbing at his skin, wanting to be done as quickly as possible.

As soon as all the dirt was gone, Sasori pulled him out and dried him off before leading him back to the bedroom with a hand on the small of his back. He had Deidara lie down and Sasori removed his clothing before getting on top of the blond. Deidara turned his head away as his body was used once more and he knew that this was all his life was going to be, if he did manage to live long that is.


It had been like this for almost a month, the ticks that Deidara left on the floor proved it so and he was afraid that he was submitting again. He had no life, no future, so why bother trying to resist. He didn't want anymore torture, or pain; all he wanted really was to be left alone but that was not an option. So why not just give up? It would be so much easier to do so.

And that's what Deidara did. Even though he obeyed Sasori before, it seemed now he was completely dependent on him. And when Sasori noticed that Deidara was complying more than usual, he began to ease up on the blond, giving him more to eat, keeping him inside. He even stopped hitting him constantly, though every once and a while he would do it just to remind him.

Though what Sasori really wanted was Deidara's complete and utter submission in bed and Deidara even followed that. This continued on for a few more weeks and they were both getting used to it, but Deidara always noticed Sasori's unease as he looked out the window for a few moments a day. And one day they even packed up and left to another safe house, this one back in the woods.

Deidara didn't mind the move very much, he slept the whole ride there and was carried inside by Sasori. This home wasn't very extravagant like the others but he didn't care. All he wanted to do was live in peace, his wishes for death vanished to nothing.

At the moment Deidara was molding some clay in his hands, staring at the spot where he wanted his sculpture to be when he felt a kiss be placed on his cheek, just a brush of contact. He turned his head, knowing this was what Sasori wanted and let the man kiss him. He moved his lips back, just enough to show Sasori that he wanted it too before the redhead shoved the clay from his hands and picked him up to go to the bedroom.

This, Deidara was used to and he could actually find himself getting into it. If this was all his life was going to be, why not enjoy it? And every time he told himself that, he had to shove his conscious away so he wouldn't do anything stupid. Both he and Sasori were on their knees, on their shared bed, as they kissed fervently while removing each other's clothes. After Deidara pulled the redhead's shirt off he was pushed to the bed, and let himself be dominated once more, a gasp slipping past his parted lips.

Once Sasori had fallen asleep from his ravishing, Deidara rested his head on the redhead's chest, an arm partially around his waist, when he began to think, something he tried not to do. Would he be able to handle living like this? No interaction with anyone besides his supposed lover and no life other than hiding and having sex? Who they were hiding from, Deidara assumed was the police but it must have been months ago that they shut down that search.

He sighed and snuggled into Sasori as he pushed it all away and did his best to fall asleep.


Deidara had always been a light sleeper, unless he had been kept up hours the night before, but this night was the exception. He nearly bolted out of the bed when he heard the bedroom door slam open and he shouted in alarm for Sasori who had already gone to the side table to get his gun. There were so many of them, maybe five? All of them had large guns with flashlights on them and it blinded Deidara just long enough to get hit in the face with the butt, putting him into a stagger as they pulled him from the bed.

The blond heard swears and some shots fired but he could see out of his bleary eyes that Sasori had been struck as well with his wrists now being tied behind his back. Deidara opened his mouth to say something but before he could a bag was put over his head and he was hit again, this blow successfully knocking him out.


When he did come around he had a massive headache, and his whole body throbbed. There was someone talking but it was all muffled. The bag was still over his head, masking his vision and when he shifted slightly, he felt that he was in a pair of boxers with his hands tied behind his back. There was limited air in the bag and he began feeling noxious before he groaned.

At that, the bag was yanked away and the light blinded Deidara, raging his headache on even more. He could feel throbbing sharpen as he looked around the room. There were four people in the room total, besides him, but the one that Deidara noticed first was Sasori, on his knees and in front of him. Two men were holding him down by his shoulders with guns pointed at his head. His face was bruised and bloody though his eyes shined with extreme hate and disgust.

Deidara blinked, worried that the gaze was directed towards him the person behind him grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him up so he was on his knees, but he barely protested.

"Aw, don't be so upset, Sasori, you knew this was coming," A smug voice cooed and Deidara's eyes widened as he looked up. A man was smirking towards the redhead and he knew that the man noticed his gaze but Deidara couldn't believe it was him.

A man with spiked orange hair and steely grey eyes finally caught his stare and he grinned maliciously towards the blond. This was the man who had helped Sasori that one time years ago. He had given advice on how to dispose of his body and Deidara thought they were on good terms but something must have happened for the auburn-haired male to be doing this.

"Don't look so shocked, Deidara," The man spat, his countenance cruel as he pulled up on his hair harder than before, causing the blond to gasp and Sasori to growl. "I didn't want to get you dragged into this, but then again you are the main reason that I am here."

Deidara blinked in shock and looked down, not knowing what the man was talking about, but he just kept his mouth shut, before looking over at Sasori in confusion.

Pein continued. "Did Sasori not tell you? I was sure that you saw, didn't you?" Deidara shook his head, trying to remember. This was one of Sasori's oldest friends, ever since the two of them were ten. Why would he be the reason they were captured like this? "You aren't remembering very well, are you? Would this help?"

Deidara felt something cold being pressed against the back of his shoulder and the next thing he knew, a bullet was being blown out the other side, a scream tearing from his throat.

Sasori yelled something and tried to get away from his guards but Deidara heard none of it, too blinded by the pain. Pein kneeled next to him as he sobbed and he whispered in his ear, "You see how this is killing, Sasori? Something that belongs to him is being vandalized, though he has no idea how it really felt when he killed my wife."

Deidara didn't stop crying but he understood now. The only way for Sasori to get him back was if no one cared enough to find him. Sasori had killed his friends and Konan had been among them. Sasori had killed Pein's lover and this must have been revenge.

But Deidara was let go and he fell forward onto the ground, his face making a loud smack and the blond wished that he had his migraine instead of the pain racing through his arm and upper chest.

He heard Pein walk over to his former captor and Deidara looked up, one eye revealed just as he saw Sasori get hit in the face with the gun. Blow upon blow and soon Deidara began screaming at him to stop, though no response came and after the left side of Sasori's face was mostly blood, he still had the audacity to glare at the man before spitting blood onto his face.

Smirking, Pein struck him once more before going over to a table that Deidara had not seen before and placing the gun down. The man's hand hovered over some things before finally picking something and Deidara's eyes went wide once he saw it was a serrated knife.

He couldn't hold back the scream as Pein flung it at the redhead.


Deidara couldn't even feel his throat anymore from how raw it was. Yes, he had been tortured but not to the amount of how much Sasori had been. Several knives stuck out from his back, he had been struck with a hot fire poker across the face and chest, though through every single method he did not make a sound as Deidara had.

The blond's wrists and throat had been cut but not deep enough to bleed to death right away it still drained him. His whole body had been whipped and blood coated the floor from where he laid. But something that really got to Sasori was when Deidara had been raped countless times.

Sobs still continued to pour from his throat even though their captors had left, saying that there was going to be more later on. Sasori was still resting on his knees, his head bowed and Deidara knew that even though this was what he had wanted for years, not like this. He didn't want to see this. But ever so carefully, he began getting to his knees, which prove great difficulty with his hands tied and the lacerations covered his body but after at least six tries, he got up and moved his way over to the redhead who still remained motionless.

Nearly ten minutes later, the two meter gap was closed and Deidara kneeled in front of the older male, almost assuming he was dead if not for the shift of brown eyes. Deidara knew he was getting tired from the blood loss but for some unknown reason he felt light. Like all of the troubles in his life ever since he met Sasori seemed to dissolve and all that was left was their final moment.

Sasori slowly lifted his head and Deidara saw the scorch marks against his cheeks, the dried blood, though his lips did not quiver as he met the blond's gaze. Deidara didn't know what to do at the moment, and he did not know why he even came over there. Did he pity Sasori? Was it his fault for getting him into this?

Deidara blinked as he continued to stare at him, their eyes never wavering.

Of course it wasn't his fault. Sasori had done this but there wasn't an ounce of remorse on his face and Deidara knew that in his dying moments there would be none. And it was an unspoken agreement that this was how they were going to end and that they would both accept it.

Sasori seemed to have lost his balance or even part of his consciousness, because he fell slightly until their foreheads touched, though he broke the eye contact and stared at Deidara's knees where there were lacerations.

Deidara closed his eyes and gave a small exhale as a tear slipped from his eye once he heard the door open. He knew more pain was to come. There was a soft sigh as the person, presumably Pein, walked in and picked something up from the table. He said no word as he cocked the gun at the back of Sasori's head and Deidara felt it, knowing that once he fired he would be shot too.

He accepted it but what he didn't expect was for Sasori to say those two words. His eyes widened and before a single tear could fall the trigger was pulled. In just a few seconds, both bodies fell to the ground and they laid together which was when the tears and blood finally fell to the floor, mixing together.

"I'm sorry."

The End