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Genre: Drama, Humour, Romance
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Chapter rating: T
Words: 3,100

Last Time in Moonlight

Chap. 1
Underneath the Starlit Sky

A snow-covered roof underneath a black night sky, decorated with millions of stars, glistened in the moonlight; it was usually a lonely place, but now it had a visitor standing by the edge, listening to the silent hum of the city far below. The street lamps' and neon signs' illuminating lights didn't reach that high so the visitor was completely alone in the dark with not a single cloud obscuring the sight of the eternal universe unfolding above. A content sigh escaped in a small cloud in the cool air and the visitor's lips curved into a peaceful smile, so different from his usually manic grins, while he let the stillness of the night calm him. The moonlight was more than what he needed to see his surroundings as he held a large diamond to the moon, allowing it to glisten in red for a while before he lowered his hand to return it to his inner pocket, where is safely stayed. He always brought it with him, wherever he went.

Small taps reached his ears and he turned slightly so that he would be able to see the door to the roof. Placing his hands in his pockets, he continued to watch the sky as he waited. A small gust of wind caught his white mantle, making it move slightly and the visitor smiled as realized that it was an uncommonly still night.

The tapping stopped for a while and the door opened with a creek, disturbing the tranquility, and revealed a small boy that was still trying to recover his breath that now came out in soft puffs, but yet audible in the otherwise quiet environment. The first visitor, all dressed in white with a suit and hat, paid no attention to him, as if he didn't see the boy, he just kept that small smile on his lips as he watched the stars.

The boy with dark hair and large, black rimmed glasses frowned a bit at the other's calm exterior, seeing his peaceful expression and relaxed manner as he gazed at the sky. Releasing the door and allowing it to close made the other blink from the piercing sound, but nothing more. The boy with glasses looked around the roof, seeing nothing suspicious and then returned his gaze to the man in a white mantle with a frown, feeling that something was different and knowing that that feeling was true. The moonlight radiated off the other's clothes, making him seem like more than a simple man, while the air surrounding them was just as calm and friendly as if it always had been that.

"KID?" the boy whispered in disbelief and watched the smile grow until it reached the visitor's eyes; a happy smile with a pinch of sadness in it, but not manic.

"Yes, Tantei-kun?" the one known as KID asked without moving.

"What are you doing?" the boy continued and shoved his hands in his pants' pockets, trying to look as if nothing had happened and as if nothing was wrong, only receiving a small shrug for an answer.

"This is the last time we'll meet," the young man turned his full attention to the boy, who wasn't actually a boy; he was just as old as the one in a suit and mantle.

"Yes," the boy stated quietly, not wanting to disturb the night and felt his heart grow heavy as he remembered the victorious laugh the other had had after he'd held the jewel to the moon, only for the entire world around them to fill with the sound of gunfire. The faux boy tilted his head down, remembering how the teenager in a mantle had been shot multiple times and had fallen into the freezing water with clothes stained by blood, only to vanish together with the jewel, never to be seen again. The entire scene had been frozen for a second as no one believed what they had seen, but then everything happened too quickly. The assistant had shown up, dressed in black clothes with a white mask over his face. The man had tried to throw himself into the water, but had been held back by the crowds that knew that the stream was too strong for anyone to resist it while everyone close to the buildings had entered and restrained everyone that was trying to leave. Fifteen had been wounded, but only Kaitou KID was dead.

"You found what you were looking for."

The visitor in a hat nodded slowly, looking much like the phantom he claimed to be.

"So this is the end of Kaitou KID?" the boy asked and kept the pain out of his voice; he didn't want it to be over, not before the Black Organization was gone, not before he got his real body back, not before he'd confessed his love, "you only sent that message to me, why?"

"You're my favorite critic, and you've been so sad these past months," KID stated sincerely and watched the boy tense.

"Of course I was sad," he mumbled and fidgeted a bit as his cheeks heated, hoping that the thief hadn't seen him cry himself to sleep, "the entire world is mourning you. Is that how you wanted to end? As a murder victim?"

"No, but that was how I had to go in order to protect myself and those dear to me," the thief in white mumbled, watching the child refuse to look at him.

"From the ones who were shooting," the boy stated and got no response, but as he sent a glance to the young man in front of himself he saw that he'd returned to gazing at the stars, "does anyone else know about you being alive?"

"Maybe, Tantei-san doubts that I'm dead, but he has no evidence for anything," the visitor grinned amused, thinking of his other detective and fellow classmate, and of how 'upset' he himself had been over his 'idol's' death, "he doesn't want to believe it."

"What happens if those who were shooting are caught? Will you come back and rise from the dead?" the young man in a child's body asked and got a raised eyebrow as the thief heard the hope in his voice.

"No," KID stated solemnly, knowing that the faux boy was in so much trouble by himself that he didn't need the extra temptation of involving himself in the thief's own business, "it won't change anything."

"Why not?" the teenager-turned-child asked and bit his tongue, hearing that he was sounding desperate.

"Are you that bored by my absence, Shinichi?" the thief ginned and used the faux child's real name, happy that the detective thought highly of him and watched the young man, trapped in the body of a seven-year-old, fidget.

"I-, I wouldn't say bored, but something like that," the small detective mumbled, refusing to look the thief in his eyes, "you are one of the few people who knows who I am, and treats me like an equal, not counting Hattori, but Hattori is Hattori; you know how he can be. But you, you are..." Shinichi interrupted himself, he could not say; 'you are more than that. You are more than a friend to me.'

The detective had decided to confess after he'd gotten his body back, not before, no matter how desperate he felt. It had taken him two weeks to realize why he had been having fits of rage after the thief's death; he hadn't understood why he was crying over a stupid thief. Ran had worriedly taken care of him, aware that he was obsessing over Kaitou KID's murder, trying to solve it by himself, but as there were no clues and traces after what had happened after the suspects had taken their own lives he'd been forced to give up. He had cried in anger and powerlessness for a while only to stop eating and refused to go to school.

It was during one evening when Ran was force-feeding him as gently as she could that a drunk Kogoro had laughing stated that 'the brat's acting like he loved him'. The trapped teenager had only a few days later realized that what the drunkard had said was actually the truth; Kogoro had been right for the first time in ages. A week after that the teenager had come to terms with his sudden change of love-interest, questioning whether it really was so sudden as he'd thought.

"I am...?" Kaitou KID asked with interest, wondering what the detective was about to say and awoke the child from his quiet musings.

"Nothing, it's unimportant," Shinichi muttered and sent a glare to his shoes as if they were at fault for the state of his body.

"Aw, but I'm curious now!" the thief grinned and watched the small boy deadpan, "come on, tell me!"

"You're always curious KID," Shinichi smiled and shook his head, "you are smarter, faster, and makes sure that no one gets hurt. You are the only one who can even possibly beat me, fair and square. Living in this body is hard, so speaking with you, and challenging you is really the only thing I had left, but I understand." The detective sighed and decided to try to fish for information. "You have a girlfriend to protect, or boyfriend; I don't care, that's your business. I mean, how could a person like you still be single? You could probably get a princess to fall for you," Shinichi snorted, "you should teach your skills to us puny mortals." The thief laughed heartedly at his thoughts and Shinichi smiled, enjoying how the young man's voice sounded in the night.

"Oh, if it was that simple," KID wiped away a tear from his eyes, "the one I thought I loved turned out to be someone that I didn't love; feelings are more complicated than holding heists, you know. Kaitou KID is a simple flirt, nothing more. He's enjoying making people fall head over heels in love with him, but he would never get intimate. That's how I suspect my predecessor thought of him. I'm not Casanova, if that's what you're thinking, but I probably could be if I wanted to." The child just hummed, unhappy that he hadn't gotten the gender of Kaitou KID's love interest.

"Oi, what's wrong?" the thief stared curiously at the boy, "I thought that you would lighten up after you saw me, but you seem even more depressed than before."

"No, I'm happy that you're alive, but I'm sad that I won't ever see you again," Shinichi looked up to the stars and allowed a small breeze cool his face, "I'll know that you'll be out there somewhere, never being able to meet you again, but I knew that this strange friendship that we have wouldn't last forever; nothing ever does. Even the stars shall one day die and our galaxy will be gone; collided with Andromeda."

"Isn't that in 3 to 4 billion years?" KID frowned and stared at the boy, "you're not planning on living that long, are you?"

"No," Shinichi sighed and returned his gaze to the thief, burning the silhouette of him into his memory, "I'm not. So what will happen to the jewel you stole?"

"I'll destroy it," KID stated and narrowed his eyes at the boy.

"And it will vanish mysteriously with the great Kaitou KID; the first jewel he never returned, also the last he ever stole," Shinichi tried to smile, but failed miserably since he could only think of the fact that he was about to lose the thief again so he let the wan smile die into a small frown.

"Something is wrong," the thief mumbled at the small detective's strange behavior, "but you won't tell me... I actually thought that you were mourning me, but you're not, are you? You're mourning something else."

"It was great seeing you," Shinichi smiled painfully and turned around only to be stopped as a hand grabbed into his wrist, making the detective's eyes widen as he gasped in shock and stared into the thief's concerned face, "are you even human? How fast can you actually move?"

"I'm very fast," KID grinned amused by his question, "now let me lay out my deduction for you." Shinichi considered it for a moment and then turned back to him, not actually wanting to leave, but knowing that he had to; his eyes were burning and he could feel that he wasn't far from breaking down and confessing everything, knowing that this would be his only chance.

"I thought you mourned me, but you're still so sad. No one has died, not someone you knew anyway and Ran is still waiting for you, even though you've told her to move on. So the only reason I can think of that is worth mourning is that you won't be able to return to being Kudou Shinichi, but time will take care of that. All you'd have to do is live with your real parents and wait until you're twenty or twenty-five. You will look young for your age, but you will be Kudou Shinichi again," KID stated and tilted his head, making Shinichi give him another of his painful smiles.

"You should stick to magic and stealing stuff, KID. You are far from correct," the teenager trapped in a child's body mumbled and fought against his wish to reach out to him and touch the white fabric, wanting to feel it slip between his fingers.

"You look as if you're about to cry," the young man winced and cupped the child's face, studying the wet eyes, "why? Why are you so sad?" The boy's eyes widened and he turned his face away, closing his eyes, but the thief had caught something interesting; a clue to what was troubling the detective. Removing one of his hands from the child's face he took off his glove and took a light grip into the small wrist, making sure that he could feel the pulse.

"Tantei-kun," he said in a warm voice, inches from the other's face, seeing the eyes flicker open to stare at him in panic and seeing the pupils dilate as he felt the pulse rise just as fast as the detective's cheeks turned red. The boy pulled a bit in his arm, half-heartedly trying to get out of the firm grip without taking his eyes off of the breath-taking indigo gaze that fixed him in place. Even in his state of panic he could see understanding in the thief's eyes, and suddenly the chilly night wasn't cold enough to cool him.

"You-," KID whispered and made Shinichi close his eyes and turn his head away.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," the teenager in a child's body forced out, "I-, I... became like everybody else... Trapped by your tricks and charm... I'm sorry." A small chuckle escaped the thief's lips and Shinichi felt as if that had been a death sentence. "You were never supposed to know! Stupid thief!"

"It's okay, I won't laugh at you-,"

"You just did!" Shinichi bit back and made the thief grin.

"Yea, but that was because you're so adorable when you're embarrassed," KID said with a warmth that made the boy's heart flutter in happiness, "it's okay. I finally understand why you are so sad." Shinichi opened his eyes, wanting to look at the thief that stole his heart without even being detected. "You mourned my death at first, and now you've begun mourning because we won't ever meet again? Am I right?"

"Maybe," Shinichi whispered and was caught the thief's ridiculously happy eyes.

"Then you don't have to mourn," KID said in a quiet breath and leaned forward. Shinichi didn't believe what was happening as he kept his eyes locked to the thief's, meeting him in a tingling kiss as their lips barely touched. Touching a second time, but with slightly more force made Shinichi swoon and close his eyes as heat flooded from his lips to his stomach and then flared out to his entire body, putting his heart in flames as the fire swirled in his gut.

Shinichi gripped into the red tie and pulled himself towards the thief so that their lips could meet with more force. A hand made its way into Shinichi's hair and he opened his eyes for a few seconds to see the thief's closed eyes, flushed face and enjoyment before he contently closed his own eyes, moaning as the thief finally released his wrist and allowed him to throw his arms around his neck and dig his fingers into the soft hair. Shinichi became overwhelmed by the sensation of a simple kiss and his head turned blank as his instincts took over, demanding more than just sensations and scents; he wanted to taste the thief and have him closer, closer than anyone before. He wanted their bodies to intertwine and connect, he wanted heated pleasure and lust-filled love.

A tongue flickered out and Shinichi felt himself react in impulse, opening his mouth to welcome the muscle and greeted it with his own, hoping that the thief would give him more. KID broke away with a gasp and panted, picking up the hat that had fallen off his head and smiled at the blushing detective that was staring at him with half-lidded eyes and let a very content sight escape his lips.

"Oh, yes," Shinichi groaned and felt how his body burned while the thief tried to ignore the conflicting feelings he had about kissing someone who looked like they were a child, "I wouldn't mind doing that again."

"As weird as it is kissing you when you look like that; I too wouldn't mind it a second time," KID grinned and then lifted the detective as he stood up, hearing a shocked gasp.

"I don't like being carri-," Shinichi complained but stopped short as he came face to face with the criminal, feeling the thief's arms constrict around him, holding him tightly to his body.

"Oh? Should I put you down then?" KID smirked smugly, knowing the answer as he looked into the boy's eyes.

"Ignore what I was saying," the detective sighed with a smile and wrapped his arms around the thief's neck, "you can carry me all you want."

"I'll take you home, you'll get a fever if you run around dressed in that little," KID whispered and closed the distance between their lips, invading the seemingly younger boy's mouth without permission. Shinichi moaned as he felt how a hand took a firm grip on his behind while the other caressed his back and pushed him against the thief, and he realized through the dizziness and spinning heat that KID had a really unfair advantage; he could touch so much more of his body at the same time while Shinichi only had his frustratingly small hands to work with.