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Chap. 2
Wild Child

Ran noticed that Conan seemed eager during the morning and much happier than usual. He was even smiling while he ate his breakfast and sent glances to the door. The young caretaker smiled happily, hoping that his friends were coming over and that he'd finally accepted the death of Kaitou KID, maybe he'd even gotten a girlfriend; she'd seen him sit with a small pink letter, written in a child's handwriting in what she imagined was supposed to be a poem. Conan spent the entire Saturday morning in agitation, walking back and forth, lying on the couch in the agency, counting seconds and minutes and stared angrily at the watch that just wouldn't move faster, and it wasn't until the clock struck eleven and he was lying on his back in the apartment staring empty-eyed into the ceiling that there was a knock on the door.

"Yo, Neechan!" a happy voice greeted as Ran opened and Conan felt his eye twitch; Hattori really had the worst possible timing, "I was wonderin' if I could take Ku-Conan-kun out."

"Of course, Hattori," Ran smiled and then lowered her voice while the child refused to move from his spot, "he's been much happier this morning, so try to not end up on any crime scenes; it would just remind him of bad things."

"Got it," the Osakan whispered back and winked before he raised his voice again and walked inside, "hey, Ku-Conan-kun! I've heard of this restaurant that apparently has good food. Why don't we check it out?"

"Go away, Hattori," Conan muttered, "I don't want to listen to you complain about food. If you don't like it, then don't eat it, and starve."

"Aw, come on," the dark-skinned detective coaxed and Conan deadpanned towards him as Ran returned to the kitchen to get her glass of water, as she stopped and turned around she saw the child's eyes widen while Hattori shoved something into his pocket, but all she had time to see was that it was something circular.

"Okay, I'm coming," Conan jumped up from the floor and ran to the door, pulling on his jacket as fast as he could.

"Hattori?" Ran asked as Conan ran out the door, "how did you make him that forthcoming?"

"Oh? It's okay if I give 'im chocolate, right?" the Osakan asked in a quiet whisper and made the detective's guardian nod, "thanks." Before she'd even gotten to ask a new question, the detective had closed the door and she blinked in confusion before she opened it again, seeing Hattori lift Conan and place him on his shoulders. Ran smiled happily as she saw the child smile and run a hand through the dark-skinned detective's hair. She closed the door and suddenly remembered why she'd gone back to the living room; she needed to tell Hattori to bring Conan back before dinner.

She pulled out her phone and then called, hearing the detective answer.
"Hey, I just forgot to ask if you could bring Conan back before dinner. He's been refusing to do his homework so I was going to watch so that it actually gets finished this time."

"Eh? Neechan? Ya' must've called tha wrong number," Hattori laughed, "I'm not even in Tokyo."

"Eh?" Ran blinked as she looked down to the pink letter that was lying on the table, "but, what?" Panic made her slam the phone shut, run out of the apartment and down to the street. Looking around, she saw neither Conan nor 'the detective' so she immediately ran inside and began dialing Megure's number, but as she eyed the small pink letter that was lying on the dinner table realization struck her and she hung up before she'd even gotten an answer.

Ran stared at the letter, picked it up and read it; at first glance it seemed to be child's scribbles on a pink paper covered in pink glitter and badly cut out hearts in red, but as she read the text she realized that that wasn't the case at all. A child would never write those kinds of words, and they wouldn't be able to draw a perfect four-leaf clover inside a triangle in the corner. Ran sighed and let the letter stay on the table; the only one she knew that could make her little brother that happy for nothing was Kaitou KID, and he was also the only one that she knew could impersonate someone so perfectly that no one couldn't tell the difference. No wonder Conan had become happier; KID had shown up again, so the thing he'd had in his pocket that was circular was his monocle. Ran giggled a bit and went back into the kitchen to continue with the lunch, knowing that the thief was harmless; anything to make Conan smile again.

"So, Heiji-niichan, where are we going?" Conan asked from his place on the shoulders and heard the thief chuckle.

"I thought we could go home to me, watch a movie and eat some chocolate. How does that sound?" the young man's voice had changed and the shrunken detective heard the voice of the one he'd fallen for.

"Sounds amazing," Conan grinned happily and enjoyed watching wherever the thief was going to take him, and just thinking about going home to him made the boy's heart flutter happily and he silently wondered when the other was going to introduce himself, but he figured that he'd do it in some kind of flashy way just after they'd arrived.

The train ride was quiet and Conan enjoyed feeling KID's arms wrapped around him as he sat in his lap, feeling his hands tingle as he held into the thief's hands and slightly leaned towards the chest, smiling at the fact that he was very much alive, and now completely his.

The detective waited outside a restroom at one of the stops in Ekoda and was then picked up by a stranger, looking a lot like his teenage self.

"Identify yourself as you, or I will decapitate you," Conan smiled innocently at the stranger's face, recognizing the thief's eyes, but he had to be certain; what if it was some pervert that just happened to look a lot like Kaitou KID.

"Creepy, Meitantei, very creepy," the thief answered in a whisper and made the teenager in a child's body relax, "you make one horrible child."

"Just making sure," Conan grinned from his place in the other's arms, watching the road they took, until they stood outside the home with a nameplate that said Kuroba.

"Welcome to my home, Shin-chan," the thief grinned as he opened the door and Conan found himself walking inside a cozy home. The hallway was joined together with the living room and at the other end of the room there was a flight of stairs to the next floor, while an open archway to his left seemed to hold a kitchen and a dinner room, "so what do you think? How about a tour of the Kuroba household?"

Conan followed the unnamed thief around his home listening to him describe it, pointing out traps that were in place in case a burglar broke into the house and then presented the shrunken detective with what appeared to be a hastily cleaned room.

"This is my room," the thief grinned and walked inside before he spun around and bowed, "the room of Kuroba Kaito." Conan raised an eyebrow at the introduction.

"Kaito?" he smirked amused, "your parents actually named you Kaito?"

"Yes, they had a lot of humor, and they were both phantom thieves, so they probably thought that it fitted," Kaito grinned proudly, "and behind the painting of my father there's a secret Batcave, ehrm, KIDcave." The magician placed his hand on the frame and pushed it open. "There's a lock, but I only uses it if Aoko comes dragging any stray detectives behind her. Hakuba goes to my class and he thinks that I'm Kaitou KID, which is completely wrong," Kaito laughed a bit to himself and walked inside the secret room, closely followed by a curious Conan. "Tada!"

Conan looked around, seeing the mirrored wardrobes and the many, half-done things hanging from the ceiling, most of which he couldn't even identify what kind of function they could possibly serve. There was a computer in the corner, a desk riddled with papers beside it, empty bird cages and flowers by the one of the walls, a circular staircase beside the entrance to what must be the attic and an entire car in the middle of the room. Blinking for a moment Conan's jaw fell as he recognized the model.

"No! You can't be real!" the miniature detective ran up to the car and looked inside, seeing that the key to the vehicle was lying by the windshield, "is this car really real, and not just some kind of replica?!" Kaito raised an eyebrow, knowing that the detective liked cars, but he himself had never actually taken the time to bother with the indoor car, since he hadn't found how to even get it out of the room without picking it apart.

"It starts," he shrugged and walked up to the faux child, "but I haven't found a way to get it out yet. I know that dad must have some kind of way, except disassembling it."

"No! Don't you dare touch her!" Conan called out and took a defensive stand between the car and the thief, looking horrified by the thought of disassembling his newfound love, "as long as I live I will never ever allow you to pick her apart!"

"Okay..." Kaito said slowly and studied his detective, blinking at his strange behavior, "what kind of car is it? It looks kind of nice."

"Looks kind of nice is an insult to this beauty!" Conan called out as he spun around and pushed down on the key hole atop of the door, making the driver seat door slide open upwards in a perfect motion, showing off the typical butterfly doors, "this is a McLaren F1 and only 64 of these were made, and was during the 1990s the fastest road car, topping at 372 km/h with her 6.1 liter V12 engine. This car is one of the most expensive used cars you can buy. I can't believe that you have one of these tucked away in your secret room, and allowing it to collect dust..." The detective drew a finger over the car as to prove that it was indeed collecting dust, "don't worry dear; I'm here to take care of you now," the detective whispered to the car and made his boyfriend pout.

"I dusted it off two weeks ago," Kaito defended himself, seeing the detective tense. "I used a feather duster," he quickly added, smiling slightly at the fact that his lie made the detective relax; he would never confess that he used the fluffy muzzle to the vacuum cleaner if his new boyfriend was that protective of the car.

"That's better than many alternatives," Conan confessed and closed the door before he turned around and gave his boyfriend a scrutinizing look, "now strip." Kaito blinked and blushed as the shrunken detective stepped towards him.

"I'm not comfortable with that just yet," he laughed a bit awkwardly and took one step back for every one that the detective took forward, seeing only a child in front of himself even though he knew the truth, "you don't think that it's weird since you look the way you do?"

"But you know that I'm a teenager," Conan commented with a raised eyebrow, "and now your boyfriend, so lose the shirt."

"But-but-, it might hurt for you," Kaito stammered and almost fell over the desk chair, red-faced and slightly taken back by the detective's advances; he was in a child's body, so what was Kaito supposed to do? Everything felt completely backwards, and wrong; maybe he'd made a mistake by sending that riddle to him, maybe even confessing was wrong while he still looked like that.

Conan stopped and blinked, "might hurt for me?" Kaito stopped too, hearing that the teenager in a child's body sounded completely clueless about what he meant. Quickly it dawned on him that Conan might not have made an advance and he felt his cheeks heat even more.

"You," the faux child continued and felt his cheeks grow a bit redder as he too realized the mistake that had been made.

"I'm talking about you taking off your shirt so that I can have a look at your wounds... Are you... Were you actually thinking about… sex?" Conan wondered with disbelief, hearing his boyfriend cough and grow even more red.

"No," the thief lied and looked away, knowing that he was already caught with his hand in the cookie jar, "totally... not... at all..." Conan laughed at his boyfriend's expense, seeing him sigh and sink down to the floor as he took off the shirt.

"As glad as I am that you're considering it despite my appearance, I still have to say that I'm not ready to go that far. When I'm back in my real body, however, we will be talking differently, and who's saying that I'm uke?" the detective grinned challengingly and began to examine the many round scars on the thief's chest, "I'm glad that you're saying 'no' to me when I'm looking like this, at least that means that you're not attracted to my body."

"No, the only way I find you attractive is by thinking about you in your teenage form, and that is for the most part what I see when I look at you, but I was really confused when I first realized that I was in love with you. I never actually considered your age; I just saw your mind; the mind of a genius, and then I felt awful, and then I began researching why you were hiding that massive brain of yours from the world, and then I discovered that you were actually Kudou Shinichi. I was so relieved and happy, and yet sad for what you had to go through; I wouldn't be able to handle being in elementary school. My mind would kill me with boredom."

"I doubt that. You'd be able to mess with everyone and no one would suspect a little kid like you. Imagine a tiny Kaitou KID performing impossible feats," Conan smiled as he saw that the injuries were healing nicely and heard the thief laugh at the thought of a Kaitou KID kid, "your wounds must've been severe. You must've used up all the luck in the world to not die."

"It was really close," Kaito confessed seriously and let the silly smile that he'd had while thinking about messing with teachers change into a frown, "my mother actually fished me up from the water. I don't know why she was there that heist, but she just told me that she had a bad feeling and couldn't be at home, so she went there. I was unconscious when she brought me to the hospital, covering me with a blanket so that no one would see that it was Kaitou KID. The doctors removed it of course, and they were shocked, but still worked hard. Mom was forced to tell them who I was so that they didn't have to do tests to see what I could handle. They operated on me for hours. Mom said that it felt like days to her, but one of the doctors was kind enough to sit down with her after the operation and assure her that the doctors had confidentiality and would never say anything to the police, mainly because they were fans of Kaitou KID. I remember how confused I was when I actually woke up in a soft bed; I thought I was dead for sure, but then I was there, alive. My mother was sleeping in a chair beside my bed and a nurse was reading on whatever that thing is that they have at the end of the bed-,"

"You mean the clipboard? Also known as the medical chart?" Conan wondered with an eyebrow raised, and made Kaito shake his head.

"Yea-yea, whatever, not important..." The thief smiled a bit and pulled the miniature detective up into his lap, "it's been strange. Mom told me that Hakuba had been to our house every day. Several times a day, but she never turned on the lights so that it would look as if no one was home. After a week of staring at our house he brought Aoko, and she used the spare key that we keep in the flowerpot to open the door. Mom had locked everything incriminating up and allowed the place to collect dust, hoping that they would believe that it was abandoned. Aoko knows that mom goes travelling from time to time, and hopefully would assume that I was out of the country with her. She even had Jii-chan, my assistant, dress up as me and go to Europe while I was in the hospital. I was released after a month and one of my doctors told me that if he saw Kaitou KID holding a heist any time soon he would find me and force me into involuntary treatment, because I would be a danger to myself, but KID is dead. Pandora will be turned to dust. The organization will never get their hands on it and they will never find my dead body." Kaito sighed heavily; he was done, finished, and now he could rest until he was fully healed and then go after them.

"You said organization," Conan frowned and looked into the thief's eyes.

"Yes, and from what I've understood they might be the same people that shrunk you," Kaito confessed, "but I haven't been able to find out much about them for you. The only one I have information on is Snake and their goal."

"What is it?"

"Gain immortality," Kaito snorted and pulled on his shirt again, "now how about that movie? I've got some chocolate!"

Conan found himself enjoying a movie in the thief's company and was graciously fed chocolate after chocolate while small talking. Slowly he got to know small pieces of information about his love's interests and childhood, and he memorized everything from small pranks he'd pulled on the teachers as a child to favorite dishes and body language. Conan noticed that the thief had an interesting tic where he ruffled up his own hair and made it messier, but he refrained from using his right even though he sometimes began raising it, so Conan was certain that Kaito was still feeling his injuries.

"Tell me if I accidently hurt you by touching you," the detective mumbled from his place in the thief's arms, loving the fact that Kaito's arms were keeping him encaged in a warm cocoon.

"Don't worry," Kaito smiled and messed up the child's neat hair, hearing a small growl of annoyance as the hair became a mess, "I was thoroughly informed by five doctors of exactly what I could and couldn't do, and then about how to train my muscles and to be very careful. If I overdo it I can lose some of my movement ability, and they theorized that my complete recovery time might be years. I will be able to move, but from time to time I might feel a sharp pain; nothing to worry about, but still annoying," the thief confessed and pulled the detective closer to his chest, feeling his wounds hurt a bit as he buried his nose in Conan's hair.

"Did you sustain much bone damage?" Kaito's cuddle bear wondered.

"A bit. Those snipers had some really powerful weapons..."

"You have to tell me about them..."

"I will, but not now."

The shrunken teenager wasn't happy once the thief brought him back to the agency later that evening after they'd eaten at a restaurant and stared up at the face of Hattori as they walked up the stairs, wondering how long it would be until they saw each other again. What if it would be weeks or months? What if the thief suddenly had a change of heart and decided that he didn't want to bother with a shrunken teenage detective?

Conan barely noticed that they had stopped, but suddenly became aware that Kaito was staring back at him.

"Are you okay?" the thief wondered a bit creeped out that the child had been staring at him empty-eyed.

"Yea, I'm just worried that you'll see me as too much trouble and leave," Conan confessed, and gave the thief a weak smile, "when will I hear from you again?"

"Do you really think that I'd just walk away?" Kaito asked as he crouched down, "don't you think that I haven't gone over every single problem I could've encountered before I sent out that note? Between yesterday night and this morning, I've thought of everything that could go wrong; everything from world war three and broken trains to someone falling down dead by our feet and blonde Brits showing up on my doorstep." Conan felt himself blush as the thief finished.

"I'm sorry, I know that you're intelligent and careful, despite what you've done these last years. But I still look the way I do, and I'm at the disadvantage. You can move on if you want too, but I can't. The only thing I can do is continue living as a child; with you I can be a teenager, or at least feel like one," the shrunken boy smiled sadly, hoping that he wouldn't be left on the doorstep, only for the thief to disappear out of his life.

"I understand," Kaito nodded and pulled the other into a warm hug, "and if you want to talk more; send a message to Kaito-niichan, a friend of Shinichi-niichan." The thief chuckled. "The number's in your mobile," he continued and winked as he released the detective, "we need to talk about how Shinichi and I met later and make it believable. Now, sleep tight Shin-." Kaito interrupted his sentence as the door flew open and Ran stood there.

"Well it's about time! Do you know how late it is?!" she called out and Kaito laughed a bit awkwardly.

"Sorry about taking 'im for so long, kinda lost track of time," Kaito reverted back to Hattori's voice and spoke with perfect Osakaben.

"Conan, are you okay? Are you too tired to do your homework?" Ran wondered and grabbed into the arm of the thief, pulling him inside.

"I really need ta leave," the thief tried, but saw the teenage girl close the door, "I've got a client that was working late, but he should be home by now."

"Thank you, Hattori," Ran smiled as Conan glared on his school books that were lying on the table, "it's great that you could come by." Kaito found himself suddenly embraced and patted the girl a bit awkwardly on the shoulder while he sent a begging glance to the child, asking him to help. Ran smiled at him as she pulled away and held into his shoulders and he blinked, suddenly terribly aware that something was wrong with the way she acted. The teenage girl suddenly pinched his cheek and grinned evilly.

"Now what would happen if I pulled? Huh, Hattori?" Ran growled, not happy with the fact that she'd been worrying about her little brother ever since a few hours after the thief took Conan away as she thought that they would only be gone for a short while, and both of the males tensed and paled at her question.

"Please don't," Kaito said in KID's voice, knowing that he'd been made and took a gentle grip into her wrist, "and please don't hit me. I can't avoid you without serious repercussions to my health, and my doctors would probably kill me as a result, or just lock me into some facility."

"You're alive..." she whispered and released her grip on the mask, "thank you, for showing up."

"Eh?" Kaito stared in shock; had he just heard what he thought he did?

"Who was it that shot you? You could go to the police, or send your assistant to tell them."

"Ah, Mouri-chan," Kaito shook his head, "things don't work like that. I barely survived, and my wounds will never heal; I will never be able to perform magic again, not on stage and never as Kaitou KID." Conan raised an eyebrow at the lie, but realized that it would be a good idea to worsen KID's injuries in case Ran met Kaito someday. "Don't tell anyone that I came by, no one, not even Suzuki-chan, because if you do, and it somehow leaks out that I'm still alive they will come to finish me off, but the way to me goes through you and Tantei-kun. They won't hesitate to kill children, so please, keep my secret and keep Tantei-kun safe."

"Okay," Ran nodded, "do you know what happened to the jewel?"

"Lost in the water, or found by them. Have a good night, Mouri-chan, Tantei-kun," Kaito smiled and walked out the door, followed by a curious Ran that watched the master thief Kaitou KID walk down the stairs of the apartment, as if he was a normal person.

A/N: I was thinking about referring to Shinichi as Shinichi whenever he and Kaito were alone, but it gets confusing in my head, so I'm going to keep writing Conan as long as he's in child-form even though Kaito calls him Shinichi.

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