This is a continuation of The Coital Hoax Warfare. Penny and Sheldon didn't end with just confessing their cared about each other. Now they try to find out how deeply they care, and if they can find a future together.

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A knock on the door drew their attention. It opened and Missy peeked around the edge. She smiled to see her brother and Penny wrapped around each other.

"Just wanted ya'll to know the spaghetti is done," she said. Sheldon nodded and turned back to Penny. Missy wasn't done though. She stepped into the room and looked them over. She crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head. "What's the game here?"

Penny grinned, as Sheldon twitched. Penny walked over and shut the door. She spared a quick glance at Sheldon. "The deal is, we had been pranking each other and after one particularly heated exchange over a prank, we ended up, well,…" Penny trailed off as a blush bloomed over her cheeks.

Sheldon was a bit flushed himself. "She stormed in while I was in the shower. We argued, and then she ran off. I followed and we decided to declare a truce."

"Well, then you should know, Momma's gonna be here tomorrow. George called her and told her you two were together. See, originally she wanted us to get you to go out and meet people. Maybe finally find you a girl. Now she's so happy, she's coming to visit and get to know Penny better."

Sheldon looked at Penny in alarm. Good grief. Momma was coming. He felt a bit faint. "Penny, what are we going to do? Momma will have us married by the end of the week!"

Penny snickered. "Sugar, no one is going to frog march us down the aisle. You mom just wants you in a relationship. No one is talking marriage."

Missy snorted. "You don't know Momma. She could have guilted Jesus off the cross."

Sheldon shuddered fiercely. He liked Penny. He cared for her. He wanted her to be with her. He was not ready to be married. Penny saw his fear and moved to his side. She took his hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Sheldon?" She waited until he looked at her and focused. "We are not getting married anytime soon. Either of us. Your mom will visit, she'll see you and I are just starting to date and that will be the end of it, okay?"

Sheldon wanted to warn Penny. He knew how his Momma was. She had no idea what was coming. All he could do was wrap his arms around her and hold her close. When Leonard had told Penny he loved her, she had run for the hills. What would she do when Momma started marching them up that aisle?