He lay with his head on her stomach as she rubbed his neck and back. "Penny? I don't think I want a new roommate when Leonard moves out at the end of the month."

She shrugged. "Do you need one? If not, don't bother."

Sheldon shifted around and looked up at her. "I don't need one. But I think you shouldn't live alone anymore."

Penny frowned. "Sheldon, I don't have space for a roommate."

Sheldon reached under the pillow and pulled out a small box. "No, you don't. But I will have room for a fiancée."

Penny froze and stared at the box with a mixture of excitement and concern.

Sheldon took a deep breath. "Penny, I love you. I cannot imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?"

Penny started to reach out for the box but stopped half way. She looked up at Sheldon. "Do you really want this? We've only been together 5 months, Sheldon."

He nodded immediately. "I have been waiting for two weeks for the perfect time to ask you. We've known each other almost 6 years, Penny. We've been dating long enough for me to know that this is what I want. It's what I have spent my life waiting for, without knowing it. Please say yes."

Penny flung herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yes." she whispered. "Of course it's yes!"

The only thing Penny insisted on was a long engagement. She wanted to wait until she finished school. Mary tried to hurry them up, but Penny refused. Instead she once again diverted her future mother-in-law towards Amy and George, who had gotten carried away during his visit and were now expecting a little bundle of joy. Mary Cooper was NOT having a grandchild born out of wedlock.

Once they were frog-marched up the aisle, Penny set about finding Raj the perfect woman. Turns out his perfect woman was the last person anyone expected. The night they threw a huge send-off party for Leonard a very drunk Raj and an equally drunk Leslie Winkle wound up in Penny's bed. And her shower the next morning. Turned out Leslie liked the silent type. Sheldon had insisted of a thorough cleaning for both the bed and shower before he would use either again.

The weekend after Leonard moved out, Penny moved in. They turned Leonard's room into a craft room for making Penny Blossoms. Sheldon was adamant he didn't want her glitter in the living room. It was too hard to clean up if she spilled it. Missy asked about taking over Penny's lease. Seems she and Stuart had hit it off at Leonard's party and she was ready for a change from East Texas. Penny and Sheldon took a train down to help her pack, although Sheldon's main reason was so he could introduce Penny to Meemaw.

Mary was a bit upset to be losing her daughter to California, but the fact that George was bringing Amy back to Galveston to live helped ease the blow some. She would have a grandbaby to spoil.

Living with each other wasn't always easy. Sheldon was adamant about his routines. Penny was still very much a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants woman. They fought, and they laughed, and they loved. Two days before she was to graduate Sheldon came home to find Penny sitting in his spot, clutching her WHY box. Over the last year and a half it had outgrown the old shoe box and was now in a file storage box.

Sheldon started to shoo her out of his spot but froze when he noticed her expression. "Penny?" He moved to sit beside her. He took the box from her lap and set in on the table. He gently turned her to face him. "Penny? What is wrong?"

She opened and closed her mouth a couple of times before pointing to the box. "Open it."

Sheldon lifted the lid from the box and frowned. A ziplock bag sat on the top. He picked it up and stared at the wand inside. He felt his pulse speed up as he took in the two pink lines on display in a little window. He almost grabbed her up in a hug but froze. She looked so worried and upset.

Sheldon timidly caressed her cheek. "Are you not happy?"

Penny looked at him in surprise. "Me? I thought you would go all whackadoodle on me! You don't want kids."

Sheldon frowned. "Oh. You are worried about me? Penny, while it is true I have never expressed a desire to procreate with you, that is only because I assumed you would want to graduate and get married first. I am very happy about the prospect of my child in your womb."

Penny clutched at his hands firmly. "Are you sure? Sugar, this is huge. Are you absolutely sure you are okay with this?"

Sheldon pulled her over onto his lap. "Yes, Penny. I am very sure about this. A little girl with bright green eyes sounds wonderful."

Penny smiled lovingly up at him. "Or a little boy with crystal blue eyes and a cute smirk."

Sheldon kissed her thoroughly. "I don't mind either way, as long as I have you." Penny laughed with relief and kissed him back. Sheldon looked at her sternly, when they separated. "But you have to tell Momma."

"Why me," Penny whined.

Sheldon grinned. "You're the only one who can handle her."

Penny grumbled as she reached for the phone. "Should have let her frog march us." she grouched. "Hello? Mother Cooper? Guess what your son did to me."