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"Moi, Reborn!"

Right on time, every day, at latest 5 o'clock in the morning. Well, that or the usual high-pitch shriek of fear and unadulterated surprise with a good sprinkling of piss-inducing terror.

Despite that, Reborn noted how Tsuna had efficiently avoided the steel bolts that stood from where the brunette's head and heart had been. Huffing, he allowed Leon to change out of his crossbow form to rest on his fedora. It was good that Tsuna had efficiently avoided the projectiles and he'd be lying (if you ever got him to admit it in the first place) that he was proud of Tsuna's split second awareness, but the boy's stubborn habit of screaming at every sign of danger was just that. A habit. One that Reborn was determined to fix as the tutor of the Neo-Vongola Primo.

Well, among other things.

On Tsuna's part, this was as usual and still as terrifying as the first day Reborn came into his life. Which is honestly pretty terrifying. He had the passing thought that he couldn't be that Dame considering he'd survived…well…Reborn. And as usual for about the last week, he paused in surprise at the adult form in front of him.

For lack of better words, in a contest between Reborn and Casanova, Reborn shot Casanova in the head and beat him for 6 hours before feeding him to a pack of wild dogs. Tsuna's intuition screamed that Reborn could bend even the straightest of guys, but it wasn't something that Tsuna fully understood. A Reborn as a baby was frightening enough. Of course, an adult Reborn was probably able to access even more torture methods.

Strange messages from his intuition aside…

"HIIIIIIEEEEE! I'm late for school!"

A record setting 3 minutes later, Tsuna—quite literally—tumbled down the stairs. Reborn followed down casually, dusting some minuscule, unfortunate (or very fortunate depending on your view point) dust mites off his suit. As usual, he looked pristine and sharp will Tsuna looked like he'd been through a broken laundry machine.

"Good morning, Reborn-san. Tsunayoshi-kun."

Reborn nodded a greeting to the woman coming out the kitchen that wasn't Nana.

"Oh yeah," Tsuna thought vaguely as he peeled himself off the floor. "She's here too."

One would have thought Tsuna was use to so many people appearing in his house out of the blue and staying for…forever. Unfortunately for our tuna fish, he wasn't. And the latest arrival uncharacteristically grated on his nerves. And not in the way that Lambo annoyed him. This came from somewhere deeper, in a place Tsuna really didn't want to examine in depth. Someplace that exuded an uncomfortable feeling when Bianchi was gushing over Reborn, but never more than that when he saw Reborn's indifference.

"Good morning, Mikazuki-san."

Nowaki Mikazuki was a very beautiful woman. Thick, wavy black hair that hung down her back and dark eyes framed by dark lashes. Pale and reasonably curvy, she stood at an impressive 5'8 (at least in comparison with Tsuna's 5'1). She exuded an almost motherly kindness and trust seemed to come easily to those around her.

Miraculously, when Verde found a way to age the bodies of the Arcobaleno to their desired ages, Nana hadn't protested the presence of the strange new man in her house. Tsuna himself was a little off-put that he seemed to have been the only one to not recognize the "man in the dark suit" as Reborn when even his air-head (but lovable) mother seemed to be unfazed that Reborn was no longer a baby. The strange thing was that Nana then decided to invite a friend of hers to come over and stay for a while. Hence, the new face in the house.

Tsuna found her suspicious, and even more so when he'd caught Reborn looking at her from under the shadow of his fedora with a look of interest. Though she looked soft and so normal, he was shocked to find her nonchalantly lifting up their entire couch to move to Nana's desired spot.

"I help out at an auto-workshop. It's small, so we usually have to do the heavy-lifting ourselves."

The fact that she seemed unfazed by the way Leon changed into a gun and that Reborn shot bullets at Tsuna was a clincher. Most frustrating of all, was that to a certain degree, Tsuna liked her and didn't understand why he was so on edge when she was around. Seriously, she'd been nothing but kind to him since arriving; cooking, cleaning, helping with homework (in a thankfully more normal way than Reborn), helping around the house, playing a handy man, bandaging him and Enma, etc.


Tsuna's hands unconsciously tightened around his chopsticks as he saw Reborn shooting another look at Nowaki's turned back. He would be more comfortable when Nowaki left.


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