Trouble Maker

Author's note (iSopokey): I have this reading assignment for Christmas break, and it's to write a full story of anything that has emotion or love into it. So instead of just giving it to my teacher once winter break is over, I'll also upload it here, I really want to know any mistakes I make in the story, so please tell me.

Chapter I


I Find Passion, For Those Who Found Me Annoying

I loved it when I woke up to the sound of my annoying siblings giggling. "Wake up Annabel, it's your first day of school!"

I smiled, I didn't like it when people called me Annabel or Annie, I found it quite annoying. However when it comes to my little sister, Alyssa, it was just too cute to get mad at.

She was still four, so I didn't blame her. Her sweet soft voice rang in my ears, I sat up on the bed and smiled at Alyssa, "Good morning, did you sleep well?"

She nodded politely, I love her so much, I was afraid if I hug her, she might suffocate and die. She gave me a hug, and ran giggling out the door way.

It was true, I enrolled in a new school in Manhattan, and we moved from San Francisco last week. I opened my closet and picked out some clothes.

I didn't want to go to my first day of school looking good. I just wanted to stay with the crowed. I pulled out an orange t-shirt, blue denim jeans, socks and my backpack.

I went into the bathroom and shook off my clothes, and then jumped into the freezing cold water, I liked it that way. When I was done, I dried myself and brushed my teeth, then I put my clothes on, and combed my hair.

I let it fall carelessly on my shoulders, and raced to the table, "Morning dad!" I attacked my plate before he even replied, "Hello sweatheart, are you sure you don't want me to drop you off?" I nodded, and waved outside the door.

When I got to school, I immediately made friends, Thalia, Luke, Conner and Travis, (More like Stoll 1 and Stoll 2) and Grover.

The conversation started when Luke had caught my eye. "Hello." He said, then all of his friends attacked me. I didn't experience much of what public schools are like, but I was pretty sure that you didn't make friends that fast.

Everyone was crowding me, and I had to yell for them to step back, "I'm sorry, I couldn't breathe." Luke smiled, "I'm sorry, it's not every day we find a beautiful lady like you enrolling. Name's Luke, call me."

If there was one thing to know, I did not like flirts, well, unless I liked them back. This guy was so, cheesy. .There was only one thing to do, I slapped him. "Pervert…" I muttered under my breath.

"Ooh, I like her…" Purred Thalia, she was a straight up punk. She had dark spikey hair, and blue electric eyes that were filled with energy. She wore ripped up jeans and a leather jacket, punk like? Very…

Most of them were in my classes, so it was easy to befriend them. They day went by slow, but thankfully I had survived to lunch, we were opening the envelopes the teacher's gave us, to see who partnered up with whom for a biology project.

Thalia sighed, "I got Nico." I arched my eyebrow, "Who's that?" She shook her head, "Percy Jackson's friend." I shook my head again, "Whose Percy Jackson?"

Conner and Travis exchanged nervous looks. "Only the hottest troublemakers in the whole school, there my cousins…" I wondered, "What's wrong with them?" Thalia gulped, which was something she would never do,

"Don't get me wrong, they are hot, but Percy, Percy's bad, he's always grumpy, and I don't think I've ever seen him smile…" Nico came by, "What's up dudes?"

I laughed, "Well, if this is Nico, then I'm sure he can't be that bad…" Nico's smile faded, "You're not talking about Percy, are you?"

Thalia tried to change the subject, "Hey, me and you have an assignment to do." Nico shivered, "I'm only his friend because me and him have things in common, trust me new kid, you do not want to be around him."

I cannot believe my ears, even his best friend was scared of him, I could only hope… "Oh no…" I said allowed, Luke's face turned pale, "Wait, you didn't… He's not you're… Oh god, the last one never came back to this school again…"

I gulped, "M-Maybe I can help him or something? I mean, I didn't even get to meet him. I heard allot of boo's, and Nico jumped up, "Oh no, it's the Thursday." I looked to my right, and found a hot, and I mean seriously hot guy, being pelted by eggs and tomatoes.

He was just walking to a table, somebody took his milk that he paid for, and someone spit in his face. "You can't just do that!" I shouted, everyone stopped and looked straight at me, "Is this the Percy guy you were talking about?"

Luke nodded, "Don't do it Annabeth…" He whispered. I stood up on the table to try to get everyone's attention,

"Why is he treated like this? At first, I thought he was really bad, but everything people are saying about him is just rumors. I was walking to my locker, and I heard two girls saying that Percy killed someone the other day. Looking at him now, he looks like he's the one being killed! Give the guy a break, and at least let him eat his food!"

I sat down, and everyone at my table stared at me in awe. "How did you do that?" Thalia asked, "What the hell is wrong with you guys! He's just a poor innocent guy, what even started this mess?"

They all shrugged, and I sighed, "I'll be right back." I saw Percy, sitting alone on the floor, next to the wishing fountain.

He was eating peanut butter and jelly, with egg yolk all over the sandwich. He looked at me, and then he whispered, "Care to join me?"

He was so innocent, he had a small voice, yet he was very muscular. "Sure!" I smiled. He put his finger to his lips, "Shh! It's Thursday, don't attract anyone towards us please."

I nodded and sat down next to him, he had gorgeous sea green eyes, and olive black hair. He didn't smile, and doesn't look like he did in a long time.

"I like your eyes…" He said, I remembered that unlike allot of people, I had grey eyes, I blushed. "Thank you, I like yours as well." He shook his head, "I don't…"

I arched an eyebrow, his eyes looked outstanding, but he changed the subject, "I have dyslexia, tell me, is this your name?" I looked at the slip, "Did you say dyslexia? I have that too! Yes, that is my name."

He stared at me, he looked so hot, I think I could faint, "You can read well?" I nodded, "How?" He asked. "I just overcame my fears of reading, it's hard, but after a while, you get used to it."

He played with his fingers, "I think you're very pretty by the way." I was blushing as red as lava, "I don't see why you are ruining your chances to be popular in this school, I don't think it's worth it."

"Why is that, the way the other students treat you isn't fair." He nodded, "I think so to, but there's nothing I can do about it, even if I tell the teachers."

I nodded, "This is a nice place to eat, nobody watching, the fountain running…" We were edging closer and closer, "I think it's better if you left me here, popularity beats all."

I shook my head, "Not you though." We were closing in, until Thalia barged from the other side, "Oh, my, GOD! Annabeth step away from him!"

Percy jumped, but I held him tight. "Annabeth… Just go, it isn't worth it, trust me." But before I could say anything, he scrambled off into the hallway.

I turned to Thalia, "Where you going to kiss him?" I stood up, "Do you see a reason not to?" I told her, but she just gasped, "No, you don't understand, he's bad! Nothing good comes with Percy!"

But I shoved Thalia, and ran after Percy. I wasn't going to let this Percy guy, be pushed around the whole school, without a legit reason to.