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Chapter XI


I couldn't believe it

Maybe the facepalm will have to wait, maybe…

I sat there, on my bed, crying. Thalia, my dorm mate, was calming me down, "It's okay, he's probably depressed, that's all." We had grown close over the months, but nothing closer than me and Axis, and I knew Axis, he was strong, even if he was depressed, it must have been something else.

I just couldn't believe it, Axis, my Axis, smoked. He was smoking? It was like a nightmare. Sure me and Jason we're dating, and he smoked on the same day, but it couldn't be a coincidence, could it?

It was only a week ago, when I had caught him with someone else, "You know, this does feel good, thanks…" Axis had said, "No problem, I'll tell you though, you never should trust girls, they stab you in the back, but with these," Kevin said, holding up his cigar, "Help you a whole lot."

I watched him, for minutes, my eyes widened every time he would smoke in some more, and smile after exhaling smoke. I was horrified, this wasn't Axis, and it couldn't be him.

And then, three days ago, when Jason came back from the hallway, bruises all over him, "What happened?" I asked, horrified. He looked up and grunted, "That Axis guy, he's overprotective over, you know that?" I didn't understand, I don't think I've ever seen Axis fight without a reason.

Then yesterday, where he humiliated Thalia so much, it made poor Percy look like the governor. He was starting to become a real troublemaker. There was only one thing left to do.

"Hello?" Someone said, answering the phone. "Hi dad." I replied, and I could swear he had a big grin on his face right now. "Hi sweetie! How's school? Did you say hi to Axis for me?" My dad loved Axis, he almost treated him like a son, seeing how he didn't have a proper father.

Although his name was weird, and was constantly quite, he cared for him allot. "School's fine dad, and Axis misses you, but that's what I want to talk to you about dad, it's Axis, he's… Changed."

"Hmm, changed as in, bad, or changed as in, good?" He asked, a little worry in his voice. "No dad, at first, he was fine, in fact, he was outstanding, but for the past week, he's been, it's hard to believe I know, but he smoked, and he hurt someone really badly, and he humiliated my friends."

I heard him sigh on the other side of the line, "Honey, are you dating?" I was shocked, "How did you know?" I could swear he shook his head, "Did he hurt the person you're dating?"

My eyes widened, and all the gears started to click in my head, "Is he…" My dad gave me a long sigh, "Jealous? Most likely Piper, think about it, was he ever nervous when you two we're alone, or at least, together?" I face palmed, I was trying to make him jealous, but I had no idea…

"Dad… This is my fault, isn't it." The third sigh on the phone, dang was dad upset, "Well, the first thing your mother has taught me," I gulped at the word, mother, "Is to never try to make someone jealous."

I nodded, then forgot that I was on the phone, "But mom is never at home." He sighed once again, (Is the sighing starting to get cliché?) "I know honey, she has a lot of work to do, and like I've told you before, it's trying to keep the world a better place to live in."

I shook my head, but he must have sensed it, "Piper, we're still married, she would never divorce me, but she is very busy, and trust me when I tell you, without her, the world could be a disaster."

Now, it was my turn to sigh, "Thanks dad, bye." But before he could reply, I hung up. I know it was rude, but to be honest, I was frustrated that he never told me how my mom "Saves" the world. I realized that Thalia was still next to me, and that I had completely forgot about her, "I didn't know you liked him."

I shook my head, "More than like him, I need to talk with him." She nodded, and slowly got off my bed, "Do you want me to come?" I loved how Thalia was like that, protective and trustworthy, well, almost.

I grimaced, mixed with emotions, I said, "Sorry Thalia, but I think I need to dot this alone." She shook her head, understanding. I threw on a jeans and a t-shirt, and headed outside. Well that was a stupid move, I told myself, teeth chattering from how cold it is. Recently, most of us had to live in dorms in the school.

It was me, Jason, Axis, Annabeth, Thalia, Percy, Nico, and another friend, Leo. Lucky for Grover, his parents we're able to keep him from going into the dorms, after the incident at school.

See, someone was shot about three days after I came, and that's when the FBI came, and told almost every parent, unless they can pay a fee, their kids will have to stay until college. Seeing how it was middle/high school, we we're going to be staying there for a very long time.

It was a stupid move, and quite selfish actually, but I guess they were trying to get whoever it was to crack. After the sudden thought, I was in front of the school's "Male" dorms.

I was about to step in, but I heard someone cough in the ally. I walked over the right, and saw the long side to side ally, with worn out bricks and spray paint all over the place. In the middle however, was a fifteen year old, standing, white hair, and silver eyes, jeans, and a white leather jacket.

He was holding a bottle in one hand, and a cigar in the other, while leaning on the wall. Otherwise known as, "Bad-Ass" a term I very much, dislike. He must have noticed me, and grunted.

"Sup?" He had an evil grin stuck on his face, and he looked very… Dark, and evil. I couldn't help but let tears slip, "Ha! You came here with a t-shirt? Haven't you heard of, New York?" I must have whimpered, because he chuckled, "Nah, I'm just messing with ya, here, put it on." He tossed me his jacket.

At first, I was scared to put it on, I hated the smell of Alcohol, but when I slipped it on, it smelled very nice, and that's when I realized the Axis smelled nice as well.

"Well?" He said, shrugging, "Am I going to get a thank you, or is that only for Jason." He said the name in disgust, but it wasn't jealousy, as if he knew something I didn't about Jason. "About Jason…" I started, he chuckled, but chocked on smoke, "I'm sorry, I just… I wanted to make you…" I broke down.

That is something I don't usually do in front of people. I fell, but he easily picked me up, "Listen Pipezy," I smiled at the nickname he gave me, "I haven't been completely honest, I just didn't have the heart…"

I looked up at him, "He's cheating on you, that's why I hurt him, I don't know why I feel like this, but it's just… It's who I am now." I was shocked, "Who?" He sighed, "Reyna…" Figures, I thought. I felt bitter, angry, and ashamed all at once. I was an idiot. I hugged him tight, and cried.

After a while, my eyes dried up, and I felt really tired. Poor Axis was shivering to death, and I had taken his jacket. I tried to give it back to him, but he refused, "Ya, like I need that, I got all I need."

That's when I decided to pull it up, "Axis, I want you to stop, and want you to be the old Axis, not the new one." He chuckled, "That's rich, you think I can just stop? Sorry, but I can't. I love the feeling, it brings down all your worries in an instant. It helps my pain, and as for being a jerk…"

"I can stop that, I was just cranky because you were-" He stopped and down at me, and I was smirking, "Yes?" He coughed, "Uh, you were dating someone who wasn't, relevant…"

This guy obviously needed help, maybe if I give him a push, "Axis, what do you think about me?" I could swear he chocked silently. "Oh you? You're great, awesome, smart, wise- unlike me, and uh, yea." I shook my head, this guy needed a push off a cliff, "No, I meant by feelings."

"Nothing, sorry." I playfully punched him, "After everything we've been through?" He sighed , (Cliché, I know, but there really is nothing else to wright) "Piper, I- Um, I don't know what to say."

I rolled my eyes, "Just answer the freaking question! And be honest." I demanded. "Okay Piper, you want the truth?" I nodded, "The truth is, I- I- Damn it why is it so hard to talk to you?" Before I could sigh, he bent down, and kissed me straight on the lips, yet pulled away as fast.

"Uh, sorry, I don't know what-" But I just tackled him on the ground. I didn't know why, but as much as he drank and smoked, his breath smelled amazing. We took a while before we broke apart.

"Can you please promise me one thing?" I asked. He must have been trying to figure out whether or not this was a dream, because he was pinching himself, "Yes?" And pinched himself another time, "You need to stop, no more, okay?" He looked up, "But-" I gave him the puppy eyes, "Fine." He sighed.

Everything was fine, and I decided to stay on top of him, I didn't care if I'd fall asleep or not, until I got a phone call, "Piper!" Annabeth screamed, and then, the line cut. Not far, was a big explosion.