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Chapter 2

Xander had been in Texas for a few weeks and he had found out a lot.

The first thing that he had found out was that he obviously wasn't in Sunnydale anymore.

The second thing that he had found out was that he had kept the powers of A-man. That should have been obvious, but Xander wasn't really paying attention to it before.

He had tested his limits and found that his powers weren't as strong as A-man was.

Xander had also found out that he, Buffy, and the rest of his gang didn't exist here.

That had worried him for a bit, but he had gotten over it.

The thing that Xander was really pleased about though was that he was in the DC Universe. He didn't know which one specifically that he was in, but he could guess which one that he was in.

Xander would have bragged if Jessie was here.

He didn't know what he was going to do in this universe, but he knew that he would do something.

But, first, to find the Twinkies.


"Gimme back my mone!" An old woman called out.

Xander immediately snapped to attention and saw that someone was stealing an old woman's purse.

Xander used his superior speed to catch up to the guy and then he tackled him.

Probably not the best idea given the fact that the guy had a gun.

The guy shot him through the shirt, a shot that would have stopped normal people, but Xander also had regenerative abilities.

Xander punched the guy in the face and then head-butted the guy into the cement.

The guy was down for the count at that moment.

"Thank you, sir, for helping the lady," A very female voice said to him.

Xander looked up to see a crouched over Supergirl.

"Do you need any help with that wound," She asked worriedly.

Xander shook his head and grabbed the knife that the thief had.

He then stabbed himself right where the bullet had penetrated and used the knife to pull the bullet out.

Xander then ripped his shirt and tied it around the wound. He only used one sleeve, though.

"I'm fine." Xander said.

The old lady then came over.

"Here you are, ma'am." Xander said respectfully.

He handed her purse over and just let her hug him.

Xander then checked the thief's pockets and nodded, the man had a wallet.

"Are you really going to take that guy's wallet?" Supergirl asked.

"Of course, it is legal, right?" Xander asked, a bit concerned.

"Yes, it is, son." A gruff voice responded.

Xander looked around and saw a policeman looking at the thief's unconscious body with disgust.

"Also, the county would like to thank you by giving you a bit of money and a discount on county services." The policeman said.

"Do you do this with every crime, or just these ones?" Xander asked.

"Any time that a citizen goes out of their way to help a stranger in need, they deserve a reward. Heck, that's one of the reasons that we're paid so much!" The policeman laughed.

Xander just chuckled and said, "Are there any houses available?"

That was how Xander got himself a house and a city.


Xander yawned as he got up.

He had gotten a generous amount from crime stopping the last few weeks, but he felt that he needed an actual job.

Xander nodded at the thought and felt that it was a good idea to use. Heck, enough people didn't use a secret identity that he should be able to get away with it.

Xander nodded to himself and went out to see if he could get a job.

After several interviews, he had been accepted by a local small business.

The process was made harder when they found out that he didn't have a real ID. But, the business owners were fine with it. That just meant that they would be a little disadvantaged with having to pay with cash, but the managers were fine with it. After all, the grandma that he had saved was in there.

Xander didn't get enough from that job, but he did get enough from both of the jobs that he did in order to become pretty good, money wise.

Xander had started furnishing his new place as well.

He had chosen a moreā€¦outback look to his place.

He had used some deer heads and some decorations that he had.

He was still saving up in order to create a super server that would be a private system.

That would be his 'lair.'

After all, what good super didn't have a lair?

Xander was giddy as he realized that he was thinking about becoming a hero in his own way.

There was no way that he was ever going to conform to the standards of any place.


"There's a new superhero!" Flash said, shocked, he had thought that the watchtower would know about all of them.

"He doesn't consider himself as a superhero and he doesn't wear a mask, either, he considers himself an ordinary citizen that is working to make money, and he just doesn't separate his identities with a mask or cape like we do. Or, at least, that's how he explained it when I asked him." Supergirl explained.

J'onn nodded to himself as he filed the information away in the watchtower.

That was when the alarm went off and the whole room was on alert.

J'onn immediately looked through the systems to see what the matter was and found it a few seconds later.

"Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Rubber, and Alice (yes, I am going with them) have broken free of Arkham and are headed south to, and I quote 'get away from the old life.'" J'onn said.

"How far south are they thinking?" Supergirl asked with a dreaded feeling in her stomach.

"They said to Texas." J'onn replied.

Supergirl groaned, it was going to be one of those days.

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