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So, here is the first chapter.


Chapter 1 - Bella POV

I hate my life. I really do. I hate the world. I most of all hate my Dad, Charlie. Every day is pure Hell living with him. I woke up this morning to his sneering face, breathing alcohol all over me.

"Get up, you little bitch!" He yelled in my face, grabbing me by the hair and yanking me upright. I whimpered like the coward I am. Charlie is far too frightening.

"It's fucking seven o' clock, now get up and get my breakfast ready, I have work in half an hour!" He hollered at me. My body shook with fear.

Ha. His work. Now that's a laugh. He is the chief of fucking police, and yet he abuses me to the brink of death nearly ever day. No one suspects the chief of police to do such a thing, so no one questions him.

No one would question him anyway; he's too intimidating, but puts on a friendly, fake face every day. Bastard. I hate him. I want to die. I'd rather do that than live here with this monster.

I made his breakfast reluctantly and left it on the kitchen table. I went to the living room, I wasn't allowed to stay while he was eating. Heck, I wasn't barely allowed to eat, never mind watch. He thumped downstairs in his uniform and into the kitchen. I hear him shoveling his breakfast into his foul mouth. Pig. My stomach grumbles loudly. I hold my hands over it to try and quieten it.

I wriggle and try to find comfort in the pain of being hungry. I should be used to it by now. Charlie drops his plate in the sink with a clatter and I hear him stomping down the hall towards the living room.

He strides up to me and grabs my neck suddenly. I yelp in pain.

"Listen here, I want my dinner sitting on that table when I get home, do you hear me? I want the laundry, dishes and housework finished before I get home aswell, do I make myself clear little whore?" He sneered in my ear. I flinched away from him and he pulled my hair harder, nearly pulling it out by the roots.

"Answer me!" he hollered.

"Y-yes s-sir. I understand perfectly sir," I manage to stammer out. He smiles evilly.

"Good, because you know what will happen if you don't, don't you Isabella?" I nod. "Good girl," He says letting go of my hair and I thump back onto the couch. He slams the front door on his way out.

I let out a sigh. Finally, he's gone. I stretch and wince as my bruise on my back from a few days ago protests. I sit motionless for a few minutes, staring at the wall, before jumping up to go grab my iPod to start the housework. Everyone needs a little music whilst doing chores. I limp up the stairs to my small bedroom. I shut the door and begin to make my bed, tidy my floor and throw my clothes in the hamper ready for washing.

I pause to stare at a picture of my Mum, Renee, in a gilt edged, silver photo frame on the wall. I trace her delicate face with my finger, as I've done for comfort many times in the past.

A tear rolls down my cheek as I remember happier times with my Mum. Charlie was way different back then, but since Mum died, he's changed. I sigh and wipe away the tears.

I spend the morning washing, cleaning, mopping, dusting, polishing, drying, ironing and vacuuming until the whole house is spotless. I'm finished by eleven o'clock.

Charlie won't be home until seven, so I have plenty of time to myself. I will put Charlie's dinner on at about six, so I have seven hours of undisturbed peace. I unplug my iPod and put away the cleaning supplies in the cupboard. I limp my way to my room and grab a beach towel and one of my favourite books, War Horse, from the box under my small, single bed.

It's a nice day out, rare for Forks, Washington, and I plan to take advantage of it. It beats sitting inside, staring at the walls all day. I take my iPod, book and towel, grab a bottle of water I hid in one of my sweaters, and step out the back door, heading for the woods just outside the garden fence. I walk a short distance to a meadow I discovered a few weeks ago whilst taking a hike.

It's the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. It's filled with purple flowers, lush green grass and there's a little stream nearby. I reach the meadow after about 200 yards south of the garden. Not too far from home, but far enough so Charlie will never find it. I hope. I breathe in the refreshing smell of flowers and fresh water and freedom.

Laying out my towel right in the middle of the meadow, near a huge grey boulder, I drop my water on the grass and sit down. I open my book and begin the first chapter of the compelling horse-love story. I sit for about an hour, lost in my book and the sun's heat. I suddenly see movement in my peripheral vision. My eyes shoot up quickly. I fear it's Charlie but my watch reads 1:05pm.

He won't be home for hours. And he doesn't do hiking. I stay on alert for a few seconds more. Nothing. I hesitantly move my eyes back down to my novel. I'm encompassed by the story again for about fifteen minutes more. Then I hear a definite snap of a twig nearby.

I snap my head up again. This time I lay my novel aside and stand up. My palms start to sweat so I clench them into fists. It's probably a bird, but I can never be too careful. I look around anxiously. Over my shoulder, in front of me, to the side. Again, I see or hear nothing out of the ordinary. For once, I wish the water in the stream would shut up. I'm shaking. Why? It's probably some stupid animal, like a rabbit or a pheasant.

I glance around again turning a full circle to face the stream at the north side of the meadow. It is then that I lock eyes with a terrifying, huge, black beast, staring straight at me with glinting, emerald eyes.


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