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- Chapter 20 - Bella POV -

"This is fucking torture!" Edward cursed and clutched the edge of the sofa.

Three weeks.

Three long weeks without sex and it was killing us both.

"I know, but we just need to hang on for one more week," I reasoned as I flicked through the channels and settled on an old episode of The Big Bang Theory. We were now living temporarily with Alice and Jasper and since they were out at work most of the day - we had the house to ourselves.

"Yeah, we need to hang on," Edward grumbled, "This is just as bad for you as it is for me," He said with conviction. I laughed and squeezed his arm gently.

"Oh come on, it's only one more week," I said jokingly. Edward huffed and slumped into my side. I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his hair.

"Bella?" Edward mumbled.


"Will you still marry me?"

"Why would you ask that Edward Cullen?" I demanded and pulled him up to look at me, carefully avoiding his healing stomach.

"Because…I didn't protect you," He whispered, "I let Charlie get near you again and…you could have died," He reached out for my hand and raised his eyes to look at me for a brief second before looking away. His green orbs were sad and grief stricken and it broke m heart to see him that way.

"Edward," I scolded and cupped his face with my hands, making him look me dead in the eyes. "You did protect me. That night when you took me into your care I knew I was safe - even if you were a stranger," I smiled softly at the memory of riding on Edward's furry back towards me new home.

"I tried," He smiled sadly.

"You succeeded," I narrowed my eyes.

"I suppose," He sighed and pulled me closer. I hugged him tightly round his neck and kissed his cheek.

"You've got me. I've got you. Charlie's in jail forever and we have some great friends now," I grinned "What more could we ask for?" I questioned as Edward frowned.

"Nothing Bella - your all I will ever need," He promised and kissed me sweetly, tangling his fingers into my long hair.

"Bella!" Alice said brightly as she bounded into the room at five o' clock. She had gotten off work early and had brought home pizza and chips from the local chippy.

"Hi Alice," I laughed as she hugged me, her short hair tickling my chin. She was such a midget.

"Where's Edward?" She asked, peering round. He was usually on the couch when she came home.

"He's in the garden, waiting for Jasper to get home," I said fondly, "And grumbling about the lack of sex in his life," I said sourly.

"Looks like someone else is grumbling," Alice pointed out with a cheerful laugh. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the box of pizza from the table and went to the kitchen to help Alice dish up. Jasper came home about five minutes later and went to find Edward. Me and Alice set the food on the island tabletop and sat down.

"Uh, guys?" Jasper appeared at the door with a grin on his pale face just as we were digging into our chips.

"What honey?" Alice asked in a concerned tone, getting up from the table.

"Come look," He gestured with his hand to the back door and walked away. I glanced at Alice and she shrugged unknowingly.

As soon as I entered the garden, I gasped.

Edward was standing in the middle of the patch of the grass but he looked different. Very different. He had four legs, black fur and a tail that wagged happily. He had phased again!

I ran over to him and buried my face into his soft fur. He grumbled happily and snuffled his wet nose into my neck, just like he did when we first me.

"My Edward," I murmured and fisted the silky black fur between my fingers. I closed my eyes contentedly and leaned onto him. He licked my cheek gently and his tongue felt like velvet scraping softly against my skin.

Within a few seconds, he flashed and I was leaning against a hard chest. I opened my eyes and found he had changed back again, smiling down at me.

"How…? What happened?" I asked in a whisper. Edward just grinned.

"I was thinking about phasing whilst I was waiting for Jazz to come home…I just…thought about it and it happened," He said with a smile. "I can fully control it now. It doesn't hurt my eyes anymore," He concluded with a shrug. He pulled me close and inhaled the scent of my hair.

"I'm so proud of you," I whispered into his chest. Alice cleared her throat loudly behind us and raised her eyebrows.

"Erm just thought you should know - the pizza is getting cold!" She shrieked in annoyance. I giggled as Edward picked me up and carried me past a smirking Jasper and Alice and sat me down to gorge on my luke-warm pizza.

Alice slid cans of Fanta across the table to each person and went to take her place beside Jasper. Edward held my hand under the table while we ate, smirking at me sideways every now and then. The pride was practically rolling off him in waves. He was pretty damn pleased with himself.

Alice took the dishes away to be cleaned after we all finished eating and Jasper went to his study to work on the computer.

"You are coming with me," Edward snarled into my ear as I got up to go to the living room. I stifled a scream and shivered as Edward picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.

"Put me down you caveman!" I hissed and thumped his back with my tiny fists. He only chuckled and kept walking down the hall to our bedroom. I gulped loudly and Edward laughed louder. He threw open the door and slammed it shut behind us.

"You are mine tonight, all mine," He whispered in a deadly voice. I whimpered and clung to him. His shirt was gone in an instant and mine was close to being shredded.

"Fucking clothes," He mumbled in annoyance and proceeded to rip apart my jeans and shirt. I giggled as he kissed a trail up and down my belly.

"I thought we had to wait one more week," I panted as Edward came up to smirk at me.

"Nope," He kissed me roughly "I'm done waiting," He growled and slid down my body. Then I felt his tongue on me and I melted. I couldn't care less about deadlines now. His velvet tongue traced teasing circles on my clit as I moaned and writhed.

"Please! Oh fuck," I whispered as he smiled and licked me clean.

"So wet Bella, so sweet," He cradled my face and leaned down to kiss me, letting me taste myself on his lips. I reached down between us and stroked Edward's erected member, loving the feeling of it swelling in my hand. Edward growled and groaned.

"Fuck Bella," He moaned into my neck as I stroked him to near completion.

"Please," I whimpered softly and stopped my movements completely.

"I'm here, you don't ever have to beg for something again," He promised me in more ways than one.

"I…I…Love you," I gasped out as he entered me swiftly in one thrust.

"I love you Bella," He grunted sweetly into my ear as he began to slide in and out of me slowly, teasing me.

He picked up his tempo, marking me as his with his lips on my neck. I cried out and grinded my hips against his, hitting that spot inside me over and over. He was primal, it was a carnal need that filled both of us. The instincts we were born with to mate with each other and I was enjoying every second.

He reached his hand down between us to rub my little nub between his fingers and heighten the pleasure that was coursing through my body like a live wire.

"Ah!" I shivered violently as Edward's fingers and pace picked up further than I ever thought possible. Soon, I was stifling screams into Edward's shoulder as he snarled into my ear and bit down on my neck to muffle his growls as he reached completion.

"Shit!" He cursed as he slid in and out a few more times and spilled his load into me, wave after wave. We both went limp and lay together, catching our breath for a few minutes.

"Oh holy mother of God, what did you do to me you animal?" I asked in a half-cross voice as I inspected the extremely prominent purple love bite on my shoulder next to my collarbone. Edward smirked and leaned down to kiss it.

"You are mine; wolves have to claim their territory - and their woman," He informed with a cheeky grin that made me sigh and shake my head slightly.

"You are just lucky I love you so much - this will take ages to fade!" I whined, poking at it angrily. Secretly, I loved that he had marked me, but it would be hard to hide.

"Poor baby girl," Edward crooned into my ear, "I might need to persuade you that love bites aren't that bad," He chuckled darkly and pushed his newly erected cock against my thigh.

"Oh God," I whimpered as held on to his shoulders for dear life as we began round two.


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