A/N: I've spent so much time crying over the last episode and I didn't want anyone else to feel as awful as I did... As I still do. Sooo I decided to try something different and write a humour fanfiction to cheer myself and everyone else up :) I haven't decided whether or not there will be any pairings yet, but I have a good idea of what will happen!:D

This is set anytime after Guinevere was cured and before bitchface Kara appeared c:

Rated T for language.

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"Where are we even going?" Merlin asked again, wondering why they'd gone this deep into a forest they'd never entered before. "You have no idea what type of creatures could be waiting to brutally kill us."

"Don't be such a coward, Merlin." Arthur scoffed, the rest of the knights laughed lightly. "We're on a simple hunting trip, what could possibly happen?"

Merlin rolled his eyes, annoyed at how naive Arthur was. Just as the young warlock had expected, the King had spoke too soon. As the knights tried to venture forward, they were thrown back by an invisible wall. When they tried to turn back, another wall greeted then and sent them flying. The wall circled them like a cage, trapping them inside with no escape like they were creatures ready for slaughter.

"What is this sorcery?!" Arthur gasped, stumbling to his feet and brushing off his clothes. He then raised his voice, trying to project it so whoever had conjured the wall could hear him. "I am the King of Camelot, I demand you to let me through!" A laughter caught on the wind and cackled throughout the ears of the knights.

"What did I tell you, Arthur?" Merlin said loudly, helping the other knights to their feet.

"Oh, shut up, Merlin!" Arthur said loudly, throwing himself on the floor and leaning his face on his fist. He sighed heavily, wanting to quickly escape from the invisible cage they were trapped in. The feeling of having no freedom made him feel weak and, as the King of Camelot, he hated that feeling more than most things.

Merlin chuckled under his breath, finding the whole situation quite amusing. There was a high chance that him and Mordred could undo the enchantment, but there was also the chance that he could be risking exposure for nothing. And that really wouldn't end well.

"What now?" Gwaine said, his tone making it clear to everyone that he was already incredibly bored. And when Gwaine was bored, they were all doomed.

"I don't know." Arthur spat, hating that he had to admit that he was at a loss. He didn't like not knowing what to do, and he certainly wasn't looking forward to the consequence that would come with the situation. If Gwaine had alcohol, they were all doomed.

"Fuck this." Gwaine said loudly, throwing himself to the floor and then rummaging through his bag. He smiled as he found a metal container and pulled it out rapidly. The other knights cursed under their breaths, knowing what would soon come. "Hello, my dear." Gwaine grinned, unscrewing the cap and downing the liquid within in one gulp. Everyone only hoped that that was his last bottle, but they all knew it wouldn't be."

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