A/N: So, since completing Don't Ever Forget, I've hit a kind of rut. I hate to call it writer's block, but I don't think there is actually a better term for it. And I've been trying everything I could think of to get myself out of it, and much to ericastwilight's frustration(as I often tend to drive her to), I have not been all too successful.

Then on Christmas Eve morning, I decided to sit down with a printout of all the WitFit prompts for December thus far and try weaving a story out of them. And as well as this woman knows me, she said that once I had five prompts completed, I needed to start posting them since I would make excuses not to finish it if I didn't (I really hate when she's right). So this is where my twisted brain has taken me, and I honestly have no idea in what direction it is going or where it will end up...depends on the remainder of the prompts, which I am not looking at until I am finished with one and ready to move on to the next. I hope you can all bear with me.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays everyone!

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Prompt: Word Prompt: Escape

Bella took a long sip of her wine as her body tingled from the bath salts surrounding her. She'd never given much credence to the need for a long, luxurious bath after a hard day at work, but she'd never had one quite like the one that had just transpired.

He was getting married. Edward was actually getting married. She cursed her own cowardice of the past two years of working with him; she had no one to blame but herself. There was no clause in their contracts stating they couldn't date—hell, half the office was dating one another. He was dating one of their co-workers. It wouldn't have been hard for Bella to ask him out to dinner one night after work, or something.

However, the fact was, she never did, and now, it was too late. He was officially off the market with the announcement by their boss that morning of his engagement to Kate. She was happy for him…no, that was a lie. She was miserable, but she really was attempting to be the bigger person. If he was happy, she should try to be happy for him.

Even if it felt like she was dying a little inside.