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Prompt: Word Prompt: Resolution

Bella led Edward to his front door after driving him home, taking the keys from his hand to unlock it. Once inside, she set them and her purse on the table just before she felt his arm slip around her waist and pull her to him.

"Finally, got you alone," Edward murmured, sealing his lips over hers heatedly.

Bella's arms wrapped around his shoulders once her jacket hit the floor with his guidance and returned the kiss in a way she'd been aching to all night. Every touch and brush of their lips that evening had been tame and gentle in the presence of his family, leaving them both hungry for more, it seemed, as he responded with just as much desperation.

Edward groaned as they parted, resting his forehead against hers and panting breathlessly. "I really shouldn't have had that last glass of champagne."

"Come on, let's get you to bed," Bella answered with a chuckle, guiding him to the stairs and up to his room. She watched him collapse onto the bed and went about changing out of her dress and into a t-shirt from his drawer.

"I already know what one of my resolutions will be this year," Edward mumbled and she turned her head to look over her shoulder at him questioningly. "Never get so intoxicated again that I can't make love to my sexy girlfriend."

"Well, lesson learned," Bella replied with an amused smile, making her way over to him and pulling off his shoes. He clumsily helped her remove the remainder of his clothing until he only remained in his boxers, and she covered him over before climbing into the bed beside him and hugging her body into his side. "This is just as nice, though."

"Snuggling is as good as sex? I'll have to work on that," Edward joked, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling her hair. "What about you? Got any resolutions this year?"

Bella thought for a moment, watching her fingers trace along his shoulder and finally shaking her head. "None that I can think of. I have everything I want for now and can't imagine anything I'd wish to be different. What about you? Do you have any others besides that one?"

Edward nodded with his eyes closed. "If I can't convince you to marry me, I'd like to at least have you living with me by the end of the year."

Bella's head rose from his chest to look at him in surprise, but he never moved, a slow breath leaving him as he drifted off. She settled her cheek on his shoulder, yet sleep was the farthest thing from her whirling mind. It was obvious that she shouldn't have asked him that in his state of intoxication, but she'd honestly expected something more menial like a goal he'd set for his new job, or even going to church more often with his family—nothing like that, only two weeks into their relationship.

Perhaps it wasn't quite as much of a stretch as she thought, since they'd already discussed buying a house and having children only days before, but it still knocked her off kilter. Those things had a "someday" attached to them; "by the end of the year" had such a definite tone. She knew she loved him and that he was it for her, so why did it still surprise her when he said things like that? If she could feel it so soon into their relationship, should it be that unbelievable that he might, too?

With a soft kiss to his jaw, Bella rested her head back onto his chest and nestled against his body as close as she could. The knowledge that she'd say yes to either or both of those questions from him was the last thing that passed her thoughts before she fell asleep in his arms.