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Prompt: Word Prompt: Fireplace

"Edward, put me down. This is completely going overboard," Bella said with a laugh as he swept her into his arms to carry her through the doorway of their hotel room.

After the reception finally wound down around eleven the previous night, they'd gone home to catch a few hours of sleep before the drive to Seattle and a late morning flight. Finally, after much anticipation, they'd arrived where they would be spending the next week in San Diego, and both were equally anxious for some undisturbed alone time.

"And I completely disagree with that assessment, Mrs. Cullen," Edward replied, giving her a brief smirk before setting her feet on the floor.

Bella rolled her eyes while he closed the door. "Seriously, baby. I could see carrying me over the threshold of our house, but the hotel room, too?"

He merely smiled at her, pecking his lips lightly on her cheek as he passed with their suitcases and carrying them to the bedroom. Once he disappeared from sight, her eyes began roaming their suite and it took her breath away.

The maroon and cream colors of the décor gave the room a warm and welcoming feeling. She slipped out of her shoes and gave a soft moan as her feet settled into the plush carpet, closing her eyes and listening to the crackle of the faux fireplace on the other side. Everything felt so perfect; she had to give credit where credit was due. Edward had really outdone himself with the one task she'd eventually given him in the planning of their wedding, and it certainly was going to be a honeymoon to remember.

His hands slid around her waist from behind as she ran her fingers along the mantle and she leaned back against him without opening her eyes, just swaying in his arms as if to some imaginary rhythm in her head. "Tired, baby?"

Bella's lips stretched into a smile and she shook her head, folding her arms over his as they hugged around her middle. "Not even close. Have I told you lately how much I absolutely love you?"

"Yes, but it never gets old," Edward answered with a soft chuckle, brushing his lips along her neck to her jawline.

Bella's hand slid up to grip his bicep and pulled him to stand in front of her, taking him by surprise, but his moan resonated with hers as she kissed him. "Good, because you are going to be hearing it a lot this week. You are so amazing."

"Only this week?" he teased and laughed when she lightly swatted his shoulder, claiming her lips again with his.

With a soft whimper, she pulled back slightly and stepped away to lift her shirt over her head. His eyes roaming over her skin as it was revealed to him caused her breaths to become shallower and the pounding of her heart to kick up another notch. Mrs. Cullen. His voice rang through her mind with those two words, and her hand reached out to glide up his chest. She was officially his wife, and he was hers and hers alone. And now, after waiting all night and most of another day, she was about to make love to her husband for the first of many times in the life they would build together, and that thought only amplified her desire for him.

"It's a shame that you already brought the suitcases into the bedroom," she said as she began unfastening her jeans and lowering them down her legs to the floor.

Edward moved behind her and rested his hands on her hips, his brow tight in confusion as softly kissed along her neck. "And why is that?"

Bella grinned as she turned toward him again, linking her arms around his neck and nodding toward her discarded pile of clothes. "Because I have been in those all day and have no intention of putting them back on, and every intention of making love to you right here, right now. I've been waiting all night and all day, and I can't wait another second, and that's a whole lot of room for me to cross, completely naked."

Edward growled and captured her lips heatedly, but she could feel the smile tugging at them simultaneously. As much as she loved knowing how much she appealed to him physically, it was even more gratifying to not only see, but feel how happy she made him as well. And she could; in every touch and sound he made, and in his smile, it came through clear. "Too bad I didn't decide to leave them in the car, then."

Bella's lips tightened against his as she fought laughter, her fingers roaming his chest until they reached the bottom hem of his shirt, lifting it up his torso and over his head. "Like I'd leave the room with nothing on."

"Who said anything about leaving the room?" Edward grinned, returning his hands to her sides and giving them a gentle squeeze. "I can't foresee any need to require such a thing for the next week, and this body is for my eyes alone. You, my dear, are my captive. There is no escape for you."

The primal, while still teasing, tone of his voice caused a trembling shiver to cascade over her entire body. It made her feel so wanted, needed and thoroughly desired. She encircled his neck with her arms again and pressed herself against him more firmly, with a smirk of her own spreading across her lips. "Wouldn't 'captive' imply some form of an involuntary aspect to being locked away with you for a whole week?"

Edward's fingertips dug into her hips in response before gliding up her back and releasing the clasp of her bra. "You may regret saying that by the end of this, baby."

"Doubtful. Very, very doubtful," Bella replied in a lust-filled voice, tossing the garment aside and making quick work of the button and zipper of his pants. She released a reverberating moan when Edward's lips captured hers once he'd divested himself of his clothing, and they knelt together on the floor.

With his arms still around her, Edward lowered Bella to lie on the soft rug and settled beside her. His eyes fell from hers to watch his fingers trace along her lower abdomen, just above the last piece of fabric between them. He bit back a smile as she groaned and arched her back toward him; she was impatient, and truth be told, so was he.

His lips drew a path from her neck and down her torso, pausing at her hip to grin up at her before hooking his fingers under the thin straps of her lacy underwear. She bent her knees to assist him and he tossed them aside, taking a moment to gaze down at his bride before covering her body with his. "I love you."

"I love you, too," she whispered softly in reply and hummed in contentment as he began entering her. Her leg glided along his hip and pressed against his side, and her arms hugged tight around his shoulders.

Edward's hand gently gripped her thigh as he began moving within her, moaning into their heated kiss when her lips claimed his. He hoped that she would always feel that way about him—hungry for him, aching for his touch, as he knew he would always feel for her. Each time they were together, he only wanted her more, and he couldn't imagine that ever dimming.

Edward was lost in his thoughts when Bella gripped him with her thighs, giving him a gentle shove, hinting for him to roll onto his back. He willingly complied, holding onto her waist securely and guiding her to settle above him. He watched her eyes flutter closed again as he filled her and the flickering light from the fireplace on the side of her face; the sight of her was intoxicating.

Bella suddenly opened her eyes to look at him and began moving over him, increasing her pace little by little. She took his hands from her sides and lowered them to either side of his head, sliding her fingers in-between his. If he'd had any preconceived notion that consummating their marriage would be slow and tame, she was quickly erasing all remnants of it—not that he was complaining. There was a fierceness in her eyes and a wicked quirk to her mouth as she hovered above him and rolled her hips in time with his before capturing his lips again.

"Bella … I…" he panted, feeling each and every tendon in his neck tighten and strain against his skin.

"I know. Just a little more," Bella gritted through her teeth, gasping when his thrusts increased against her, deeper and more powerful. Her head fell back, whispering encouragement until her breath seized, and then released in a deep, almost guttural groan. Her eyes returned to his after a moment and he felt her breasts pressing firmly against his chest again. "Your turn."

She straightened his arms above him a little more, giving herself extra leverage to rock her body over him. His breaths were staggered and his eyes began to roll back, and she brought her lips to his neck. She knew every inch of his body like the back of her own hand, and it showed in that moment, hitting every sensitive spot with precision until his hips locked. They barely moved at all as he released within her, and her kisses moved along his jaw to his chin, and finally meeting his lips.

Bella grinned as his body began to slacken beneath her and his eyes closed, and she rolled aside to lie next to him. She took his hand at her shoulder once he brought his arm down to rest beneath her head, toying with each of his fingers. "Was it good for you, baby?"

Edward released a breathy chuckle and turned his head to brush his lips on her hair. "Have you ever heard me complain in the past? And that was … beyond words. I'm guessing you liked the room, then?"

Bella rolled her eyes and laughed, turning onto her side and propping her head up with her hand. "You really think that was over a room? I mean, it is pretty great, but I was intent on thoroughly soaking up this gorgeous body of yours long before I laid eyes on all this." She paused, gesturing to their surroundings with her free hand and then bringing it back to settle on his chest. "Enjoy it while I can."

Edward's hand lifted to cup her cheek, his brow furrowing as he shook his head. "While you can? I'm not going anywhere, and I highly doubt my libido is, either."

"Well, I sincerely hope not. You're far too young for that," Bella replied with an amused smile, and turned her face into his hand to kiss his palm. "I'm nowhere near worried about that anytime soon. I'm just thinking that things like that might need to slow down soon. May get a little uncomfortable for a while, with the baby and all."

Edward held his breath as his eyes lowered between them to her stomach and slowly rose to meet hers again. "The baby? As in…"

"As in I was late, so I took a test the night before the wedding, after everyone went to bed. I thought it was probably too soon and wishful thinking, since I've only been off my pills for a little over a month," Bella replied, drawing in a slow breath as she lifted her hand to cover his, where it lingered on her face. "But there was a second line. Still a little light, but definitely there."

"So, you're pregnant?" Edward asked with a stiff swallow, gazing at her with a stunned expression.

"I think so. I mean, I'll want to check with my doctor when we get back to be sure, since it is really early, but it looks that way," Bella answered nervously, her eyes studying his to make sense of his reaction. All they'd talked about in the last few months, if not about the wedding, had been starting a family together, and now, he actually looked as if he might be a little scared. Definitely not what she'd expected. "Edward, are you okay? I know you said you wanted to be married first, and this isn't exactly a honeymoon baby…"

Her words were halted by his lips meeting hers, his fingers weaving into her hair as he lowered her back to the floor again and kissed her passionately. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Bella traced her fingers along his shoulder blades as he murmured against her lips with his forehead pressed to hers. "I wanted a perfect moment. Just you and me, relaxed, nothing else on our minds. No drives to make or planes to catch, or spouse to ravage."

"Well, most of that is true, anyway," Edward answered with a smile, teasing her lips with his again before lifting his head, looking down at her seriously. "But should you be flying if you're pregnant?"

Bella brought her hand to his forehead, running her fingers along the worry lines suddenly creasing them. "Honey, women fly all the time at this stage of their pregnancies, not even knowing it, and still have perfectly healthy babies. I'm sure it will be fine, but I'll double check with my doctor when we go home."

"That's a week and another flight from now," Edward said, his brow tightening more before he rolled onto his back and reached for his jeans.

She raised herself up onto her elbow to watch him as he pulled his phone out of the front pocket and held it up in front of him. "Are you seriously checking? Right now?"

Edward nodded unapologetically. "I'll rent a car and drive home, if need be."

Bella smiled and lowered herself back down beside him, kissing his cheek before resting her head on his shoulder. "I love you."

Edward paused, lowering his phone and turning his head to look at her. He grazed her jaw with the back of his finger and softly pressed his lips to hers. "I love you, too, Bella. So damn much."