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May 13

I am so glad that Esme suggested that I pack this journal in my hospital bag, because this is a moment I never want to forget.

At 10:31 this morning, Alexander Charles Cullen was born, three weeks early but perfectly healthy and strong, and I do not feel like the same woman I was even moments before. Every story I was told about what follows the birth of your child I have found is absolutely true.

The instant I looked down at the five and a half pound baby lying on my chest, taking his first breaths, the pain of labor was worth it and forgotten.

I thought my love for him was boundless when he was inside me, but as soon as those little blue eyes met mine, I realized I had no idea. It was love at first sight, and like no love I'd ever felt. It was the moment I fully realized that I was a mother, holding the most precious part of my existence. My love for my father or even my husband could not compare to the grasp this tiny little boy has on my heart.

And then there's my Edward. For all the things I said in the midst of my pain, and the likely permanent disfigurement of his hand from my grip, (his wedding ring just might be permanently molded to his finger) it all seemed to disappear for him as well, as soon as he heard our child's first cry and the doctor informed us that we had a healthy son. I watched the tears form in his eyes when he held him for the first time. I've fallen in love with Edward in so many ways—with the image, the man, my friend, lover and husband. And now once more as the father of my child, and for that, there was no comparison.

A lot of this is probably just my hormones going off the charts from having just given birth, but it doesn't make it any less true. In the chessiest, but also the best way ever, I feel absolutely complete. With my husband, my son, my own little family. This day will be a tough one to beat.