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Hate before Love: Chapter one

The sun sparkled beautifully through the cracks of leaves and shone brightly across the land. Walking through the wilderness were eight children with strange creatures called Digital monsters (Digimon for short). The temperature was boiling hot and burning violently at their skin. The weather was acting so peculiar lately. One minute it was snowing, the next sunny, than back to rain.

Taichi Yagami the leader of the group walked ahead the rest with a fierce firey passion, while the others paced far behind, worn out and dying for something to drink or eat to cool them down. Although feeling like they were in an oven, their skin was protected for the time being. Mimi having decided that if she couldn't enjoy the Digital world she should at least be able to tan had brought sun lotion with her. Jyou had also brought some lotion, which could soothe and heal burns or blisters just in case someone did get burnt. He had already treated Takeru numerous times, seeing that the young child burnt so easily. Unfortunately it was only a matter of time before it ran out.

Meanwhile a blonde pale boy trailed far behind the rest, shovelling his feet along with his gaze fixed upon the ground. Everything just seemed messed up right now. So wrong…. Thoughts of this whole experience constantly circled his mind, yet nothing made any sense. "Damnit…" he mumbled under his breath harshly.

The heat was making him even more confused. Tightly he clinched his fists in his pockets. He stopped for a second, allowing aloud sigh to escape his mouth. After wiping the sweat from his forehead he took out his harmonica which he always kept securely in his back pocket. He longed to play it so dearly. It helped him when he was feeling troubled and depressed, It's beautiful enchanting melodies soothed him. He had learned to play many songs on the small rusty instrument, yet only one song could help him through these times of sorrow.

His eyes departed from the ground and focused on the others who seemed to be miles ahead.. Frowning, he placed the harmonica back in his pocket and began walking again. It was only when he took a few steps, did he hear heavy breathing coming from behind. Turning his head around he saw his Digimon staggering behind him. Up until now, Yamato had forgotten all about his Digital companion. The dog like creature was panting heavily. No wonder, he was still wearing that big fur coat.

"Gabumon are you alright?" Yamato asked trying to sound more concerned than he actually was.

"I'm fine." The large dog panted in reply.

"You sure? You really don't look so good."

"I'm just a little hot that's all."

"No wonder. Take off your fur."

Gabumon instantly shook his head and cried out. " We'd better catch up with the others. We don't want to get left behind now." Trying his best to change the subject.

If Yamato was feeling less depressed, he would have maybe laughed. Gabumon was very shy when it came to taking his fur off. He hated people looking at him without, it made him feel completely naked. Yamato frowned as the though brought back another memory.

When Devimon had split File Island apart, he sent everyone to different sections of the island. Ymato had been extremely worried about the safety of his younger brother Takeru. He desperately wanted to find him but the weather outside was freezing. Despite Gabumon telling him that it was to cold to go outside and he would search for Takeru instead, Yamato went out to look anyway. Luckily Gabumon saved him from freezing to death. "If it wasn't for Gaumon, I-I'd be dead." Gabumon had saved his life many times yet he had never truly thanked him. And now when Gabumon was struggling, he was acting like he couldn't care less. Mentally he slapped himself for being so selfish.

Goddamnit Ishida, can't you think about anyone else apart from yourself?! His thoughts had been plaguing him so much lately that he rarely took notice of Gabumon that much now. A sympathetic smile smiled replaced his frown as he turned back to Gabumon. Gently he patted the Digimon on the head. "Don't worry you can rest now."

"But what about the others?" questioned Gabumon quietly.

"I'm sure they'll stop to let you rest. Don't worry about it."

Gabumon frowned slightly. "I don't want to be the cause for holding everyone back."

For a few short seconds, Yamato stared into his partner's eyes. Even when struggling, Gabumon puts others first. He had helped Yamato out many times, and he couldn't ask for a better friend. Gabumon was so kind and caring. Gabumon was everything Yamato was not…

"You're tired and need rest. Besides earlier they looked really tired, I'm sure they'll wanna rest for a little while too. "

"But what about Taichi?"

"He won't mind. I'll go catch up to the others and tell them we are going to take a break. I'll be back in a minute." Said Yamato before running off.

"Yamato wait1" yelled Gabumon. But it was to late, he had already vanished behind the trees.

"My feet are killing me!" whined Mimi.

"For once I agree with you." replied Jyou as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Behind him limped an almost lifeless Gommamon. The sun was killing him. Although he could live on land as well as in water, the sun was drying him up and consuming all his energy.

"Jyou…" Feeling dazed, Gommamon collapsed on the ground.

"Gommamon!" Quickly Jyou rushed to help his partner. "Gommamon what's wrong?!"

I don't think I can go on much longer, I need water." Gommamon replied weakly.

"Poor thing." Said Sora as she gently stroked the Digimon's fur.

Jyou stood up. His expression held worry and panic knowing the consequences if Gommamon became to dehydrated.

Quickly Yamato ran past them, not even looking or caring what was going on. For the moment Gabumon was his main concern. He could see a figure, which he knew, was Taichi in the distance. He groaned in frustration. Wasn't the main idea of being a leader to lead and protect the group? But than again, Yamato never had excepted Taichi as his leader. After all, nobody told Yamato Ishida what to do. Unfortunately this let to many disagreements and arguments between him and Taichi. It annoyed him deeply that Taichi always jumped into fights without even thinking. Instead of choosing the safest way, battling seemed to be his solution for everything. Minutes later he managed to catch up to the brunette.

"Tai…chi." Yamato panted loudly, stopping to catch his breath.

"You look exhausted." Taichi replied as he turned to look at Yamato.

"No wonder with how far we've travelled." Yamato answered coldly.

"C'mon we haven't walked that far."

"What?! We've been walking for over four hours straight barely resting once! I think its time to give everyone a rest, Taichi. Gabumon is really worn out and hot. I don't know how much longer he can go on."

But we can't stop now. We've gotten so far and we need to keep moving."

Rage was burning within Yamato. How could Taichi be so inconsiderate? Wasn't a leaders main interest to look out for everyone? "Nothings ever good enough for you Yagami, is it? No matter how hard everyone tries you always expect more. Always pushing." Yamato muttered under his breath harshly. Taichi didn't seem to have heard him, not that he'd have care if Taichi had anyway. He had longed for so long to tell Taichi how he really felt about him.

Taichi let out a sigh. Yamato stood in silence, staring at him with those cold blue eyes of his. Taichi could always tell when he was angry. His eye would transform into a darker shade of blue. The coldness of the stare stung right through him like tiny daggers aimed directly at his heart.

"Look Yamato, I know you're tired but if we just keep going we can reach the other side of the lake before nightfall."

"What?! Are you out of your mind?! Taichi that's miles a way. There's no way in hell we would make it there before nightfall."

The brunette shrugged, not realising what he was getting so upset about. "Fine if you think it'll take so long, we'll get the Digimon to evolve and take us there, then." He turned around to face his Digimon partner Agumon. "You can evolve into Wargreymon and take us there, eh buddy?"

Agumon looked panicked obviously to tired for the challenge. "Well…uh"

"See no problem." Taichi replied, patting his Digimon on the back and giving a small confident laugh.

The anger that pounded through Yamato's heart was increasing. Breathing deeply, he tried to contain his rage knowing that if he let it all out he would end up punching Taichi on the face.

"Look Taichi, your Digimon can barely go on, never mind carry everyone. And Gabumon is on the verge of collapsing. He needs rest."

"Well if that's the case, then why aren't you with him?" Taichi was definitely pushing it, especially by speaking to him in that way. "He's your partner, how can you just leave him like that?"

All right, now Taichi was making him to be the insensitive one? Yamato could no longer contain his anger. "Damnit Taichi! Do you really want to know why I'm here?! It's because everyone thinks you as the leader. Wherever you go, they follow. I mean if you jumped off a goddman cliff, they'd probably jump too! They're mideless shells. They depend on you to do what's right. And all you're doing is leading them into exhaustion. Some leader…"

"Who do you think you're talking too!?"

"Well you obviously." Yamato snapped back angrily.

Agumon looked in confusion as the two chosen children argued. He was used to it by now, but still he had a worry that they would take their fights to far.

"I think I'll go back to check on Gabumon. Said Agumon running off to avoid further conflict. But neither Yamato nor Taichi seemed to notice he had gone.

"You know we have to destroy the evil that plagues the Digital world, and sitting about wasting time isn't gonna save it, is it?!" shouted the goggle headed boy.

"Pushing everyone to the limit of exhaustion isn't going to save it either!"

"Well we've got to try and keep moving. We've got responsibilities. And if you haven't forgotten one of them includes saving a world from destruction."

"And if you haven't forgotten, you've got responsibilities as the leader of the Digidestined to look out for everyone. While you're way up here, the others are back there and could have been in trouble!"

"They have their Digimon to protect them. And besides when did you start giving a damn about the others safety? I bet you're the one who's tried, but just pushing the blame on everybody else so you wont look weak!" cried Taichi in his defence.

"I care a lot more than you Taichi! A lot of Digimon have sacrificed their lives for us. Wizardmon, Whamon, Chuumon, Pixiemon…" Slowly he took a deep breath. "And you act like you don't even care what they done for us. When Mimi was showing respect and gratitude for them, all you done was yell at her. Don't you realise if it wasn't for them, we'd all be dead!"

"God you're making me out to be some horrible monster! You're the one that barely shows any emotion at all. Always pissed off at something."

"Yeah I admit I'm pissed off all the time. Wanna know why? It's cause of insensitive jerks like you!"

"How can you call me a jerk when you are the one that comes and starts fights. You complain about everything I do!"

"And nothing I or the others do, is good enough for you!"

Taichi having a slightly aggressive personality could no longer take the crap that the blonde was throwing at him. First he was calling him a monster, now a jerk?! His blood boiled beneath his skin, not being able to believe Yamato's ungrateful attitude. After all he did a lot more to help the group than Yamato ever did. The lone wolf kept to himself showing that he cared about nobody except from himself. At least Taichi was doing something.

"The only thing that isn't good enough for me is your attitude!" shouted Taichi, before leaping on him and pinning him to the ground. Yamato wasn't surprised by the goggle boy's actions, he had wanted to do the same thing to him. Yamato struck back, viciously pushing Taichi hard upon the ground. He raised his fist and smacked Taichi on the jaw.

Taichi growled and pushed himself back, throwing the blonde backward with ease. Yamato had to admit it Taichi was very strong. But still, he wasn't going to give up so easily. As Taichi punced Yamato's face, Yamato moved swiftly and attempted to grab hold of his arm. But Taichi was to fast and ended up twisting his instead. Yamato wanted to cry out and release the pain, but forced himself to keep it locked up inside. He wasn't going to allow Taichi to beat him. He was going to prove he was strong. He fought back taking every punch Taichi threw at him.

"Bastard!" he yelled, knocking the brunette out of the way.

"Fuck you!" he gripped hold of Yamato's shirt tightly, pushing him into a tree. Yamato struggled to escape but Taichi had his arms pinned firmly to the ground. Now he was trapped. He had let Taichi beat him. He had let him destroy his pride.

By now Taichi's whole face was red, filled with complete and utter rage. He held his fist above him ready to pound Yamato some more. Yamato didn't care about the pain, he didn't care if Taichi was to beat him up, anymore, all he wanted was to be alone. His mind flashed back to his exhausted partner Gabumon.

Every time I start to care about someone, something bad like this always happens. Why the hell do I even bother?

"You better take the things you said, back Ishida!" Taichi yelled, his grip still tightly grasping hold of the blondes top.

Yamato snorted. "I'm not gonna take back the true."

"That's it!!!"

Just as Taichi was about to beat his victim into a bloody pulp, there was a loud cry.

"Taichi!" It was Sora. "Yamato!" The others ran quickly behind her. As she approached them, she gasped and stopped. "What's going on?"

Isn't it obvious? Yamato stated in his mind. His eyes soon flashed from Sora to the other chosen. Behind Mimi, stood his younger brother Takeru. Fear and embarrassment swept over him as he gazed into his brother's eyes. No. Please don't let him see me like this. Please, no.

"That's it, you to stop right now!" cried the red headed girl.

"No way, Sora!" Taichi retorted angrily. "I'm going to give Yamato what he deserves, once and for all!"

"Onii-chan!" Takeru ran past Mimi towards his slightly battered brother, and gave him a huge hug. "Onii-chan…" He spoke quietly. His little gaze faded from Yamato and focused sadly on Taichi. Taichi frowned seeing Takeru's frightened and worried expression. Reluctantly he let go of Yamato and stood up. "Are you alright?" Asked Takeru, still hugging him.

"Yeah I'm fine." As Yamato got up he could feel everybody's eyes fixed upon him, especially Taichi's. He hated being stared at as if he was some poor creature locked away in a zoo, for all the passers to stare at.

There were a few moments of silence until Taichi's little sister called out to her brother. "Taichi!" she cried, rushing towards him. He bent down and hugged her tightly back, smiling only slightly. Instead she gazed up at him in confusion. "What were you and Yamato doing?"

"Technically they were fighting." Koushiro butted in.

Yamato groaned to himself. Sometimes he felt like punching Koushiro when he butted into matters that didn't concern him.

Hikari gasped. "But Taichi…" Taichi looked partly ashamed, but Yamato could plainly see that within his eyes, there was no regret at all. "Onii-chan, Okaasan told us fighting was wrong."

"You've been fighting ever since you came to the Digital world". Yamato sighed to himself quietly. But he knew what she meant and unlike Taichi he felt ashamed of himself. And now he had set a bad example for Takeru. Sighing he bent down and placed his hands on Takeru's shoulders. "You're right, I'm sorry." He whispered quietly. Takeru nodded sadly.

"We're supposed to be fighting the dark masters not each other." Complained Sora.

"He started it." Said Taichi, shrugging like he didn't care.

"Me?! You're the one that punched me!" Yamato retorted in defence.

"Well if you hadn't came and told me how to be the leader and how shit I am at it, then I wouldn't have lost my temper!"

"I didn't say you were a bad leader. I was looking out for my Digimon. You should push everyone so hard all the time."

"Hikari-chan." Whispered Takeru moving over to her.

"Onii-chan, please stop." Hikari begged, gently tugging on his shorts.

"The reason I do push everyone so hard is because I do care! I don't want to see them get hurt and I want to save the Digital world before it's too. If we don't hurry everything will be destroyed."

"Well that doesn't mean you can everyone so hard till their collapsing with exhaustion."

"Then we'll just have to go on like that if we want to save the Digital world, wont we."

Yamato's teeth gritted tightly together as he clenched his fist so hard that his nails were digging straight into his flesh. "God Taichi sometimes I think your hair is so big that it's crushing your pathetic excuse for a brain, you supposedly have in that thick head of yours!"

That did it. Again Taichi flung himself onto the blond, pinning him down to the ground like last time. But before Taichi could throw a punch, Yamato pushed himself back up, throwing Taichi off of him.

"You're a selfish little brat!" yelled Taichi running after him.

"At least I can actually use my brain to come up with a good plan!" Yamato snarled back.

"Stop it, this insane!" Sora cried frantically. They ignored her, continuing to throw useless punches at each other.

Jyou and Koushiro stepped in, trying their best to hold them back. Jyou tried calming Yamato down as he gripped him down, making sure he could escape. Koushiro on the other hand was having an extremely hard time controlling Taichi who kept struggling to get away.

"Would you two stop it! For godsake you're acting like children. Is that anyway to act around Hikari and Takeru?!" Sora was definitely mad. Usually she tried to calm down the arguments with gentleness and patience. Like everybody else the heat was really getting to her.

Yamato and Taichi stared at their younger siblings with extreme guilt. This time Taichi felt really ashamed. He bent down and hugged Hikari tightly. "I'm sorry, I really am."

Hikari nodded uneasily, accepting her brother's apology.

Takeru looked up at Yamato with tears in his eyes. "Ta-takeru…"

"Fighting friends is bad Onii-chan, really bad." The younger boy whispered so only Yamato could hear. He turned and walked over to Patamon who was with the other Digimon.

"Takeru I'm sorry." He stopped, finally giving up, not seeing how things could ever get any worst. I can't do anything right.

"Now that you two have finished your little confutation can we focus on what's really important!" yelled Jyou loosing his temper. "Just look at Gommamon!" Gently he picked the exhausted Digimon in his arms.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Taichi sounding worried.

"He's dehydrating from the lack of water." Koushiro answered. "The sun's so hot that it's practically draining all of his energy. Gommamon may be able to live on land, but after a certain amount of time he needs water. And since this heat is almost unbearable, it's shorting Gommamon's need of water. And if he doesn't get it soon…."

"Taichi we need to get to a river, or lake, or something!" cried Jyou frantically.

"Just relax, Gommamon will be okay." Taichi replied calmly. "The lakes not that far away. We'll just need to move as fast as we can." The others nodded without question.

Jyou looked down upon his Digimon sympathetically. "Don't worry Gommamon, you'll be alright. You'll be back to your old sarcastic self in no time." The helpless Digimon glared up at his human companion pathetically.

It was at that moment that Yamato was reminded of his own Digimon, Gabumon.

"Gabumon!" Quickly he made his way back to where he had left Gabumon earlier. He cursed himself for being so stupid. The whole point of that fight was for Gabumon's welfare, and he had went and forgotten all about him. "Gabumon don't worry. I'm coming!" As he drew closer, two figures appeared. It was Agumon who was helping the struggling Gabumon to walk. "Gabumon! Gabumon are you alright?!"

The Digimon nodded weakly. "I'm fine, just a little worn out, that's all."


The others came rushing up behind him. "What's wrong with Gabumon?" Mimi asked.

"Wow, no wonder he's so hot with that big fur coat on. He really should have taken it off." Taichi commented.

"Well he didn't want to take it off!" Yamato snapped back.

"I was only saying."

"Well just-" Sighing he stopped, and turned his attention back to Gabumon. There was no since in causing anymore arguments, especially when two Digimon were in trouble. At that moment Gabumon De-digivolved to Tsunomon.


"We'd better get Tsunomon and Gommamon to the lake fast!" spoke Sora always concerned for the others well-beings. Everyone nodded and quickly followed Taichi as he led them towards the river.

Yamato remained still as he glanced upon the others determined faces. He felt stupid and weak, and for the first time in years he wanted to burst into tears. Yet his coolness and sense of pride prevented him from doing so. He bent down picking up Tsunomon and ran to catch up with the others.


It took longer than expected to reach the river, but it seemed that everyone was just relieved they got there. Jyou had instantly thrown Gommamon into the water the moment they got there and with in minutes Gommamon had returned to his old self. Yamato laid Tsunomon in a shallow puddle so there wouldn't be any chance of the little Digimon drowning. Taichi decided to stay by the river until everyone felt better. Probably the only good decision Taichi had made in along time, Yamato thought.

He sat away from the others and was definitely not in the mood to talk to anyone. He gazed at Tsunomon who was surrounded by the others Digimon who were trying to make him feel better. Yamato knew he was the one who should be over there, but something held him back. Perhaps it was the fear that he would only cause more trouble.

Takeru sat beside Taichi and Hikari. He seemed really quiet and for such a young child, seemed be to deeply in thought. Yamato cursed himself for being such and asshole and letting the hatred he 'thought' he held towards for Taichi get in the way of caring for Takeru. The word 'thought' circled through his mind making him feel even more confused. He forced himself so much to believe that Taichi was nothing but an insensitive jerk and not to be trusted, but hated. Taichi could be very hot headed, he admitted that, but sometimes he thought the hatred he held towards him could be perceived as something else. Still, he tried to ignore the though.

Jealousy weighed over him as he saw Takeru talking to Taichi a few minutes later. Why did Takeru have to talk to Taichi when he had him? The blond has a deep suspicion that sometimes he was trying to take his Otouto-san away from him. The rage boiled violently beneath his skin. Why the hell was he doing this? He already had Hikari! What made him more fearful of losing Takeru to him, was that he knew Taichi was a good older brother. He cared for Hikari deeply and would always try his absolute best to protect her no matter what. Takeru and Hikari had developed a good friendship since Hikari had joined the team and they hung around a lot together. Hikari spent a lot of time with Taichi, which meant Takeru also would be spending time with him.

Yamato was shocked as he realised something. He was doing just what he feared. He was pushing Takeru towards Taichi. The more he and Taichi fought the closer Takeru became with Hikari and Taichi. He heard a sweet laugh coming from were Takeru was sitting. Then several other laughs could be heard including Taichi's. Never in his life, had he felt so pathetic and worthless. Tears began to form in his eyes, begging to be released. He fought hard to hold them back. He curled up into a small ball and clasped hold of his knees, pulling them towards him. He wished so much that the pain would just disappear and leave him alone. Go and taunt some other person instead of him.

"Yamato what's wrong?" he heard a little voice ask. He looked up to see his Digimon partner gazing at him with worry and concern in his eyes.

"Tsunomon! Are you alright now?" he responded picking the Digimon up.

"Yes I feel better now, but you don't look so good. What's wrong?"

Sighing he put Tsunomon down, wishing he could just ignore his question. "Nothing, I'm fine."

Tsunomon frowned. He knew his partner was lying but he didn't wish to press any further, in case it ended up making matters even more worst.

"Everyone is leaving now."

"What?! But we've barely rested!" Yamato exclaimed, his temper rising again.

"Taichi said it was best if we all moved on."

Yamato sighed in annoyance. "Sometimes I think that's all he cares about. Moving on."

"Well I guess we will have to since he's the leader." Replied Tsunomon, slightly regretting what he had said."

Yamato snorted. "He is not the leader in my eyes."

"Maybe you could settle your differences and try to get along." The little Digimon suggested quietly.

"How can I get on with someone I despise?!" he yelled back angrily.

Tsunomon backed away slightly, his eyes filled with sorrow and regret. "Gomean nasai, Yamato."

Yamato's anger soon seized and was once again replaced with regret. "No Tsunomon, I'm the only who should be sorry. Taichi's not the one acting like a jerk, I am."


Trying his best to smile, he picked up Tsunomon and began patting him gently. "I'm sorry. It was my fault you became so worn out and tired earlier."

"What do you mean?"

"If I had paid more attention to you and weren't so wrapped up in myself all the time, we could have got to the river faster and you would have been alright." He replied sadly.

"But I am alright." The Digimon chirped back.

"No you're not. You got worn out so much that you De-digivolved back to your in-training form."

"Don't worry about it Yamato, After all I may be Tsunomon but in the inside I'm still me. Well Gabumon that is, and that will never change."

Yamato smiled. For a short second his pain vanished. "Arigatou, Tsunomon. For always being there for me."

The Digimon jumped up into his lap and smiled. "No problem."

"Yamato!" There was a voice in the distance. Both Yamato and Tsunomon turned around to see the red headed girl Sora run towards them. "Ya..mat…to" she gasped out of breath.

"What is it?"

"You better hurry up. The others are just about to leave." She finally replied once she had caught her breath.

And I bet they'd probably leave without me if they had a choice.

"Yeah I know. I'm just coming."

"Yamato could you maybe uh-" she started but stopped, looking slightly embarrassed.

"What Sora? What is it?"

"It's well about you and Taichi."

"Oh." He replied sourly.

"I know you two don't get along very well, but for the sake of the team could you just please try to get along?"

"So now you're pushing all the blame on me?" Snorted Yamato hoarsely.

"No Yamato, that's not what I'm saying. I just think the BOTH of you could make the effort to at least work together."

"I am making an effort. It's not my fault he's such a jerk!"

"Taichi is not a jerk!"

The blonde turned away. It was obvious that she could never understand. Her cheeks turned red slightly embarrassed from yelling. "I'm sorry Yamato. I didn't mean it like that. I'm just afraid that if everyone starts fighting then…then the Digital world will be doomed. Including our world."

Sighing, Yamato felt the need to apologise to her. "Look Sora, I'm sorry too. I've just…"


"Nothing forget it." He said, turning away from her.

The red head frowned. She always felt that Yamato kept to many things to himself. If he continued life like this when he was older, it would only make life more difficult.

"Please tell me."

"I said forget it, okay!"

"Does it have something to do with Takeru. Is it because Puppetmon captured him?"

Although it had only happened a few days ago, he felt like the memory had been haunting him his old life. He let Puppetmon capture his only brother and he was helpless to do anything to save him. He could have been hurt, abused, or ever worst, dead. The thought made him shiver all over. He felt so worthless, not being able to save him. He had failed and he would never forgive himself for it. Even Takeru had admitted that he didn't need him anymore. The young boy's words cut though his soul deeply.

I really am worthless….


He awoke partly stunned. Gently Sora placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Yamato please tell me what's wrong." She begged him.

"I told you nothing's wrong. Now will you just forget it!" he yelled. He couldn't stand when people started pressing their ways into other peoples business. He picked up Tsunomon in one arm and walked away.

"You know Yamato, if you keep acting this way, you'll end up having no friends." Sora cried.

He snorted, not bothering to look back. "As if I give a damn."

She sighed. At time it seems that he could be just as stubborn as Taichi was. "I'll always be your friend Yamato." She whispered silently. "I just hope Taichi will."

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