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Blackness…. Blackness surrounding him… Blackness everywhere…  The cold consumed his weak and frail form causing him to shiver uncontrollably. He curled up into a small ball trying to maintain what body heat he had left. It was cold… so cold…. Tears filled his eyes and for the first time in his life he didn't try to prevent it. His tears turned to ice before they had even reached his cheeks.

Ice. When he looked into the mirror all he could see were those cold ice blue eyes staring back at him. They threatened to destroy almost anyone who looked into them without his permission. Of course he hadn't always been like this. He had once been happy and carefree child with the only wish to look after his little brother. Then his parents got a divorce ripping him and his brother apart. The image of his mother dragging Takeru away hurt him. It has left a huge scar, a scar that would never fade. All he had ever wanted to do was protect his brother. He had tried so hard in doing so that he hadn't even realised that Takeru no longer needed him. No one needed him. And now he felt pathetic.

All this time he thought Takeru needed him, but really he was the one that needed Takeru. And now that Takeru didn't need him anymore he was all alone. Taichi was gone also. He had fallen in love with his enemy and now fate had taken him away. Yamato felt his heart shatter into a million different pieces. Why did life have to be so cruel? Why did he have to suffer so much? Was God doing this just to spite him? He didn't know, but sure as ever he felt that he could not go on. Takeru, Taichi, Gabumon and everyone else, he had let all of them down and as punishment he would lie in the snow and freeze to death. Death. Yes at this moment and time the word sounded so sweet. He grasped himself tighter. Freezing to death sure wasn't a nice way to die. 

Taichi I'm so sorry. How could I let you slip away from me so easily? I-I'm just so sorry. But sorry doesn't cut it right? I could have helped you but I failed. Just like I failed everybody else I've known in my life. But this time hurts the most. Knowing I've let you down I've let Hikari down. Because of me you sister will die. I can't even do a thing to help. I'm a disgrace so I will die a disgraceful death, leaving myself here to freeze. Yet again I'm sorry, and I won't even ask of your forgiveness because I know I don't deserve it. I never even got the chance to tell you how I really felt…

(Yamato don't give up. You have to keep going, you have to. You can do it!)

Yamato eyes widened. "Ta-Taichi?" Instantly he stood up shaking the snow from him. "Taichi? Taichi!" He looked around desperately for the other boy but there was no one to be seen. He began to call out for him again, only this time louder. There was still no reply. Maybe he had imagined it all. Maybe he was becoming delusional. It-it can't be. It sounded so real. He fell down on the snow. "No…Taichi you-you can't leave me. You just have to be alive. You can't die yet not before... Taichi I love you."

 Suddenly a blue glow emerged through his shirt. Yamato gazed in amazement as he reached for his Crest of Friendship. The light glowed brightly and seemed to be reacting with Yamato's Digivice which was continually beeping. An image of Taichi's happily smiling face appeared in his mind. It brought a small smile to the blondes face. No Taichi would never give up and neither should I!

Quickly he got up on his feet and started running in direction his Digivice pointed too. Don't worry Taichi, I'm coming.

He had now been running for quite some time was beginning to feel really week. The coldness was getting to him but his Digivice signalled that Taichi was close. Forcing himself to move faster he accidentally toppled over face first into the snow. He groaned in annoyance. I have to keep going. I can't let Taichi down again. As he pushed himself up he felt something underneath him. He blinked curiously and moved towards it and began to dig it up. He gave a loud sneeze. Not even his thick gloves were enough to keep his hands from freezing, but still he continued to dig. He stopped in shock as the item amongst the snow became recognisable. It was Taichi's goggles. He picked them up and held on to them tightly. Taichi would never go anywhere without his goggles, not if he had the choice.

"Taichi!" The Digivice continued to beep loudly. He got up and chased after the signal which eventually led him to a huge heap of snow he was sure was caused by the avalanche. "Taichi you-you couldn't be under all that snow could you?" A blade representing his fear stabbed through his heart as he wondered worriedly if Taichi could have survived the avalanche. Apart of him refused to believe that Taichi was dead. Taichi was strong. He wouldn't let a little bit of snow beat him. Yamato began to dig away the snow desperately wishing Gabumon was there to help him. His fear grew again. What if Gabumon hadn't survived?

Suddenly Yamato felt something. A body? Taichi's body? This made him dig even faster. After digging some of the snow away, he could make out his beautiful face. "Taichi!" he yelled frantically as he pulled the body out of the snow. "Taichi wake up! Wake up!" he begged. Minutes later the brunette opened his eyes. His vision was still blurry but he managed to make out the figure of the blond boy before him. "Taichi!"

He stared in confusion. "Ya-Yamato?"

"Yeah Taichi, its me."

"What-what happened? The snow it started to fall…"

"Taichi I'm so sorry this, this is all my fault. I could. I could have saved you and-and now you're hut. I'm so sorry." The blond boy sobbed."

"Come on it's not your fault."


"It-it's so cold isn't it." Taichi interrupted. Yamato nodded and gently placed his hand against Taichi's cheek.

"We'd better get out of here soon or we'll end up freezing to death."

Taichi smiled softly, his chocolate eyes staring into Yamato's ocean of blue. "Yamato I need you to do something for me."

"Sure anything."

"I need you to go and find that flower and take it back for Hikari."

"Sure Taichi we'll go together, I'm sure you'll feel better soon."

"No you have to go alone…"

"What and just leave you here?!" questioned Yamato in shock.

"Yes. I don't know if I'll survive or not, I-I just feel so cold. But I just need you to keep going to get the flower to Hikari-chan."

"What about you ?! I'm not going to leave you here to die!"

"Please Yamato I'm begging." cried the brunette. Yamato gazed into his brown eyes. He'd do anything for Taichi but leave him all alone to die? It just didn't seem right. If it wasn't for Taichi he'd probably be dead right now too.

"Taichi, I-I just ca-can't. I won't leave you here to die like this."

"Why not? You don't even like me, you hate me and if you're not going just to spite me and make my little sister suffer then you really are just a fucking bastard. Don't you care about anyone but yourself?" Taichi spat back angrily.

"Of course I do! That's the reason I'm not going!"

"Just what do you mean?"

"I'm not going because I care about you! I couldn't live with myself knowing that I left you here to die."


"You irritated me so much in the past that sometimes I even wanted you dead. But after this old ordeal I-I can't help but love-"

Yamato stopped instantly realising what he had just said. This quickly caught Taichi's attention.

"Uh Ya-Yamato who do you love?"

Yamato bit his bottom lip. He was overcome with fear and anxiety but was no longer able to contain his feeling. Taichi would hate him for what he felt and his desires would be shattered leaving him without a purpose once again. "Taichi I know you will hate me for saying this but I can't hold it any longer, Taichi I love you…"

Taichi stared at him curiously. Had he heard what he thought he had heard or was his imagination playing tricks on him? He gulped quietly. All his courage seemed to flow out of his body, but could this stop him from saying how he really felt? "Yamato… I think I love you too…"

Yamato looked up at him in complete shock. Had he heard what he though he had heard or was he just imagining things?  "Do you really mean it?" he asked in awe.

Taichi's skin turned redder. "Hai. To be honest it's really hard to admit after all that's happened between us. But I've never felt this way before, not about anyone. What's happened to

Hikari is awful but maybe this journey was a good thing after all. I got to learn things about you that I never thought possible. And I discovered I was right, you're not completely cold after all." He gave a small smile. "Glad I didn't give in to that belief."

Yamato bent over and placed his hands on the tanned boy's shoulders. With this grip of support he placed his lips against Taichi's giving him a soft kiss. Taichi shut his eyes enjoying this small movement of pleasure. He felt too weak to wrap his arms around Yamato and so instead he let himself lean deeper into his kiss. A few moments later both boys parted.


Suddenly both their crests began to glow. Taichi's orange and Yamato's blue. "What-what's happening?" A warm glow entered their body's healing all the pain they had suffered during the avalanche. It was a wonder sensation as all pain simply seemed to evaporate into nothingness. Their bodies glowed brightly. Taichi slowly opened his eyes to see his love bathed in an aura of blue. He looked so beautiful. A few minutes later the glows seemed to fade but of course the calming sense remained. Both their faces had returned to normal no longer so pale.

Yamato placed his hand on Taichi's cheek. "You're warm."

"So are you." Taich replied, doing the same as Yamato. As they gazed into each others eyes they were suddenly reminded of Taichi's sister.

"Hikari!" Yamato nodded knowing that would have to find the plant soon. Wait what about Agumon and Gabumon?"

The blond boy stared back sadly. "I don't know."

Taichi's face fell. "What happened to them? Did they fall off too?"

"I have no idea, but hey they're Digimon, they are a lot stronger that humans. I'm sure they'll be fine."

"I guess your right. Right now we have to focus on Hikari, and if we don't get back on time…"

Yamato felt sorry for his friend but he was also determined to help him. "Come on we have to hurry up." Quickly he grabbed Taichi's hands and pulled his to the ledge. "It looks really danger." said Yamato as he stared down in the vastness of white.

"I don't care I have to go."

Yamato gave a small laugh. "Hai. I know. Now come on, we're all ready running out of time."

Taichi went first, grasping Yamato's hand tightly he moved. Yamato had his eyes tightly shut to frightened to look down in case he fell. He hated heights, especially ones were there was a chance you could fall down and die.

"We're almost there." Said Taichi noticing how tense Yamato looked. Taichi stopped instantly as the ground before him began to shatter slightly. This part of the ledge seemed to be weak and Taichi began to dread the thought that it couldn't support the both of them. "Yamato wait!"

"What's wrong?" he questioned fearfully. Snow began to collapse from the up of the mountain as the winds grew and it was coming straight towards them.  Both screamed each other name as the ledge broke below them. Yamato's heart beat rapidly. No it couldn't end like this. Not after all that had happened, not when he had just admitted his true feelings. It couldn't be like this. No… Suddenly he felt something hard collide with his back. Was that it? Was that the gigantic fall? Honestly he had expected much worst. He opened his revealing that he was flying through the air. "Na-nani?"

"Yamato!" Taichi threw his arms around the blond and squealed happily. "They're alive!"

Quickly he looked around. He was riding on his own Digimon. "Metalgarurumon!"

"Happy to see me?"

"God yes!" he replied instantly. "But how did you find us?"

"When Agumon were revived my powers of the crest we knew that you must be alive. We knew you two would continue searching for Hikari's medicine so we thought you'd be climbing to the top."

"To be honest we thought you would have all ready at the top by now." said Wargreymon, jokingly.

"Hey give us a break!" cried Taichi. The dinosaur Digimon just laughed.

"Let's hurry and get up there!"

Thankfully it didn't take them very long to find when they finally reached the top. And after taking some they quickly flew back to the other.

"I hope Hikari-chan will be all right."

"Trust me she will." replied Yamato kindly.

Taichi smiled and nodded. "Hai." Showing their joy they passionately began to kiss each other. 


"I'm really worried. They've gone for so long." Spoke Sora biting her nails nervously.

Takeru gently placed his hand on Hikari's forehead. "Sora-san will Hikari-chan be all right?"

The girl gave a small sigh of dismay. She didn't to lie to the younger boy anymore. "I don't know Takeru, we'll just have to see."

"I should have gone with them." said Tailmon curling into her unconscious partner's side."

"I really don't think it would have made much of a difference." stated Koushiro still typing away on his laptop.

"Well it's better than sitting here doing nothing!" the cat-like creature spat back at him.

Koushiro ignored her remark and to talk to everyone. "Sora is right, they've been gone way to long considering we're almost drawing the forty-eight hour mark."

Mimi squealed. "You mean?!"

The red headed boy frowned and slowly nodded. "Yes I'm afraid so." Everyone gazed at the girl sadly. Their friend was dying right before their eyes and they could do nothing to help the girl. Takeru began to break into tears and to be honest Sora felt that she wanted to do the same. Instead she wrapped her arms around him and tried to comfort the younger boy. He was so young, it seemed wrong to bring to little children like Takeru and Hikari here. After all look how hurt Hikari had got. She wanted to scream. Kuso!

Suddenly Tailmon's large ears perked up.

"What's wrong Tailmon?" Sora asked frightened in case it was an enemy Digimon.

"I hear something." The cat-like creature replied keep her concentration.

"Really, what?" asked Mimi.

"Hey I hear it too!" cried Patamon.

A large figure emerged from the trees and landed near them.

"Ahhh it's an evil Digimon!!" yelled Jyou in panic.

"It's Metalgarurumon!" yelled Koushiro.

"Taichi!" cried Gatomon quickly rushing over. Yamato and Taichi jumped down from the Digimon and made their way over.

"Well?" Taichi held out the flower.

"You found it!" everyone cried gleefully. Jyou took the flower and immediately got to work in preparing it for Hikari. Time was running and no one had seen Jyou work so fast before.

Using a small bowl and large stick he was able to crumble down enough to make it appear in liquid form. Gently he lifted Hikari's head up so she could swallow it. "Thank God you got here in time, had you taken any longer then it would have been too late."

"So does that mean she'll be all right?" Taichi asked nervously.

Jyou gave a small smile. "I think so, all thought I can't be one hundred per sent sure but the medicine is very powerful so it should have a strong effect on her.

"I'm so glad you're back, for awhile I didn't think you two would make it back in time." Sora sighed in relief.

"Onii-san I really missed you!" said Takeru wrapping his arms around his brother.

Yamato smiled and picked him up. "I missed you too."

"You did?" the younger boy asked hopefully.

Yamato laughed. "Of course."

"How long will it be before she gets any better?" asked Taichi, his question directed at Koushiro.

"The information I've gather so far says it good be between one to ten hours."

"So basically it's just a waiting game." the brunette asked, frowning. He gazed down sadly at his sister. Yamatoput his hand on his friend's shoulder and gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Don't worry, she'll be okay now. All we can do now is wait."

Taichi nodded. "Yeah you're right."

About two hours had passed and colour slowly seemed to return to Hikari's cheeks.

"Hey look everybody!" cried Palmon pointing towards Hikari. Hikari was beginning to stir awake and could faintly be heard muttering something.

Taichi instantly rushed to her side. "Hikari!" Tired and confused she opened her eyes. "Taichi…" she whispered softly.

"Hikari-chan are-are you all right?"

"I think so, I just feel so tried. What happened?"

Taichi burst into tears of joy and grabbed her into a tight hug. "God I was so scared. I'm so glad you're all right."

"Um what happened?" the little girl asked, confused that everyone happened to be staring at her.

Tailmon curled into her. "Hikari-chan…"

"See I told you she'd be all right." said Yamato happy to see that a smile had returned to his loves face.

"Yamato thank you. Thank you for all you've done. If it wasn't for you I'd have never gotten that flower. I would have never been able to get it on my own.  You're so kind, that's why I love you so." Yamato turned a dark shade of red. While everyone was fussing over Hikari he took Yamato's hand and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

"I still can't over the fact that this all happened."

"Yeah but I guess we shouldn't think about it to much and look to the good of it."

Taichi gave a small laugh. "Of course it's good."

Yamato reached down and pulled out his crest from his jumper. "Do you still feel it? What we felt earlier."

"Yeah, it feels so strange but it's nice."

"Maybe it was a sign, a sign that we can save the Digital world." Yamato said unusually optimistic.

"Hai and if any evil Digimon tried to mess with Hikari or even you they're gonna get their asses kicked!" the tanned boy yelled landing a punching into the air.

Yamato just chuckled. "So delusional..."

Taichi sweatdropped. "Hey am not!"

"Well delusional but also very cute." Yamato wrapped his arms around the brunette and began to softly kiss him. Taichi blushed placed his hands on the blonds waist. "I can live with cute."

"Hey should uh we go and tell the others?" Yamato asked becoming oddly nervous.

Taichi nodded quickly noticing the worry on Yamato's face. "Don't worry they'll accept it. The only problem is…"


"Will they believe it?"

Yamato shrugged. "Probably not but hey if they don't believe us, at least we have an excuse."


Both passionately kissed each forgetting that that their love was indeed a mysterious occurrence. But then again it didn't matter. They'd grown so much through the whole experience that the learned to expect things for what they were. Besides you can't help the one you love and both knew this more than anything…


Authors Notes: Sorry if the ending was boring and corny. To be honest I had differ ways of ending it and wasn't sure which one to choose, eventually my mind threw this one at me. Gomen if the ending was bad. Thank you very much for everyone who has read and reviewed my story. It means lots and lots to me. ^_^  Arigatou gozaimasu!