The blasting horn sounds in my ear and I do nothing but instinct and run. I find a neon yellow bag lying on the wet, soggy green grass, and I scoop it up into my hands and run to the woods. After speeding up the mossy ground and wet puddles of mud, I sit down on a large stone to look in to what I have found. A water bottle, a knife, rope, and berries. But these berries are not one you would want to eat. I would never trust the Capitol. After I throw the berries to the floor, I get up and run deeper into the woods. A girl with a long brown brain and a brown jacket runs and nearly knocks me to my feet.

"Please! No, don't kill me!" I say as quiet as I could bare.

"I don't want to kill you. I was just- just looking for something to eat." The District 12 girl scoops the berries in her hand and examines them, by the look of thought on her face, I can easily tell she know about herbs, melodies, and especially hunting.

Ok, the hunting part I got from her appearance, but still.

"You're the one who volunteered for her sister, right?" I blurt out.

She nods, stiffly, and pops one of the berries in her mouth. I look at her in fear that she might drop dead any minute now.

"Don't worry. They're not harmful. See? The berries are blue, not purple. Therefore, this is not nightlock." Her experience with these methods impress me deeply, but I still have my suspicions.

"So, you're who, exactly?" The 12 girl asks.

"Just call me Foxface." I say.

"Ok. I'm Katniss. You have nice speed, by the way. I saw you run into the woods." She says.

"Yeah. Back at home, I used to run around a lot." I say.

"So, you know how to climb a tree? Because that looks like the best place to be right about now, look." Katniss points a finger downhill, and I see two figure laughing and climbing up the hill.

As Katniss asked, I do know how to climb trees, but it is not something I would prefer. But oh, well. That's life in the games.

"Yeah. Let's go." I lunge towards a tree and grab hold of the sturdy trunk.

As I hoist myself farther up the tree, I hear the voices and footsteps grow louder, but I am almost at the top of the tree. I wrap my hand around the final branch, and I feel the base of it begin to snap. I jump up onto a larger branch just at the top of the tree and I grab the rope I have found. I look at Katniss, who is struggling with balance.

"Here. Take the rope, and tie yourself to the tree." I say, throwing her the rope.

And then, the thing we should have expected happened.

"Hey, look! It's the 12 girl and a little friend. I say we have some fun." the sickening voice of Cato drifts up to us and I freeze as his buddies all join in on the game.

I reach down into my pocket and pull out the knife from my bag. If only I was a good shot. It's worth a try. I arch my arm back and throw the knife, but instead of landing and killing the people, it just pierced through the yellow bag I left on the ground.

"Nice shot, 5" Cato laughs. "I think we've played nice too long."

Cato hoists himself up on the tree and climbs his way up. I just sit and wait for just the right moment. When Cato's hand is inches away from my leg, I get up and jump to the tree next to me. The landing did not go so well, though. I hung there on the branch for a total of two minutes before pulling up and repositioning myself on the tree.

"That's it. You two can't stay in that tree forever! We'll be waiting right here for when you come out." Glimmer shouts.

Cato, on the other hand, has given up and heads the other direction. Well, I guess that means I get to sleep in a tree. Fun. I remember sleeping in a tree when I was little to get away from a hive of tracker jackers by our house. It was not comfortable, but it was better than nothing, same with this.

I turn my head, finding Katniss tying herself to the tree. I use the red rope stored in my boot to do the same. The sun starts to fall, leaving the sky a bright orange and purple. When I finally fall asleep, the bright moon is tasting a silver glow on my face, but the bitter cold nearly froze me to death.

When the sun begins to rise, I wake to find a small girl with dark skin and black hair. Her spread arms hung off a branch as she lay there, her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling slowly. I turned towards Katniss, who sat there, her face blank of expression. She looked down at the group, laying her head back on a branch behind her. And just like that, the small girl sat up, wide awake this time, and was trying to communicate with Katniss. She pointed up to a branch above Katniss's head witch hung a nest of tracker jackers, then pointed down to the bundle of sleeping people below.

Katniss stood on steady, calm legs and hopped onto the branch above her. She pulled out a sharp knife and reached over to he tracker jacker's nest, sawing at the wood one inch away from the nest. Furious wasps flew out, digging their stingers her skin, from hand to neck to arm. After a endless matter of seconds, the nest fell to the ground, crashing before us next to the sleeping bodies. A sickening vibration shook at my hands as I jumped over to Katniss's now crumpled body lain on the tree.

"Katniss! Run. Come on let's go! This is our chance. Are you okay?" I yelled over the buzz of wasps.

Katniss still laid there but her hands started to shake now. I grabbed her hand and jumped off the branch, landing on the one directly under me. After several jumps, I reached the branch five feet above the ground that had no branch under, but ground. I jumped off and lead Katniss over to a log by a river with small flowers growing under the water. I lifted my hand to find that it had begun to swell into a large lump hanging off of my wrist. My vision grew blurry and I dropped my head, reaching over to a clump of grass, trying to keep balance. My back hit the ground and my grasp on the ground grew tighter. Even though I had been lying down, I felt off balance. As my eyelids began to drop, I saw the short girl run over to me and Katniss. By the time she got there, though, I had fallen asleep and probably would never wake up again...

I hope you liked the story so far. This is my first Hunger Games story so I might have gotten some things messed up. Please correct any mistakes and state any complaints. Thank you!