Ok so this is the third installment of the kidnapped! Tezuka stories (Just one night and Just one night continued) this may or may not be a multichaptered installment it really depends on whether people like it or not. If you havenalready please read the first two stories although with this one it really isncompletely necessary.


Tezuka squirmed slightly as he sat on the bed. It had been just a little over two weeks since Atobe had kidnapped him and he surprisingly had gotten used to being in the older boys company. Well not so much gotten used to it as just kind of excepted his fate. He knew fully well that if Atobe didn稚 want anybody to know where he was then they wouldn稚 know nor would they be able to find him.

So far besides the punishments he had received within the first week of being held captive he hadn稚 gotten any punishments. Mostly because he was trying to keep himself from getting into trouble because he knew Atobe didn't want to hurt him badly because he wasn稚 completely sure of how far the other teen would go to get his point across.

And that brings him to where he was now. Sitting on Atobe's bed waiting for him to come back from cleaning himself up and give him his punishment. He hadn't intentionally thrown his food from dinner on Atobe earlier but he got angry because of the fact that Atobe had accidentally left the TV on a news station before and he had seen the investigation on his disappearance pop up. But when he had confronted Atobe about what would happen with his friends and family Atobe had told him to just forget about them. Then in a fit of rage he had thrown his plate of food at him.

He wasn't totally sure what Atobe had in store for his punishment nor did he know why it was taking Atobe so long to clean up and tell him what he was going to do to him. Tezuka wasn't usually a nervous person but the fact that he had to sit and wait for any kind of punishment made him severely uneasy. Not to mention the other two punishments he had received included him having to sleep through the night with a dildo in him and him getting drugged with GHB.

Hopefully this punishment wouldn't be to harsh or extensive. He looked up as he heard Atobe open the door. Before he could help himself his eyes glanced down at the things in Atobe's hands. He could see a bucket of what looked like water in one hand and a covered basket in the other. Once Atobe reached the side of the bed Tezuka's feet were dangling off of he place the bucket down on the floor and set the covered hand basket down at the head of the bed.

"Stand up Not wanting to anger Atobe anymore than he probably was Tezuka quickly got up and stood a couple of inches in front of Atobe. He shivered lightly when Atobe's cold hands ran along his hip bones and to the hem of the black sweatpants he had been wearing. He flinched only slightly when Atobe tugged both his sweatpants and his boxers down to his ankles. Atobe sat down on the bed right where Tezuka had been sitting before and then patted his lap.

Tezuka stood there for a few seconds not completely sure what to do and then he let out a soft yelp when Atobe pulled him face first over his knees so that his face was pressed against the mattress and his hips were against the outside of Atobe's thigh. He squirmed a little bit at being in such a vulnerable position but he stopped when he felt one of Atobe's hands press against the small of his back. Sighing softly as he felt Atobe rub small soothing circles on his back he slowly started to relax against the other boys knees.

As he heard Atobe rustling around in the covered basket and pulling the bucket closer to him he tried to look back and see what was going on only to have Atobe press his head back down onto a soft pillow that had been placed under his head when he lifted it to look back. He felt Atobe's hand return to the small of his back and press down slightly causing his rear end to lift into the air a little.

Then he felt something small and wet press into his entrance. It felt about the length and thickness of a pinky finger but the tip what slightly thicker and more round. Then he gasped as what felt like cold water was forced into his ass. He cried out and tried to pull forward to get away from the weird and shocking sensation but Atobe held him firmly in place. After a few seconds he finally felt the water stop flowing. He almost sighed in relief when he felt whatever it was being pulled out of his entrance but it was short lived as a few seconds later he felt it push back in and push more water into him.

It continued in this cycle of whatever it was being pulled out of him only to be reinserted into him a few seconds later and release more liquid into him for about 6 more times. Then finally after 8 consecutive times he felt it pull out and he felt Atobe put whatever it was down next to his head before he felt a small butt plug being pushed into him.

Looking over to the side he finally saw that it was a measuring syringe used for liquids that had been inserted into him and he panted softly as his shifting caused the water inside his stomach and ass to slosh around inside of him.

"Keep still or ill put more into growled softly as he held Tezuka's body in place over his lap. 添ou aren稚 even done with your punishment yet.

He heard the air moving around the paddle before he felt it smack against his ass. He couldn't help but yelp when the first smack struck him because it stung and it made the butt plug and water shift inside him. Atobe continued to spank him with the heavy wooden paddle for about 20 minutes only stopping after 15 minutes to switch to a plastic paddle.

By the time 30 minutes had passed Tezuka could feel how red and bruised his ass was. And then finally when he let the first loud cry pass his lip he felt Atobe stopped spanking him. There were big tears rolling down his cheeks and he couldn't stop his hiccups and it only made it worse because every time he hiccuped it would jolt his body and jerk the liquids inside him around.

After a few minutes of Atobe rubbing his sore bottom and whispering soft unintelligible words into his ears he calmed down enough that his body wasn't jerking around every few seconds. He suddenly felt exhausted from the crying and the spanking and the amount of strength it took to hold the water in him. He whimpered softly as he felt Atobe turn him over and picked him up bridal style.

It took him a few seconds to figure out where he was being taken but when he was set down on his feet on the tiled floor of the bathroom and he felt Atobe gently pull out the butt plug he gingerly made his way over to the toilet and he was glad to see that Atobe had left him alone to relieve himself. A few minutes later he heard the door open and he listened to Atobe's soft footsteps against the tiles but he couldn't bring himself to lift up his head.

Tezuka didn't even struggle when Atobe picked him up again and he just laid in Atobe's arms with his head resting against his chest until he was placed softly back down on the bed. When he finally managed to look around he couldn't see the bucket or the basket or anything that had been in them anywhere in the room. He looked up when he felt Atobe wrap something warm and soft around him.

A few seconds later he could feel himself start to drift off to sleep from a mixture of the exhaustion of his punishment, the warmth of the fleece heating blanket and the soothing touch of Atobe running his hand through his hair.

When he woke up the first thing he noticed was that he was warm. But it was a nice warmth one that just inclosed around you and made you want to stay there forever and just sleep rather than an overwhelming warmth. Then he noticed that his ass was incredibly sore. It hadn't even been this sore when Atobe had raped him the first time.

And he was in different clothing than what he had fallen asleep in. Instead of the thin cotton shirt he had fallen asleep in he was clothed in one of Atobe's light blue sleeping shirts along with a pair of soft sweatpants and one of Atobe's Hyoutei tennis jerseys. Shifting around under the heating blanket that was tucked around him he found that he was thankful for the pair of soft cotton panties that he was wearing. Not because he liked wearing panties but because they were soft enough that when they brushed against the sore and tender skin of his ass it didn't hurt as much as boxers would have.

After a few minutes of laying under the warmth of the heating blanket he heard the door open and Atobe walked in with a basket of things. Tezuka suppressed a whimper when he saw the basket because it was the same one from last night. He thought that his punishment had been done when Atobe let him fall asleep but apparently he was wrong.

Every step Atobe took he would scoot closer to the wall that his bed was against until his back was flat against the wall and Atobe was standing in front of the bed just like he had been the night before. He couldn稚 take his eyes off the basket and the worst part was that it was covered again and he couldn't see what was inside. Atobe set the basket down on the bed and looked straight at him with a stern look until he finally gave up and crawled forward because he didn't want to make him madder. Especially after what kind of punishment he got last night.

Just like last night Atobe waited till he stood in front of him and then he yanked Tezuka's pants and underwear down and told him to step out of them. Tezuka hesitantly stepped out of his sweatpants and moved to lay across Atobe's lap like he had last night. He hoped that since there wasn't any water in the room he wouldn't be put through the same punishments as last night.

Even though he heard the cap of a bottle being opened he still couldn't suppress the shiver that ran through him when Atobe's slick fingers pressed against his entrance. Atobe took his time stretching Tezuka he didn't know whether it was because he wanted to prolong his torture or just because he wanted to carefully stretch him. After about three or four minutes he finally pulled his fingers out and reached back to get something out of his basket.

While Atobe was getting something from the basket Tezuka used the few seconds he had to prepare himself for what was about to come. Jerking slightly as something hard and round was pressed up against his entrance he tried to look back only to have his head pressed back down to the mattress. He gasped and whined as the ball which felt to be about one inch round pressed into his ass. It was followed by another three balls.

There was about half an inch of wire between each ball and he blushed at the feeling of the excess wire dangling out of him. He felt Atobe tug at the other end of the wire a little bit before he heard a click and let out a shocked squeal. His legs were flailing slightly in the air as the balls suddenly started vibrating inside of him. It felt strange but good at the same time.

Then he let out a loud whimper of pain when a sudden burst of pain landed on his right ass cheek. For the next 30 minutes he was continuously tortured by the repeated smacks to his rear end and the constant vibrations of the balls.

Finally after two particularly hard spanks Atobe stopped and sat the paddle down and gently rubbed his bottom with one hand. He felt the vibrations slowly come to a stop and then he let out a shuddery breath as Atobe pulled on the wire. He gasped and pressed his face into the side of Atobe's thigh as he felt the first ball being pulled against his entrance and Atobe was going slow enough that he could feel every millimeter of the anal ball slowly stretch his entrance before finally popping out. It continued like this until all four balls were out.

He was just left to lay over Atobe's knees for a minute as Atobe's hand constantly applied light soothing pressure to his sore bottom. Then all of a sudden Atobe's knee that had been holding his stomach and part of his chest dropped out from under him and he let out a startled yelp as he was forced to catch himself on his hands while his ass lifted farther into the air over Atobe's other knee. Within seconds of the change in position he felt a excessively hard smack of the paddle land on the back his thighs.

He couldn't tell which was worse the stinging of the holed paddle on the backs of his thighs or the pain of the wooden paddle on his already sensitive rear. This time it only took him 10 minutes to let the first sob of pain pass his lips but Atobe kept on spanking. 20, 30 minutes passed as the paddle cracked against his thighs painting them a painful shade of purplish red. Atobe stopped after a total of 40 minutes of spanking him and he could feel the blisters on his backside.

Atobe slowly brought his knee back up so that Tezuka was laying flat across his legs. Putting the paddle down in the basket he got out a small tub of salve and began to gently massage it into the backs of Tezuka's thighs and the sore bruised parts of his butt. He used on hand to rub in the salve and the other switched between rubbing Tezuka's back and petting his hair.

Tezuka waited until Atobe finished rubbing the salve onto him and then he let out a couple soft hiccups before nuzzling his face into his kidnappers thighs. He felt Atobe pat the back of his ass and he slowly stood up from his position on Atobe's knees and reached a hand back to press against the raised welts on his ass.

He saw Atobe stand up and he felt him wind his warm arms around him.

"Now we're all done. Are you gonna be a good boy now?Atobe asked as he pressed a gentle kiss to the quivering lips of his captive.

He smiled against Tezuka's cheek when he felt the other boy hurriedly nod. Stooping down to the floor he picked up Tezuka's pants and underwear and tossed them into the hamper on the other side of the room.

Atobe hadn't really wanted to hurt the younger male but he needed to get his point across and he needed to make sure that Tezuka wouldn't misbehave and the only way to do that is to punish him when he does misbehave. Originally he was going to give him an enema and a spanking for three nights in a row just to make sure that Tezuka got it in his head not to disobey him but after seeing how his love had taken the first enema he decided that one enema and two spankings was more than enough.

Whispering in Tezuka's ear to stay put he walked over to the bureau and pulled out a pair of silk panties and a pair of fleece pants. Folding his choices over his arm he moved back over to where Tezuka was still standing hunched over trying to hide his red bottom. Coming up behind him Atobe helped him into the clothing before gently running his hands through Tezuka's messy hair. There were faint tear stains on Tezuka cheeks and as he frowned Atobe pulled out a piece of cloth and gently wiped away any traces of tears.

He had subtly been giving Tezuka more and more freedom over the past two weeks that he had him. Despite the fact that he had kidnapped Tezuka he didn't want him to feel like he was being imprisoned. He wanted to make sure that Tezuka knew he was loved and that he didn't just bring him here solely to hurt him.

So he had started to give him a little bit of leeway. Like he didn't have him chained or handcuffed to the bed anymore. In fact Atobe had managed to do away with the handcuffs completely. He still had them in case he had to use them again but they were hidden away with the rest of the things he had designated for Tezuka's punishments. Even though he hoped he wouldn't have to punish the brunette he still had to have things to punish him with in case he needed to.

Atobe took a hold of Tezuka's arm and started to steer him out of his room and down the hall. Atobe had brought Tezuka to this room a couple times during the first week of having him with him because it had several therapeutic things in the room. A massage table and a huge reclining chair that could easily fit two or three people in it that also had heat and cooling settings as well as massage settings.

The main thing that Atobe brought Tezuka in here for was when his muscles had started to cramp from being in one position for to long when he had him handcuffed on the bed while he was at school all day. So he would lie Tezuka down on the massage chair and handcuff him to it so he couldn't get away then he would turn on the heat and massage settings and by time he was heading off to school Tezuka would usually be fast asleep in the chair.

But now that they were on winter break and he wasn't gone at school for 8 hours a day he could let Tezuka walk around or he could take him out to his gardens instead of just leaving him in the bed or chair.

Pushing the younger boy down onto the chair he reached over and adjusted the settings so that the heat was on a medium and the massage was on high. He then pulled a thick blanket over top of Tezuka and kissed his cheek before leaving the room and locking the door so he could go check on dinner.

Sitting in the massage chair was like heaven especially after being spanked. The warmth from the chair and the blanket mixed with the soreness and exhaustion from the spanking made him drift off to sleep almost instantly. But he managed to stay awake long enough for Atobe to come back from doing whatever and sit down in the chair and cuddle next to him. He laid his head on Atobe's shoulder and quietly settled down to sleep hoping that he wouldn't be punished again.

When Tezuka woke up he found that Atobe was no longer in the chair with him but rather in front of the chair trying to shake him awake. Staring at Atobe while his brain caught up to being awake he finally registered that Atobe was trying to wake him for dinner and he quickly tried to scramble up only to fall back down with a whimper as his sore muscles were forced to work.

Atobe pitying the other teen gently re wrapped the blanket around him before lifting him up bridal style and carrying him towards the private dining room. Even though Tezuka was about and inch taller than him he was light enough that Atobe could pick him up with out even straining a little bit.

Finally arriving in his private dining room Atobe picked up a small extra cushioned pillow on his way over to his chair. He set the pillow down directly over his lap before lowering Tezuka onto it as softly as he could. He shifted Tezuka around until he was sure that he was comfortable and not in a significant amount of pain. Then he turned his head to look at the food that was in front of them. There were two beautiful china plates set out in front of them and beyond those were platters full of meats and breads and fruits and vegetables.

Lately Atobe had been feeding Tezuka fruits and vegetables along with some rice or bread mostly because that was how he knew Tezuka ate when he lived with his parents. And Tezuka hadn't been complaining and he usually declined most of the meats unless it was unagi or fish although whether that was because he didn't like the other meats or because most of the dishes Atobe's chefs prepared were a lot richer than what Tezuka was used to Atobe did not know.

But either way Atobe definitely didn't mind giving him fruits or vegetables because that meant that he had a good reason to hand feed it to Tezuka. And one of his favorite parts of dinner was being able to feed his love. It didn't hurt that he found Tezuka absolutely adorable when he tried to stop himself from blushing as he was hand fed his food.

Atobe kept one arms wrapped around Tezuka's back so that he could make sure the other didn't fall. Reaching forward to a platter full of fruit he dragged it forward and started to feed it to Tezuka. It had gotten to be almost a ritual between the two of them now. Atobe would pick up a piece of food and bring it to Tezuka's mouth then Tezuka would open up and eat it.

And when he got full he would just press his face either into the cover that was wrapped around him or into Atobe's shoulder. Atobe would wait until Tezuka was done eating before he would start to eat himself and if he felt that Tezuka would want it he would give Tezuka a piece of bread or meat.

In the time that he had Tezuka he had learned a lot about him. Like how he liked being warm and cozy. Which is why Atobe had so many heating blankets stashed around because he knew if Tezuka was warm and comfortable he was a lot more open and he was more cooperative. He also found out the Tezuka had some significant weak spots on his body. His head or scalp was one of them you could just sit there for hours petting his hair and running your hands through his hair and he would just lay there like an adorable oversized kitten. The one thing that was missing was him purring.

Another sensitive spot was right behind his ears. If you had a big enough hand or positioned your hand the right way you could rub his head while simultaneously rubbing your thumb right behind his ear. And that was what made him purr. Tezuka was absolutely adorable when he purred it was a soft purr that you could almost feel vibrating his whole body.

But after a couple minutes Atobe was finally done his dinner and setting his utensils down he slowly stood up while keeping Tezuka in his arms. As he was walking back to his bedroom he paused and turned left instead of going straight like he should have. He suddenly had the urge to give his captive a bath.

He always enjoyed giving Tezuka baths because even if Tezuka didn't like it he would still sit and allow Atobe to wash him and the hot water always made Tezuka relaxed and sleepy and it was the best way to get him ready for bed especially if Atobe put bath salts in the water. As long as the scent of the bath salts was soothing or warm then it combined with the warmth of the bath water and the soothing motions of Atobe washing him it would almost always put Tezuka straight to sleep in the tub.

Walking into the huge bath room Atobe set Tezuka down on a small stood next to the bath tub he then turned to start running the water before getting up and walking to the other side of the room to get a couple things down from one of the shelves in the corner.

After a minute or two Atobe came back over to the tub and checked the water temperature before adjusting it to be a bit hotter. Waiting a minute and then checking it again he hummed in approval before shutting off the water and turning back to Tezuka then unwrapping him from the blanket and taking off his clothing.

Once Tezuka was fully unclothed he helped him step into the water and sit down. Atobe smirked when he heard Tezuka sigh in pleasure at the warm water soothing his aching muscles. Moving to reach into his basket he picket out a mango scented body wash. It was a slightly girly scented body wash but he liked how it mixed with Tezuka's natural sweet honey-like scent and Tezuka hadn't complained about any of his bathing necessity scents yet.

After Atobe finished rubbing the body wash in Tezuka's skin he quickly washed it off set about wetting down Tezuka's hair. The first time he had given Tezuka a bath he had just used a bowl to splash water on Tezuka's hair but since he found that it usually got soap in Tezuka's eyes he went and bought a extendable shower head so that he could aim the water where he wanted it to go and keep the soap out of Tezuka's eyes.

He waited for Tezuka to close his eyes and tilt his head back before turning on the shower head and wetting his hair down. Since he liked using fruit scented bath essentials on Tezuka he had gotten a green apple shampoo and conditioner. Plus Tezuka liked green apples so he didn't think Tezuka would have any kind of objection with smelling like green apples and mango. As he was rubbing the shampoo and conditioner into Tezuka's scalp he couldn't help but noticed how adorable Tezuka was with his hair wet and his glasses gone.

He was adorable with his hair dry and his glasses on to but something about seeing him wet and glasses-less was exceptionally cute. Tezuka looked cuter and younger without his glasses and he looked more vulnerable than when he had them on. So in an effort to see more of Tezuka's cute side he had taken his glasses away and gave him contacts that could be changed every 30 days.

Atobe quickly washed the suds out of Tezuka's hair and then leaned over to gently kiss his warm lips. He helped him stand and dry off before wrapping a dry towel around him and moving him to sit on the stood near the bathtub. He took out a hair dryer and used warm air to dry Tezuka's hair and then he combed it out.

He had Tezuka stand up before he sat down on the stool and pulled his basket over. Atobe saw the slight amount of fear in Tezuka's eyes as he noticed the basket and reached up to slowly rubbed circles on his back before gently pulling him to lay over his lap. He lifted up the back of the towel just enough that he could see the small of Tezuka's back. Once again reaching into his basket he pulled out a tub of salve. He felt Tezuka tense up probably trying to prepare himself for the first stinging strike of the paddle and then he felt Tezuka jerk slightly when he applied the cold soothing salve to his rear end.

It took him about 5 minutes to finally be satisfied with how much salve he had rubbed into Tezuka's backside and thighs. He leaned down and kissed the soft skin of his back before letting him stand up and pulling the towel away so he could dress him.

Finally he lead Tezuka back to their room and after locking the door he laid down in bed with him and planted a kiss on top of his head before settling down to sleep with Tezuka's face pressed against his chest.

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