This is the final chapter of 100 nights (and by that I mean the actual 100 nights/Just one Night storyline) but I might still post other imperial pair kidnap fics on the story or they will get their own story, but I wont know until I start writing more.

Also to the faithful reviewer who requested a non-con fic with uke-tezuka, I am working on it but the amount of characters is had to write and position and everything and ive been sick for a while so its a painstaking process. But it will get done!


Tezuka gasped as he ran through the thick foliage around him. His lungs hurt so badly, but he knew he had to keep running if he didn't want to get caught again. After witnessing Atobe conversing with Oishi and then fainting, Atobe had been keeping him chained to the bed in his room with a collar and leash but earlier today after Atobe left for school Tezuka realized that he might be able to get the collar off if he could see the buckle which was placed at the back of his neck.

Once he knew what he was looking for he quickly found a mirror, thankfully Atobe had made the chain long enough for him to reach the bureau, and used it to unbuckle the collar. It had been easy to get out of the mansion after that because the maids and butlers were all doing things and there were several rooms that weren't occupied, and eventually he had found his way towards the front doors and had slipped out without anyone noticing.

It was good that he got out when he did because Atobe was at school for at least another half an hour judging by the time the clocks in the mansion showed when he had left. Which meant he had a good 20 minute head start and he doubted that Atobe would know which way he had ran after leaving. Tezuka just hoped that he was heading in a direction of someone who would help him rather than hurt him, who knew how many people Atobe could convince to help re-kidnap him?.

Panting he stopped for a second as he came up onto a street, taking a quick glance around Tezuka spotted a street sign and thanked what ever god was looking over him when he realized he was only a couple streets away from where Fuji lived. Looking both ways before crossing the street and running across some of the yards of the other homeowners he hoped he had enough time left before Atobe got home and started looking for him. If he could get to Fuji or the police before that happened then he would be safe.

Tezuka ran up to the door of the Fuji household and immediately started banging on the door repeatedly, not caring if the neighbors noticed him or not. He might not have anyway of telling the time but he knew it had to be close to Atobe getting home, in fact he was probably already home and realizing he was gone.

Frantically he looked behind him before turning back to pound on the door even harder, almost falling down on top of Fuji once he opened the door.

"T-Tezuka?" Fuji asked shocked as he stared at Tezuka.

Tezuka pushed Fuji into the house and quickly followed after him, shoving the door closed and locking it before turning back to Fuji and almost bowling him over as he grabbed a hold of him.

"Fuji, you have to help me! Atobe's kept me trapped in his mansion- he rape-" Tezuka started to almost shout as he gripped Fuji, finally glad to be back with his friend, with someone who would help him. Fuji stood shell-shocked for a moment before hugging Tezuka back and gently leading him to sit on the couch in the living room.

"Just sit down, ill go get you a glass of water ok?" Fuji told Tezuka while holding his hands before standing up and going into the kitchen to get him something to drink.

After a few moments he returned with a glass of water, he slowly sat down next to Tezuka and gave him the water. Fuji watched Tezuka take a few slow sips, then he placed a comforting hand on Tezuka's shoulder and asked him to tell him what happened.

After telling Fuji everything that had happened to him while he was being held captive he realized when he stood up to go to the bathroom that he felt dizzy. Fuji helped him to the bathroom and back before telling him to sit down and that he would go call the police and let them know that he was alive and at Fuji's house.

"You can go sleep in my room if it will make you more comfortable." Fuji said softly while gesturing to the staircase, then he walked into the kitchen to make the call.

Tezuka took a few seconds to judge whether or not he thought he'd be able to make it up the stairs by himself before deciding that he should probably ask Fuji for help rather than fall down the stairs and get hurt because he was to dizzy. He slowly made his way towards the kitchen, but Fuji's voice stopped him as he went to walk in the entryway.

"Did you not hear what I just said Atobe? Tezuka is here, in my house!" Fuji whispered angrily into the telephone. "Well maybe you should have kept a better watch on him! What if he hadn't come to me?"

"He could have gone to the police, or one of the other regulars!" Tezuka stood shell-shocked for a moment before turning to leave and accidentally knocking over a table in the process. Cursing quietly as he heard the conversation in the kitchen stop, he tried to run only to be hit with another even more harsh wave of dizziness.

Tezuka struggled away from Fuji's grip as soon as his brain registered that Fuji had helped him up off the floor where he had fallen when the dizziness struck. He tried to use the couch as leverage to get up but every time he tried his head felt like someone was filling it with cotton.

"You should sleep. Atobe will take good care of you." He heard Fuji whisper quietly into his ear as he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Tezuka groaned softly as he slowly started to wake up, his head was throbbing from the after effects of whatever drug Fuji had given him but as he started to register everything around him he could hear the faint sound of someone humming. He gently lifted himself onto his elbows and then attempted to push himself onto his knees but he stopped dead in his tracks when his back hit something that felt like metal.

Tezuka finally took a good look at exactly what he had been laying on before he had woken up and realized with a pang of fear running down his spine that he was laying on a dog bed in what seemed to be an over-sized metal puppy crate. It took a few seconds for his mind the register the fact that he was also restrained to the side of the crate with a long chain leash.

"Well, look who decided to wake up." Snapping his head to the left Tezuka held back a whimper when he saw Atobe standing next to his cage.

Atobe smirked at the shocked look on Tezuka's face before holding up a slightly shorter nylon black dog leash and saying, "I think its time I take you for a walk puppy! After all what kind of owner would I be if I just locked you in a cage and didn't let you enjoy the nice warm Italian countryside?"

Tezuka jerked back away from the door of the dog pen and pressed himself a close as he could to the opposite end of the pen when Atobe opened the door a reached in. but even when he pushed himself as far into the corner as he could get Atobe still managed to grab his chain and yank him forward enough to get a hold of his collar and attach the nylon leash to it.

The End.