I got some reviews asking for an explanation as to what happened after the original ending to 100 nights so here is a little excerpt from what happened after Atobe took Tezuka to Italy. I probably won't end up explaining why Fuji was involved in the kidnapping.

"Fuji called me yesterday afternoon." Atobe said softly as he ran his hands threw Tezuka's hair lightly. "Even after two years your team is still looking for you."

He waited for a response but all he got was a slight movement against his side as Tezuka shifted to rest his head more fully on his chest, he watched the prone form for a second before continuing on.

"Your birthday is coming up in two weeks. Would you like to go back to see them and at least let them know your alive?" He asked.

Tezuka looked up at him then pushed himself up onto his elbows, glancing down as his leash rattled against the blanket they were resting on. "Can we?" He whispered slowly, testing to see if Atobe was actually telling the truth.

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I was just going to say no Kunimitsu." He leaned over and gently pecked Tezuka on the lips before pressing him back down against his clothed chest. "But we won't leave for a week or so. I want to make sure we have our back story as to how I found you straight."

Tezuka nodded slightly as he settled back down and smiled lightly at the thought of seeing his old friends again.

"Now we've agreed that you're going to be a good boy and not try to run away while we're here, right?" Atobe asked as he unbuckled the black collar from around Tezuka's neck. In the two years since he had taken Tezuka to Italy he had only ever removed his collar a few times, but he knew he couldn't leave it on when Tezuka was around his friends, he really didn't need questions as to why Tezuka was wearing a collar with his name on it.

He smirked slightly to himself as he rested back in the seat of his private jet while Tezuka settled down next to him. It had taken time and a lot of effort for Tezuka to finally adjust to his new surroundings but he had finally submitted to Atobe once he realized that things would be easier for the both of them if he just allowed Atobe to do what he wished. Although he did still have the tendency to fight Atobe on some of the major things but with most of the decisions Atobe makes he usually complies.

Atobe felt more than saw Tezuka jerk slightly when the plane finally hit the runway to land, his lover had been fidgety about getting to Japan ever since Atobe brought it up to him. Which was totally understandable seeing as he had been taken away for two years and hadn't been allowed to keep contact with anyone.

Atobe stood up from his chair and took Tezuka's hand when the door to the plane opened and a set of stairs folded down onto the pavement of the airport. Tezuka slipped into the limo ahead of Atobe and sat near the middle of the back seat, waiting until Atobe climbed in and settled himself at the window before scooting over to his side.

The ride from the airport to Seigaku High school wasn't long but Atobe could tell just by Tezuka's face that he was getting more and more antsy as the got closer to the school. Finally the school came into view and the driver stopped near the back of the school, about 50 feet from the gates that led into the schools tennis courts.

Tezuka immediately scrambled out of the limo and five feet from the door, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet as he waited for Atobe to unbuckle his seat belt and slide out of the limo. He bit his lip as Atobe grabbed a hold of his hand and started walking with him to the gate, making sure that he didn't break out into a run and slam through the metal fencing.

They had been inside the gates less than a few seconds before a boy a little shorter than Tezuka came over and asked them what they wanted, Atobe curtly told him to go get Oishi and tell him to come to them. The teenager glared at them suspiciously before trotting off to go get the person in question. Atobe could feel Tezuka's eyes staring at him, so he turned and huffed at the glare that was being sent his way.

"He was being a brat." He said in a simple explanation then turned back to face the tennis courts.

Footsteps rounding the corner of the gate brought their attention back in front of them, and as Oishi looked up he stopped dead in his tracks for a few seconds before breaking out in a sprint, he wrapped his arms around his lost friend and the force of him running threw them both to the ground. He laid halfway on top of Tezuka for a few seconds before standing up and offering his hand to the other male.

Once Tezuka was back on his feet Oishi started firing off questions at him, ranging from what happened to how did you get back. Tezuka had only answered the main questions before Oishi finally seemed to notice that Atobe was standing next to Tezuka.

"You found him?" He asked Atobe quietly as he hugged Tezuka again, his voice cracked at the end of his sentence as his emotions began to overwhelm him. Atobe nodded slightly before suggesting that Oishi take Tezuka and allow the other members of his old team to reacquaint themselves with him.

"I think we'll stay a few days longer." Atobe said lightly as they entered the mansion he used to use back in junior high.

Atobe pulled out the black collar and buckled it around the back of Tezuka's neck, Tezuka leaned forward and allowed him to buckle it before walking farther into the room then laying on the bed. Atobe climbed onto the bed after him and pulled him towards his chest and he laid down and covered him in a blanket.