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Story: Kijima was just looking for a little fun. And somehow, it all turned into a learning experience and he wasn't quite sure he qualified as a teacher. And yet, Kyoko on the other hand, seems to be an eager student.
Set somewhere after chapter 101, with some previous scenes beforehand being switched in time.
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Warnings: Hm, I need to think about this time.
Pairings: Kijima/Kyoko, side-Kyoren, side-(very downplayed XD) Kyosho, one-sided Hikaru/Kyoko….and we can't ignore one-sidedness from strange Reino, eh?

An Education
Chapter Twelve: If I Was Your Boyfriend

It had been awhile since their last "lesson," as Kyoko reminded him. Probably around two weeks, maybe? With the whole thing with Kuu and all, they'd been too busy to focus on one. Especially since the next lesson was basically Kyoko's "first time."

It required, to him, something special –a little (a lot) more thought put into it. He'd have to plan it out, or at least most of it. And he'd have to buy some things for her…condoms…lubricant…morning after pill just in case. He was definitely not going to ruin her career and cause a scandal by getting her pregnant.

After that though…He'd basically went over the basics. He supposed he could include anal. It's been a few years since he'd last did that though, so he'd have to go slow so they could adjust and he wouldn't end up hurting her. He could slip in a little anal play during her first time to see how receptive she was to it…

And after that, he guessed he'd have to do research of his own, to see what else to bring into the lesson plans. It'll probably be new stuff to both of them by then, but he'd rather not stop what he had with Kyoko. Maybe he could introduce her to porn.

Kijima chuckled to himself, as he pictured Kyoko's red face and occasional stutter as she twitched. But she'd probably be fascinated too. She wouldn't be able to look away…just like when she'd been watching him jerk off that first time too…He pulled at his collar, and rolled his eyes at himself, getting all hot and bothered just remembering…

Humming cheerily, he took out his phone and made a quick, teasing message to Kyoko and then called his manager, informing the other that he'd meet the other at the TV station and that he wouldn't need to be picked up. After that, it was all a matter of him driving around since he had time and finding a nice place he could pick up dinner that night, for the two of them. Although, something from Darumaya wouldn't be bad either. Some old-fashioned good food was never a bad thing.

A smirk slowly grew on his face as he caught sight of a building, windows blacked out. He could almost cackle to himself as he parked his car and strode towards the sex store with mind full of ideas and constantly picturing Kyoko's adorable and rather sexy reactions.

For once, Kyoko was attending her school. She was listening diligently too, and trying her best to catch up and understand everything that was being taught. Some of it went completely over her head, and she understood that her absences weren't helping her comprehension. But she still took note on what they were working on and what she needed further help with. She could ask Kijima for help and maybe he'd even tutor her on some of the stuff she'd needed help on, though she would definitely work hard and try not to rely too much on him without using her own brains and trying herself.

It was just…after learning that Kijima was still studying and going to college, Kyoko had really wanted to do it too. She'd admired him for it, and she'd decided she'd like to try and graduate and move on to college as well. And she just didn't want to feel…dumb.

It wasn't like she'd wanted to give up on her education in the first place. It was just that Sho had asked her to move with him to Tokyo, she'd heartily agreed and went with him, and that was it. She didn't have the time or money to go to school, and she'd been focused on working and on Sho.

She'd wasted so much on that jerk.

But no more! She was going back to school and learning, as well as acting, even if it damn well killed her. She wanted to make something of herself. She wanted to show everyone that just because she was a plain girl with no sex appeal, that she could be talented, have skills, and be smart. And she was going to do it while juggling acting and schooling, even if she had to work twice as hard. She had the work ethic. She could do it. If Kijima could, so could she –he would definitely support her through this all the way.

Kyoko was so lost in thought, she hadn't realized that she'd been waylaid out of the way of the cafeteria and onto the grounds of the school, until Sho snapped his fingers in front of her face and stood in front of her cockily.

"About time," he rolled his eyes. "Spacey much, Kyoko?"

She refused to answer him, glaring heatedly at him.

"Anyway, I just wanted to say that I've been doing fantastically well, don't you think? What do you think of my new invincible reputation? I bet Tsuruga has nowhere near the star power I have now! And you must be furious that I'm so far ahead of you…" and he kept going and she tuned him out, just watching his lips move and not paying attention at all.

But he was just going and going.

Kyoko stared at Sho. She wanted to wipe that smug smirk off of his face. She was developing a tick at her temple, and the urge to throw Sho off a bridge somewhere unknown grew. Really –why was he wasting her time? He could be doing something much more productive than bothering her. Honestly, she could be off doing something much better than having to listen to him.

"That was just a load of crap," Kyoko deadpanned suddenly, causing Sho to gape at her. "You're talking, but I don't care. It's going through this ear and out the other."

Kyoko was glad Mikoto had told her that expression and explained it to her. The look on Sho's face was priceless.

"You mean absolutely nothing to me, Shoutaro," she said coldly.

It shouldn't be getting to her (or at least, she shouldn't show it, especially in front of Sho). Kijima had told her that Sho wanted her to react, for her to focus on him. So she should do the opposite and be dismissive, and to channel her inner Mio.

"If you have no more nonsense to chatter about, I have to get back to class," she ended indifferently.

She executed a rather sharp turn of heel that screamed of "Dismissive Mio", and was ready to get out of there when Sho recovered and quickly grabbed onto her arm, stopping her from leaving.

"You've gotten a smart mouth on you," Sho said suspiciously, narrowing his eyes. "Hanging around bad influences now, are you?"

"The only bad influence I was around is the one right in front of me –and I shed that influence a long time ago," she said sharply, yanking her arm out of his grip. "You think I still hold you high up, Sho? You're just somebody I used to know."

And she coldly walked away, pulling at Mio's coldness as much as she could to form that icy barrier around herself and project out. She also thanked Kijima's iPod for that song, as she managed to slip in the title as a wonderful comeback.

Kyoko almost turned around to see Sho's expression, but decided she shouldn't. He wasn't supposed to be worth it after all, and she couldn't give him the satisfaction or any notion that she cared, even if a little bit.

He wasn't supposed to matter at all. So she wasn't going to back down and stupidly unravel everything she'd just worked hard to dismiss him from her life.

Not for one worthless look.

When he reached the TV station, his manager was there and ready with fresh coffee and snacks. He led Kijima to the commune area, and told the actor he'd be back after checking in with the personnel. Kijima just nodded absentmindedly, thinking about that night and the surprise he had in store for Kyoko. He didn't really mind that so much that this "lesson" was going to be a surprise.

"First times" were supposed to be special and more surprise and sudden, than being completely all planned.

Kijima hummed in boredom after awhile, tapping his fingers on his knees in a random rhythm. He suddenly saw a visual-kei group pass him, all dressed up in their getups still. They were rather familiar, and he could probably guess that they were one of the more popular bands currently 'loved' by the public at the moment.

"Still obsessed with that plain girl, Reino?" he heard one of the group address the lead. Kijima inwardly sighed, prepared to ignore the group.

"Kyoko is more than she seems," Reino stated carelessly. "She's not the type to fade away so easily."

Kijima perked up when he heard Kyoko's name (and he knew it was his Kyoko), and began to listen in more earnestly.

"Yeah, but after that stunt you pulled last time, I highly doubt she'd even be willing to say a single word to you," the other said dryly to this Reino.

Stunt? What stunt? What were they talking about? Kijima frowned, but stopped himself from doing anything drastic. But he did listen even more intently than before.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." By this time, Reino's voice held a tinge of amusement.

The other man snorted. "Whatever. Besides…you harass her way too much for her to ever like you, Reino."

Kijima narrowed his eyes at that, full out scowling now. Harassing Kyoko? Definitely a hell no in his book. He stood up and headed towards the band purposely.

"Hey," he stopped them. "I couldn't help but overhear you talking about Kyoko-chan," Kijima had the fakest grin on his face.

"You know her?" the one named Reino raised an eyebrow.

Kijima's grin turned deadly. "Of course. I work with her," he drawled before half sneering. "Step off, kid. You've got no chance with her."

Reino scowled. "What would you know?"

"Oh, I would say I know a lot, considering I'm her best friend."

But then Kijima stepped into Reino's personal space, his grin turning a lot more darker than it had been as his eyes hooded coldly. He leaned in close and chuckled lowly.

"After all, I would bet you wouldn't know her favorite color is purple, the exact shade of her eyes is ochre and her hair tawny, or even the fact that the smell of peaches surrounds her lithe body like a second skin…"

Seeing Reino personally recoil from him (as well as the other band members' wide-eyed stare) really made his day. He shook his head at them mockingly.

"Che, children. Go back to the playground and let the adults 'play.'"

He wore his carefree grin as he waved backwards to them, having already turned and began leaving them dismissively, reminiscent of a certain girl in school to a similarly flabbergasted J-pop star.

Honestly, he had no time for little kids like them. If they wanted to play around in his yard, they better be ready to play rough. Even if he hadn't stated it or made it known, Kyoko was his.

If Kijima could be Kyoko's boyfriend, he wouldn't pussyfoot around with the likes of Tsuruga, bark like the little bitch Fuwa was, or act like some tough shit like this Reino.

He'd make it damn well known that he'd wanted her and was going to go after her full throttle.

"Well, hell, if I'd known he'd done that, I would have done more than just talk shit to him," Kijima grumbled, after asking Kyoko about Reino and learning about the so-called stunt.

If he'd known exactly what Reino had done, he would have bloodied up the kid's face and then some.

Kyoko waved it away irritably, scooping rice into her mouth. "Who cares about him? I'd rather not remember that time. Both he and Sho made me so angry back then. Thinking they're so high and mighty…"

Kijima grunted, almost spearing his pork cutlet with his chopsticks. "If I had been there…"

Kyoko scrunched up her nose cutely. "I think you came onto the show a little after that."

Grudgingly, Kijima had to accept that he hadn't been there and wasn't part of the cast at that time, so there really wasn't anything he could have done. Still, the next time he saw that punk…

"Kyoko," he murmured, switching gears. He looked at her under half-lidded eyes. "There's something I want to show you back at my apartment."

Although she was blushing at his look, she was still confused.

"Um, okay?"

Kijima smiled slowly, and for some reason it was like the cat caught the canary to Kyoko's eyes.

They finished up their dinner at the Darumaya restaurant and said their goodbyes to the couple there, before Kijima was leading her out of there with purpose. He drove to his apartment and insisted she close her eyes before she entered. When she was pushed through the door and was allowed to open her eyes, her jaw dropped slightly.

Candles were placed all around the dark apartment, and she inhaled the aroma of peaches and lavender permeating the room. A hand clasped onto her shoulder and startled her.

"Why don't we go on to the bedroom?" Kijima's hot breath blew onto her ear and caused her to shiver uncontrollably.

He pushed her gently into the direction of his room, to where she saw there were a few more candles lighting up the otherwise dark room. Fingers caressed her hips, dipping under her shirt and then outside, over and over.

"It's been awhile, ne?" Kijima asked playfully, lips brushing sensually against her ear. "Kyoko-chan~ Are you ready for your first time?"

"Yes," she breathed out.

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1. "Somebody I Used to Know" line based by the title song by Gotye.

2. Title of chapter taken by "If I Was Your Boyfriend" by Justin Beiber (even if I hate the guy).