My very first story and it's about Digimon! And it about my favorite season, Digimon Frontier.

I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. (Damn)


The human race has always evolved over time. Since the beginning, we have created new ways to thrive. From this we formed the first computers and technology in order to better understand our world. However this new invention had also created something that we never intended to create… a digital world! As our technology advanced, so did the Digital World with the introduction of its own inhabitants simply known as the Digimon. Even though it was made entirely out of leftover data, the Digital World and the Digimon acted almost exactly as our own, and just like our world, the Digital World started off with chaos and war.

When the Digital World was first born, countless wars broke out between the humanoid and beast Digimon. The wars raged on for centuries until the ancient being known as Lucemon appeared and brought the two tribes to peace. The peace didn't last long for soon Lucemon, corrupted by his own power and greed, turned traitor to his kind. During what was known as the dark era, Lucemon's own ancient warriors led the rebellion against him and together used their great power to seal him and his power away. However, in order to achieve victory, the warriors in turn sacrificed their own lives.

Peace flourished in the Digital World for a long time and the remaining spirits of the now Legendary Warriors were given to the new rulers of the Digital World, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon. They ruled over the digital world together until tragedy struck and Cherubimon became corrupted by a virus and began destroying the Digital World in order to revive Lucemon. The Ancient Warriors foresaw something like this and in retaliation chose six human children to inherit their power.

These children were Takuya Kanbara (Fire), Kouji Minamoto (Light), Zoe Orimoto (Wind), J.P Shibayama (Thunder), Tommy Himi (Ice), and Kouichi Kimura (Darkness). After a long and perilous journey, the children were able to purify Cherubimon and the remaining corrupted warriors and destroyed Lucemon once and for all before returning to their lives in the human world. Peace once again reigned supreme.

Now there is a new threat looming over the Digital World and it's up to the chosen children to put a stop to it, but this time the threat concerns their own world as well. Armed with a new power can they save both worlds?