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*A/N: This chapter is set years before Jack was ever even born, so probably around early 1600's (The palace in this chapter really did exist back then!)

Bunny had to hurry! Soon the little ankle bitter's would be up and about looking for his lovely googies and Easter would officially begin. He had just finished hiding a giant batch of eggs around the rolling hills in France and was making his way down to Spain, which was green and lush and perfect for hiding his brightly colored surprises for the children. He dropped off as many googies in as many gardens, lawns and forest as he could, saving the grand hiding place for last; the Alhambra Palace Gardens. Bunny had hidden eggs in the royal Spanish palace before but every time he visited it, he was taken aback by how green, fruitful, and lively the gardens were. They were surrounded by white stone walls that allowed birds to fly in and perch upon the trees that were lined with bushes and other shrubbery. Cold, freshwater fountains gurgled as the birds accompanied them with sweet songs. Other common animals like squirrels, bunnies, and chipmunks also helped occupy the large garden. Rows and rows of blossoming trees lined the marble walkways and rained down small blossom petals with lovely shades of orange and pink. Every year, the Spanish palace held a giant egg hunt on Easter morning for the children in the city to participate and that year Bunny wanted to hide the eggs as best as he possibly could, so he decided to go deeper into the garden to make it more of a challenge. He greeted the animals he passed by eagerly as he hid the eggs in the best places he could find. He chuckled to himself at his great achievement of hiding all of the eggs with time left to spare. The animals in the garden all gathered around the Pooka in wonder.

"G'day mates, happy Easter," Bunnymund smiled to the small animals crowding him, "Listen, I've hidden my little googies all around the garden, so if you wouldn't mind not moving them so the children can find them, I would be very appreciative."

The animals all nodded in unison and went back to their grazing, singing, and climbing the trees. Bunny turned to go and find someplace that he could hide to watch the children hunt, but something caught his eye and stopped him dead in his tracks. It was another Pooka, or at least it looked like one. It was much larger than any rabbit in the garden and it stood on its hind legs like he did. It turned to face him and to Bunny's surprise, it was a beautiful female. Her body was curvy and petite, her silky fur a deep tan color. Her fluffy, heart shaped face was white and complete with a small, pink nose and large, gorgeous emerald eyes. Bunnymund had never seen eyes like hers; they were so bright and beautiful that they would out match any others… He knew that he would never forget them. Bunnymund didn't even seem to notice that he was staring until the Pooka began to giggle shyly. He smiled and turned his head in embarrassment but noticed something colorful in the Pooka's arms as he looked away… they were his Easter eggs! Bunnymund quickly got over his embarrassment as he hopped over to the female Pooka who continued to pluck the Easter eggs from their hiding spots and place them delicately in her arms.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, there Sheila… look, these googies were put here so that the children could find them, not you! So would you mind putting them back exactly where you found them before the hunt starts?" Bunny tried to explain to the Pooka as he reached for the colorful eggs. The Pooka didn't speak but simply pulled away from Bunnymund, not allowing him to take away the eggs.

"Alright come on now, let's not do this!"

The Pooka smiled competitively at him and she was off like a rocket, hopping through the giant garden picking up the eggs as she went. Bunnymund followed after the Pooka, trying desperately to catch to catch up to her but somehow, he wasn't able to… she was too quick! He had never seen a Pooka move so fast and delicately…she didn't even make a sound as she hopped off the trees, propelling herself further ahead of him. Bunny had a plan. He cut through the bushes and disappeared out of sight of the other Pooka. She smiled proudly to herself thinking that she had finally lost him, when she suddenly toppled roughly onto the soft, green grass. She shook her head nauseatingly by the sudden movement and looked up to see Bunnymund lying nonchalantly against a tree, examining his boomerangs.

"You don't want to race a rabbit, love," Bunny chuckled to the Female.

The Pooka looked down at the grass which had been littered once again with the brightly colored eggs and looked back up to Bunny, her eyes flickering furiously with Ruby; every trace of emerald was gone. She hopped off the ground and angrily kicked Bunny's giant legs out from under him causing him to land in a big, furry heap on the grass. Bunnymund watched enamored as the Female Pooka silently crossed through the arboretum, hopping effortlessly over the white stone walls and disappearing from the garden. Bunny sat there in awe of the Pooka; he had never met one like her before… quiet, mysterious, and unfathomably, incomparably beautiful. He wondered to himself if their paths would ever cross again as he picked himself up and gathered the colorful eggs, hiding them once again as the hunt began.

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