Alexandria: 5'5, blue eyes, blonde hair with blonde highlights. Clothes out of school: Capri jeans (blue or acid), a tank top or a regular tee (all colors) black high tops. Age: 15 Nickname: Alex. Crushes :? Back story: Her mom always works & her dad died when she was 3. She has a secret tat will be told later on in story. Hobbies: Karate,singing,dancing,playing instruments,gymnastics. Dislikes: Snobs,sports

Alex's pov:

I walked up to my new house. I am in 9th grade & I am right on time for school. Actually 2 days early. I knocked on the door & a guy w/ brown eyes, brown hair, & a kind smile opened it. I said Hi I am Alex. Hi. He said. His eyes still on me. I say excuse me and walk right by him. When I am in the house two girls come downstairs. I am telling you Joy, there is a new kid coming. The first girl said. Patricia, Victor would have told us if there was. Joy said I think. Then they notice me. Joy gives me a glare then a smile. Patricia just rolls her eyes like I don't belong here. Then she yells for a woman named Trudy. A woman comes out of the kitchen. Her name must be Trudy. She looks to be around 35. Hello dear, my name is Trudy. You must be Alex. All the kids are in the common room. I walk in the common room and all the talking stops immediately. I hope they don't recognize me. I wave and say, Hi I am Alex. They all say hi, and murmur. And you are? I'm Fabian, says the boy who opened the door. I'm Mara, said a girl with sorta curly hair. I'm Amber, said a blonde girl tat looks interested in her nails. I'm Mick, said a boy with blonde hair that was carrying food. I'm Jerome, said a guy tat had poofy blonde hair. I'm Alfie, have you met any ALIENS?! A boy said with dark skin & dark hair, with a crazed look in his eye. I am Patricia, said the girl from the stairs. I'm Joy, said the other girl from the stairs. Still glaring at me. Does anyone know where I am rooming? I ask. Nope and don't care. Said Joy. I smiled and said listen up, I don't like that attitude of yours. Oh and wipe tat smile off your face. She got up to attack me and I grabbed her hand, spun her around, put her arm behind her back and in between her shoulder blades. I whispered in her ear, I know karate. Then let her go. I smiled and left the room. Going up the stairs to Victors office. Still thinking if this was a good idea. I knocked on Victor's door and he waved at me to come in. I did so. He told me I was rooming with Patricia and Joy. Great I thought. I got up and left. I walked downstairs to see Joy pretending that I broke her arm. I walked up to her and she moved both of her arms infront of her. I said smartly, I thought it was broken. How can u move it? She looked at her arm embarrassed and everyone crowding around her left. She tried calling after them but they ignored her. She came up to me and she punched me in the face. I brought my head back and slapped her. The next thing I know I am on the couch with a rag on my head. Everyone is yelling at Joy. I start to get up but it hurts. I start mumbling. Fabian is over me and says Glad your awake. Don't worry about Joy she wont do that anymore. I start to get up again and I do it pretty easy. Everyone else crowds around me. Joy looks like she is going to kill me. I get off the couch and get back in the heels I had brought today without wobbling. They ask how I do that without wobbling. I reply I have been hurt so much worse you wont believe it. I walk up stairs and go to the bathroom. I get into the bathroom and I start thinking. I wish I was still Nina Martin. I faked my name because I am famous. I had to leave. Everyone wanted to be my friend for the stuff not for me. I am a pop star back home. Before I left my body guard taught me karate. She was like my mom. My mom was always working and never had time for me. My dad died when I was 3. I taught my self how to play guitar and sing. I am really good too. I walk out of the bathroom to my room. Patricia helps me a little and asks me questions I can't answer truthfully. Soon Joy comes in. She starts calling me names. I just ignore. One I can't though. After she said that name I ran into the living room to see a lot of people there so I run out the front door with someone calling my name. I went to a bush and cried.

Fabian's pov:

Mick was asking wat I thought about the new girl. I was bout to answer when she runs in, looks around and runs out the house. I run right behind her to check if she is ok. I am the person that I let people know I am there for them. I continue to run when my shoe gets untied. I bend over to tie it. Once I tie it I look for Alex. I couldn't find her. I was turning when I heard crying. I looked around for her to show me where she was. I looked around and behind a bush was Alex. She sees me and tries to run. I grab her and hold her. She doesn't struggle she cries into my shirt. When she calms down enough, I offer to walk back to Anubis House with her. She accepts. As we are walking I ask her why she was crying, when she told me what Joy called her I couldn't believe it. Me and Joy are gonna have a little talk.