I got an idea after I was with my friends yesterday, I hope whoever is reading this didn't give up because I was gone for a week. Enough of my blabbering on to the story!

Chapter 6:

I finished the dishes and I carried Alex to her room. When I set her on her bed, Amber freaked out.

"Fabian what happened to her?" Amber asked.

"Well Joy dropped her plate on purpose to make it harder for Alex to help clean up, and the glass cut her."

Victor came in. "What happened to Mrs. Rodriguez?" This time Alex talked.

"Joy cut me with glass after she dropped her plate. I tried to help pick up the pieces but my leg hurt a lot." She said with a sad face.

"I see." Said Victor. "Joy you are grounded for a week for potentially hurting another student." Victor said.

Joy came running in. "What but Victor-" She started.

"No buts Joy." Victor said. They left the room.

Nina's pov:

Amber left the room to get something. Fabian gave me a look.

"Yes he knows. He had to know. All the teachers do to. I told them I didn't want special treatment. Only exception is if I get hurt. Oh he said. I told them not to fix my grades unless their F's, or D's. I didn't want any of this to happen." I said.

"Also Fabian I want you to leave me alone tomorrow. Tomorrow is a sad day for me, so I am not going to school." I said looking down.

"What is happening tomorrow?" He asked.

When I looked back up I felt a tear rolling down my cheek. "I don't want to talk about it. Trudy knows and so do the teachers. They said it was fine. Take notes for me so I can look over them."

Victor said his speech and he left the room. Amber came in the room to see another tear fall down my cheek.

"What happened Alex? What did Fabian do?" She asked.

"It's something from my past. And Fabian did nothing. Good night." I said.

"Good night." She replied.

Nina's dream: It was back 4 years ago. Going to visit my little sister in the hospital. She had a blood test but none of the doctors could understand it or cure what was wrong with her. I smelt the cleaning fumes. I walked into her room 15b. I saw my mom crying in the corner. I was 11. My little sister, Courtney, was 7. I am crying in my mom's arms. Knowing that my little sister isn't going to Make it. I hear the Machine go flat and I scream. Still crying, I try to go to her. Fighting to try to get her to live again. She won't. I fight my mom and the doctor's to get to her and save her. But every time I move a step she rolls one away. I am screaming her name. I see a sheet pulled over her face. The dream skips forward a little. We are at the funeral for Courtney. My mom goes to say a few words. I say a few. My sister Samantha doesn't even show. They are putting her in the ground and I scream. End of dream.

I wake up with a start. Everyone but Joy was in my room. Fabian, Amber, Mara, and Trudy have worried look on their face. The rest are puzzled. Except for Victor, He looks very sad. Everyone but Fabian has a look of relief when I wake up.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You were screaming about some girl named Courtney." Amber said.

Hearing the name makes a tear roll down my cheek, then more. I run to the bathroom. Soon everyone leaves to go to sleep. Amber and Fabian follow me. Amber because I am her roommate and Fabian because he is worried about me.

"Who is Courtney?" Fabian asks.

"She was my little sister." I say tears still rolling down my cheeks.

"Was? What do you mean was?"

I look at the clock it says 1:30. "Today is the 4 year anniversity of her. Her." I cut myself off.

Burring my face in my hands.

"What happened?" He asked.

I took out my Ipod and my Earphones. I turn on the song I made for my sister. Make a wish. He hits play and listens to it. By the end of the song he looks up tears forming in his eyes to. Amber takes the Ipod from him and listens to the song.

"You wrote that?" She asked when the song was over.

"Yes and I recorded it. My voice was the one you heard." She looked like she was about to cry and she was shocked.

"You have a gift for singing Alex." I cringed. I had to tell her.

"Amber I know. You can not tell anyone this. I am a famous pop star back home. My real name is Nina Martin." I said.

"The Nina Martin?" She asked.

"Yep. I came here to live a normal life. You can't tell anyone. Got it?" I asked.

"Yep my lips are sealed." She said. Good.

Song: Make a wish by Laura Bryna.