Moon: Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season. These stories will be my Christmas present to you guys. I'm sorry that they're shorter than my normal one-shots, but I tried to type these in about a week. I hope you can enjoy! Happy holidays!

1 Christmas Tree

Fine's visiting the Jewelry Kingdom in search of a gift for Rein. But as you know, she tends to get distracted.
That's why there's a lovely prince coming to help her out a bit.

Normal POV

Christmas eve is always a peaceful time. People are surrounded by kindness and warmth despite the cold weather. At this time of year there are many things to look forward to; parties, presents, dates, and of course food. For our heroine, is quite excited about that last part especially. Just look at her right now, she's standing in front of a candy store looking at all the delicious Christmas cakes and treats. It's a little shocking that instead of looking around at the decorations of the glistening buildings around her that she's looking at cakes, but that's her personality.

"Wah! They look so good! Which ones should I get?" the red haired girl pondered out loud. "Ah, I need to bring some home too."

"Is that you Princess Fine?" Fine turned around to see Bright, holding a bag of nicely wrapped presents.

"Bright, I told you before. Just call me Fine! We've been friends for years, just call me Fine. No princess, Fine."

Bright chuckled good naturally at her childishness. "Then, Fine what are you doing in this place by yourself?"

Fine laughed a little. "Well you see, it's my traditional go eating other kingdoms' Christmas cakes. I saved this kingdom for last, since you've always got the prettiest sweets," Fine said sheepishly. "And Rein loves it when I get her some decor from here so I thought that I could find a great Christmas present for her."

"How nice of you. I'm sure that Rein would love whatever you give her."

"Thanks, but I always have a hard time choosing something," Fine said stroking the back of her head. "I know! Bright, if you have some time right now, come with me to help decide. Rein would love the decor even more."

"I'd be happy to help. Rein and Altezza have similar tastes."

"Thanks Bright! I'll treat you to something later."

Bright smiled at her and they wandered around the shops. By looking at them, you would almost think that they were a couple by how close they seemed to be. Bright showed Fine several objects, but Fine shook her head at all of them. None of it seemed to match Rein's personality enough.

A shopkeeper came over and asked Bright, "Excuse me, but would you like some help choosing a gift for your girlfriend, sir?"

"Oh, I'm not his girlfriend," Fine said quickly. Just look at how fast she denied it. "I'm looking for a present for my sister. Do you have any recommendations?"

"Do you have anything specific in mind?"

"Something to suit her image," Fine said. "Graceful, pure and strong, but fragile at the same time. Do you think you have anything that would be good?"

"Please wait a moment." The shop keeper came out with a beautiful necklace that had a crystal butterfly as it's pendent. The butterfly looked like it had snowflakes on the crystal. "It's a limited edition item. A butterfly necklace made out of a special crystal that's rarely seen." Fine took it and examined it in awe. "Does it suit your liking?"

"Bright, isn't this perfect for Rein?"

"Yes, it suits her image very well. She as free as a butterfly with a soul that's as pure as a crystal. I think that Rein would like it."

"I'll take it. Can you wrap it with a shiny blue bow?" The shopkeeper nodded and quickly wrapped it in a pure white wrapping with a large blue bow. "Thank you," Fine said exchanging the money for the box. "Come on Bright, let's go eat sweets now."

"Don't overeat, or else you can't eat that much for Christmas."

"I know, but I can't help it, when it's this time of the year I always want to eat more!"

"Then let's go to a good cafe that I know of. It has amazing sweets." Fine smiled. They headed out to the cafe Bright talked about.

"Wah, these sweets are so cute!" Fine exclaimed looking around at the sweets displays that were all around the shop. "Ah, Rein would love these little tarts. I should get her some. Mother would like this strawberry cake with the yogurt cream. Then Father-" Fine's outward thoughts were interrupted by a soft chuckling. "Bright?"

"Ah, I apologize. I was just thinking about how kind you are to your family."

"Well, they're my family. They always care for me, so I should care for them as much as I can too. Isn't your family caring to you?"

"Yes, they are. But sometimes it gets a little suffocating to be around them," Bright said, his expression a little darker than what it previously was.

"That's natural isn't it? No matter how close you are to someone, you've got to have some time to yourself once in a while," Find said with a wise aura around her. "There's a special crystal Christmas cake this year?! I'm so getting that! Excuse me!" Bright laughed from her words. She can be mature, then very childish. Bright and Fine ordered. Bright only had a cup of tea, while Fine ordered an assortment of sweets. "Bright, that's all you're getting?"

"I don't have much of an appetite right now."

"How can you say that when there's all these tasty sweets right in front of you? Come on Bright, have one."

"No, I'm good. It would make me feel bad if I were to take one of your sweets."

"But, but... um... It's no good if you reject something that someone has offered to you, would a true prince do that?" Fine said, pulling everything out of her mind. In other words, she's improvising. Bright became stoned. His thoughts and his principals weren't meshing well together. Looks like it was too much for him. "Bright? Bright?" Fine waved her hand in front of his face. "Oh no, I broke Bright! What should I do?"

This is where the author comes in to wake up their characters. A white haired girl ran into the scene, slapped Bright awake, then ran out. "What just happened?" Is this really the future Jewelry Kingdom king? That is not the point. Bright! Get back to the story already! "Then what do you recommend?"

"This one." Fine was pointing to the little marzipan prince sitting on a cake in the form of a rose. "The cake has raspberry chocolate inside. It's really tasty!"

Bright took a bite of the cake."Ah, you're right. It's delicious."

"I know right?" Fine plopped another forkful of cake in her mouth. Then looked out the window to see a huge Christmas Tree right in the middle of central square. "Wow, it's so pretty!"

"Would you like to go see it after we finish eating?" Fine nodded excitedly. They got out right when the large star on top of the tree was lit up.

"So pretty!" A song was beginning to play. A nice and cheery one. Fine glanced around noticing that people around her were dancing.

"Would you like to dance Fine?" Bright asked with his hand extended.

"Sure!" Fine's steps were good. Being amazing at sports does work wonders. The two danced very cheerfully and happily. People were coming around to look at their dance. When it was time for Fine to leave, she said, "Thanks for everything Bright."

"It was my pleasure."

"Be sure to come to our Christmas party. Altezza and your parents' invitations are in there too," Fine said, handing Bright colorful envelopes.

"Thanks Fine." Fine smiled back at him before leaving.