Digimon Tamers-

Escape from the underworld


By Youkai Youko

It was a shining day in Shinjuku. It was summer time and most of kids were traveling, playing with friends and etc.

It had been four years since the digimon tamers had defeat the D-reaper and now they were living normal lives. Shuichon is now eleven years old girl. Her hair was longer than usally to be and she had become a pretty girl. That's worried very much Jenrya.

"Where's she? Doesn't she know it's already 8 o'clock? I shouldn't let her go out, she's my responsibility while Mom, Dad are out. Great thing my dearest older brother and suster are traveling with their friends for the summer vacation." said Jenrya as he hard the door opening.

Jenrya just went to the living room and he saw Suichon arriving. Shuichon saw his face, it wasn't very happy.

He yelled at her where she was and saying that he was worried. Without knowing, Lopmon and Terriermon were wachting they both fighting again.

"Here they go again. Shuichon-chan is already a girl and she can take care of herself." Remarked the little rabbit.

"Momantai. They always fight but later, they make peace." Said Terriermon to Lopmon.

But their fight got worse, they never saw Shuichon so angry at Jenrya, no wonder because Jenrya never gave a break to his sister, even since when they defeat the D-reaper.

"YOU NEVER TRUSTED ME AND YOU NEVER WILL!!" Lopmon and Terriermon gasped when Jenrya slapped hard in Shuichon's face.

Jenrya's eyes widen when he realized what he done to his sister. But Shuichon didn't seem to feel the pain stinging on her cheek. Instead, she felt as if he had just been stabbed in the heart by a cold, metal knife. They always had fought before but never in her life Jenrya had beat her. Jenrya stared wide eyed at the pink-head with pure shock and confusion. That instant, Jenrya knew he had failed as a good brother.

"I HATE YOU, JENRYA!I HATE YOU!" she yelled as she ran out site of the apartment. Lopmon followed her to make sure she`s ok.

"Well done, Jen. This time you made it." Said Terriermon as Jenrya kneed, he couldn't believe it he had slapped his little sister.

Shuichon was sat down, near of pool of Shinjuku park. She was throwing stoned in the pool. Then, Lopmon came out from the brushes. He saw the face of his tamer. He could still see the red mark from Jenrya's slap.

"Do you trust me, Lopmon?" asked Shuichon to Lopmon, without looking at him.

"Sure I do, Shuichon. So does Jenrya. He just was worried about you." Said Lopmon to Shuichon. Then, Shuichon looked at him with tears in her face.

"He never trusted me and he never will! Even if I helped them in the battle against the D-reaper." Said Shuichon crying as she hugged her little brown rabbit digimon.

Lopmon didn't know what to say, especially in that moment. Without notecing, a black hand came out from the earth and it got Shuichon's leg. Shuichon yelled.

Meanwhile that, Jenrya was in Shinjuku Park looking for Shuichon with Terriermon. Then, they heard Shuichon yelling.

"SHUICHON!" he yelled as he began to run torwards where Shuichon's yells were coming from, leaving Terriermon behind.

Then, he saw his little sister's hand on the earth. He jumped to cauth Shuichon's hand but it was too late. The eath had swallowed her. He began to dig in panic but he couln't find Shuichon. Just then, Terriermon had arrived in the place.

"Jen, where's Shuichon? And why are you digging?" asked Terriermon confused as Jenrya looked at Terriermon in tears. He could see despair in his tamer's eye.

"Something from the earth get her Terrirermon!!" said Jenrya in panic as Terriermon gasped.




Jenrya: I didn't mean to get you upset, Shuichon! Just please be alive wherever you are.

Shuichon: Lopmon, where we are? Why does this place has no color?

Lopmon: We are in the worst place where all the digimon has afraid to go, even our four kami-samas has afraid. We're in the underworld.

Shuichon: Hum? Renamon? No, it's a digimon dog very similar to Renamon. But who's that boy? A Digivice? Is he a tamer too?

Digimon Tamers: Escape from underworld- "The First contact of underworld: The lost Tamer."


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