Digimon Tamers: Escape from the Underworld. Chapter8- the saga of final battle: One for all and all for one! Here comes Noble Dramon!

Kuzuhamon was watching the children and the digimon on her way. She was pretty surprise for those children had got for fair. But she wasn't worried. She was sure that she's going to win, especially with her secret weapon.

Meanwhile that, the children and the digimon were in their way to the Anubis Pyramid. Finally they could face to face Kuzuhamon. They were a little nervous because they don't know how powerful that Kuzuhamon was. Then, they were finally in the front of Anubis Pyramid.

"Is that the pyramid, Cerberumon?" asked Himura as Cerberumon nodded to him.

"No offense but that pyramid remind me a lot of that Munm-Ra's pyramid from the old cartoon Thundercats." Remarked Phillipe as Himura and Shuichon sweet droop for Phillipe's stupid remark.

"Anyway lets just defeat that Kuzuhamon and get out here once for all. I hope Jenrya is still ok." Said Terriermon as the otehrs nodded to him.

The tamers and the digimon entered in the pyramid carefully. They still didn't know about what kind of traps Kuzuhamon had made to them. They got on the throne room. There, they found Jenrya. Shuijon couldn't believe that his brother was just in her front but something was really wrong. Jenrya's eyes were lifeless. Without warning, Jenrya pulled a knifed and he slashed his sister's shoulder. When he was ready to slash again, Inumon protected Shuichon from another attack and he punched Jenrya's stomach. Himura and Phillipe went over to Shuichon to see if she was ok. Then, Inumon realized there's lines around Jenrya's body.

"Hey, there's lines around him!" exclaimed Inumon as the others realized there's really lines around him. Then, they heard a voice laughing. Then, they looked up and they saw Kuzuhamon with lines coming from her fingers.

"I need to congratulations you for getting so far to get here, tamers. I see you already saw my puppet." Said Kuzuhamon smiling evilly.

Then, Inumon could feel the lines around of his body and he begin to move agasit his will. Then, he begin to attack the tamers and the digimon. Himura couldn't believe that his partner was attacking them. Cerberumon tried to attack Kuzuhamon but Kuzuhamon attacked the k-9 with her staff. Then, Inumon holds the likes around of his pulse. "Hell Arrow!" yelled Inumon as the fire came out of Inumon's paws and burning the lines.

Jenrya fall unconscious but before he hit the ground, Cerberumon caught him. Inumon kneed as he breathed hard. Himura went to him to see is he was ok. Shuichon went to his brother if he was ok too.

"Nice work, Inumon." Said Himura as Inumon made a v of victory with his paw.

Jenrya opened his eyes and he saw Shuichon's face. Shuichon smiled and tears of happiness fall down in her face. She hugged her brother as he hugs back to her.

"Jenrya. I'm glad for you ok." Said Shuichon to her older brother.

"The same to me." Said Jenrya as he caress his sister head to calm down her.

The boys and their digimon looked happy for finally Jenrya and Shuichon are together again. The only one that doesn't look happy is Kuzuhamon. The Lee brother and sister got up and they glared at Kuzuhamon.

"It's the time to you pay for what you done to us, Kuzuhamon." Said Himura as he glared at Kuzuhamon.

"And give the rights to Cerberumon. He's the real successor of Anubimon and not you!" shouted Phillipe at Kuzuhamon.

"And it's the time you pay for the lives you toke , Kuzuhamon. Jenrya, this time we're fighting together, brother." Said Shuichon as she took her digivice. The same did Himura and Phillipe did the same. Terriermon said he would take a big surprise.

Matrix Evolution

"MATRIX EVOLUTION!" Yelled Shuichon, Himura, and Phillipe holding up their D'arcs as flashes of light vashined their clothes. Then, they began to fuse with their digimon.

"Lopmon Shinka... Cherubimon!"

"Inumon Shinka... Youkai Inumon!"

"Jaguarmon evolvez to... Dianamon!"

Jenrya's jaw was down as Terriermon chucked and said he was right for Jenrya being surprised. After the shock. Jenrya took his digivice.

"Cherubimon. A great angel digimon on the ultimate level. His attacks are Lightning Spear and Heaven's Judgement. Youkai Inumon. Dark warrior digimon on ultimate level, his attacks are Blades of Inferno and Dark Flame Hound. Dianamon. Holy amazon on ultimate level. Her attacks are Arrow of Justice and Nature Unity." Said Jenrya checking the digimon's data.

"Hey, lets not be behind. Let's do it!" said Terriermon as Jenrya holded his digivice up and they fused to Saint Galgomon.

Kuzuhamon stared at them. She never thought they could evolve so far. Then, the tamers and the digimon could hear sounds of chimes coming from Kuzuhamon's staff. Then, they vanished on the throne room.

The tamers and the digimon realized they were in a different place. They weren't on the pryramd anymore, they were in a kind of desert area. Then, Kuzuhamon stared at them.

"You surprise me for having gone so far. But here is the is edge!" shouted Kuzuhamon as a purple aura was around Kuzuhamon's body.

"Be careful guys. I can feel a powerful dark aura on her." said Cherubimon to the other digimon.

"DEMON HELIX!" Yelled Kuzuhamon as she made two ring beans of fight and she throw at the digimon.

The digimon jumped away from the attack. Kuzuhamon attacked with her silver staff on Dianamon's stomach. Cherubimon and Youkai Inumon winded as Dianamon hit agasit the wall in a mountain.

"Phillipe, are you all right?" asked Jaguarmon's voice to Phillipe.

"Im fine, just a little hurt." Said Phillipe to Jguarmon as Kuzuhamon just laughed.

"Dam it! Dark Flame Hound!" shouted Youkai Inumon as he throw at Kuzuhamon a blazing black hound . But for their surprise, his attack didn't harm her. She smiled evelly as she attacked him with her spectral foxes.

"That bitch! How we can defeat her? No one of our attacks harm her. there's must have something that we can do to defeat her!" shouted Jenrya as Shuichon had remeber something that Seraphimon told them.

To defeat your enemy you six must turn three and three must turn one.

Shuichon had realized before they fused with the digimon, they were six but now they were three. Then, Shuichon widen when she realized what they must do. They need to jogress once more.

"Jenrya, I need you and Saint Galgomon to distract Kuzuhamon for a while. I think I found out how to defeat her." said Shuichon to her brother

"Shuichon, what are you going to do?" asked Jenrya to Shuichon

"For once Jenrya, I need you trust me." Said Shuichon as Jenrya just smiled as nodded to her.

"Let's go Terriermon!" shouted Jenrya as Saint Galgomon began to attack Kuzuhamon.

While Jenrya and Saint Galgomon were fighting against Kuzuhamon, Shuichon and Cherubimon went over to Youkai Inumon and Dianamon to tell them what they should do.

"You mean, we need to fuse to defeat Kuzuhamon? But How?" asked Himura to Shuichon.

"Good question, I don't know how we can do that." Said Shuichon to them. Then Dianamon spoke.

"Maybe we just need believe in ourselves again. That's how we could fuse and became ultimates. We need to find a reason to fuse once more in the deep of your hearts." Said Dianamon as the other digimon agreed with her.

The tamer closed their eyes and they began to think on the people that they love. Himura began to think in his cousin, Minako and their good parents. Phillipe began to think in his parents. Shuichon began to think in her family and friends. Then, the digimon bodies began to glow in a golden color aura as Kuzugamon stopped to attacck Saint Galgomon to see what was happening.

"What the heck going on!" shouted Kuzuhamon as she was blinded by the golden light. When the golden light vanished, on the place where Cherubimon, Youkai Inumon and Dianamon were, there was a humanoid dragon. His skin was in emerald color and he was wearing a gold and silver armor and he had tem golden wings. He had many sapphires on his armor.

Shuichon realized she was now in a golden void ball, along with Himura and Phillipe. They all brushed when the realized they were in the same void all naked.

"I didn't see anything!" shouted the boys closing his eyes. Shuichon was all red when she thought when this battle was over, her brother would kill them.

Kuzuhamon stared at the new digimon. She never felt na aura so powerful that belongs to that digimon. She shouted who the digimon was as he stared at the dark shaman digimon.

"I am Noble Dramon." said Noble Dramon. Jenrya realized the voice of the new digimon were mixed between the voices of Cherubimon, Youkai Inumon and Dianamon. Then the digimon continued to speak. " I am a noble digimon that punishes the ones who make great evil to digimon and human. I will tell just once; Surrender now and give the rights to Cerberumon." Said Noble Dramon as Kuzuhamon just humped.

"Never! I had much trouble to get in the power of this world and I will not let some digimon saying what I should do!" shouted Kuzuhamon as she was already to attack Noble Dramon.

Noble Dramon got a golden sword from the sapphire on his right arm. Noble Dramon blocked Kuzuhamon Attack. With a fast move, Noble Dramon stabbed Kuzuhamon on the stomach as she yelled in pain before she vanished in data. Noble Dramon and Saint Galgomon realized on the place where Kuzuramon was, there was a shiny and tiny red pyramid. Noble Dramon got the pyramid and said to Saint Galglmon to return to Anubis Pyramid.

On the Anubis Pyramid, Himura, Phillipe ,Shuichon and Jenrya had evolved back to themselves. But unlike Terriermon who still was on his child level, Lopmon, Inumon and Jaguarmon had evolved to their babies form; Chocomon- a cute baby digimon in chocolate color, Puppymon- a cute chibi version of a rotwiller dog and Mewmon- a cute pink and white cat creature alike. They explained everything on the battle to Cerberumon.

"So, Kuzuhamon had the Red Pyramid all the time? That's why I couldn't remember a Kuzuhamon getting here, much less that Cherubimon, Piedmon and dark Dramon. That explains a lot of things here." Remarked Cerberumon to the children. "Yeah, now how in the world we make that thing work? You need that device to make you evolve to Anubimon." Said Himura looking at the Red Pyramid on Shuichon's hands.

" I think Cerberumon just have to touch it to evolve to ultimate." Remarked Shuichon as Cerberumon just touched it.

Then, his body began to glow as he changed the shape. Now he was a black humanoid dog with Egyptian pants and a pain of golden wings. The children widen and smile when they finally made Cerberumon evolve to Anubimon. Now they can back to home.


It has been one year since the adventures on the Underworld. Shuichon was having a hard tome to chouse a dress to the Christmas party. That Christmas was especial to Shuichon because she will finally meet again her friends; Himura and Phillipe. Phillipe had moved to France after he meets again his family and now he was coming back to celebrate the Christmas with her family. Himura moved to America to make some surgeries to remove the scars on his body . Shuichon finally get dressed when she heard the ring bell. Jenrya opened the door and he saw it was Phillipe.

"Hi Phillipe. Long time we didn't see each other." Said Jenrya with an evil grim. Phillipe sweetdrop when he realized Jenrya still didn't forget the fact he and Himura saw Shuichon naked when they fused to Noble Dramon. And he still didn't forgive them.

"Jolly Noel, Jenrya san. Is Shuichon there? Asked Phillipe as he saw Shuichon in a beautuful chinise dress. Jaguarmon just came out of his beg and yelled Jolly noel to everybody.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Jaguarmon. No need to yell here, ok?" said Lopmon as Jaguarmon brushed in embarrassed.

Phillipe gave his present to Shuichon. Shuichon thanked for the present and she opened it. It was a bottle of perfume.

" Thanks, here is your present. I hope you like it." Said Shuichon giving a present to Phillipe. Phillipe saw it was a jacket with a picture of a jaguar on its backs. Phillipe thanked for the present.

Then they heard the ring bell and Shuichon opened it. Her eyes widen and she smiled when she saw It was himura. He wasn't wearing bandages on his face like the first time they meet. His face had not those scars anymore and now he was wearing a cover eye on his left eye. Without waring, she hugged him.

"HIMURA-KUM!" Yelled Shuichon, hugging Himura.

"Its good to see you againg Shuichon. And my family is moving here on the city." Said Himura to Shuichon.

"That's great! Here is your present. I hope you like it." Said Shuichon giving Himura his present.

"Wow, Gao Ranger Vs. Super sentai.? Thank you. How did you know I was a tokusatsu fan?" asked Himura as Inumon showed up out of nowhere. Shuichon just smiled to him and she said she had asked to Inumon what kind of stuff Himura liked.

"Thank you, Shuichon- chan. Here is your present, I made myself." Said Himura giving his present to Shuichon.

Shuichon just smiled when she saw it was a stuffed toy of a chibi version of Anubimon. Shuichon was about to kiss him when she saw Jenrya glaring at them. Sadly for them, he didn't changed very much since they were back from the Underworld.

"Himura, I heard about you sing very well tokusatsu song themes. Can you sing to us?" Asked Shuichon as Himua glared at Inumon. He knew that Inumon must told her about he sings Tokusatsu song themes.

"Alright them, what you want to I sing?" asked Himura as Inumon yelled Kyoju Tokuso Juspion. They agreed as Inumon put a CD on the Cd Player.

Himura connected the microphone as he whispered to Inumon " You will pay for this." Inumon couldn't help, just smiled. Then, Himura began to sing.

Then, Himura sang and everybody in the house had a lot of fun.


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