Angel had lost his only son. Holtz had taken the child – his child – through a portal into a dimension mortals had little access to for a reason. He felt numb. For a minute he just lay there on the ground with tears in his eyes. The emotions flooded him yet the scene felt unreal. How could this happen? He barely heard Lila's words.

"Let him suffer."

They were like an electric shock, jolting him back to reality. He was not going to let Wolfram and Hart win. Angel stood. He would get Connor back.

Meanwhile back at Angel Investigations the others were still frantically searching for Wesley. None of the phone calls or trips they'd made had been successful so now they were quizzing their green friend.

"How should I know where he is?"

"You're the one who read him!" Gun argued.

Before there could be any more interrogation Angel burst through the doors.

"Angel!" greeted Fred.

He strode past his friends towards the books.

"Angel?" said Gun.

"Whoa! The panic is coming off him in waves!" exclaimed Lorne.

"Where's Connor?" asked Fred, following him.

"He's gone." Angel deadpanned.

"Gone?" said Gun.

"Holtz took him through a demon portal."

"What!?" the others chorused.

"I need to out how to save him – fast."

On hearing this Lorne picked up the telephone. Angel was too busy skimming their library of magic books to care.

"What are you doing?" asked Gun.

"Calling for back-up."

By the time back-up arrived Angel was a third of the way through the office's book collection. Cordelia stormed through the doors followed by Gru. The others were out looking for Wesley. It was just them, Lorne and Angel in the building.

"Lorne you'd better have a damn good reason for interrupting my holiday!" she exclaimed angrily.

"I do – "

But before he could finish she marched over to Angel.

"So what's the problem now!? Me and Gru were – "

"Cordelia? What are you doing here?" interrupted Angel, rubbing his eyes.

"Lorne said you needed back-up." she huffed. "Where's Wesley anyways?"

"The others are out looking for him."

"Where's Connor then? I want to see how my little nephew is doing."

Angel was tempted to bang his head on the table but settled for resting it on his hands.

"Connor's not here."

"Angel? What's wrong?"

"Holtz took Connor through a demon portal."

"Oh my god."

Angel raised his head an met her eyes.

"Yeah. It's good to see you."

The anger had long gone from her face.

"It's good to see you too."

Gru entered the room and Angel quickly reverted back to reading.

"Ah Angel my friend! What is the problem?"

"Connor is missing." Cordy explained.

"What? Who took him? I shall smite the – "

"You shall go help the others find Wesley." said Angel firmly.

"But what about the demon who took Connor? Surely you long for vengeance?"

Angel slammed the book he was reading face down on the table.

"Wesley took Connor so if you want to be useful find him!" he snapped.

Gru left the room looking slightly hurt.

"Don't talk to him like that!" Cordelia protested.

"Sorry." Angel apologised, not sounding very sorry.

He picked up the book and continued his reading.

"I'm not the one you should be apologising to." Cordy grumbled. She stood in front of the desk for a few minutes as Angel read before asking. "What can I do?"


"What are we looking for?"

"Anything from portals to turning back time."

"A pretty wide range then."


He didn't look up from the book.



"Look at me."

He looked up at Cordy.

"We will find him." she reassured.

"We can't know that until it's happened."

She sighed.

"Have it your way."

Cordelia picked up a book and joined Angel in the reading.