Mystic Force: Dawn Of Darkness
Shocking Revelations
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: November 25, 2010

Summary: Picking up where Mystic Force: The Forgotten Ray of Light left off, we find our heroes facing a new set of challenges, and not all of them are from evil villains attempting to take over the universe
Rated: M for adult situations
Ships: NM, VX, CC, UL
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Mid July 2007

The shock was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. The pair sat on the bathroom floor, Madison leaning back against the tub and Vida against the closed bathroom door. Neither of them had expected to find out what they just did, and the ramifications of the results were staggering.

They were pregnant.

"Oh. My. GOD."

"Understatement of the century," Vida responded in a snappy tone.

"How the hell did this happen?"

The Pink Ranger grinned wickedly at her sister. "We let the boys talk us out of our clothes, that's how."

Madison opened her eyes and glared at her sister. "Stop being crude," she angrily hissed. "We were careful."

Vida nodded. She and Maddy had made a pact once they'd started their physical relationships with their boyfriends to be extra careful in regards to this. "No kidding. But you and I both know nothing's 100% perfect."

Madison struggled to keep from hyperventilating. What we they going to tell their parents, she thought in fear. She could already see the anger and disbelief on their faces, particularly her step father's. She had no idea how her father was going to react, let alone what was he going to do to his two protégés. And then it hit her smack in the face – what was Nick going to say? They'd never discussed children, heck they hadn't gotten passed discussing dating. Not that she didn't know he loved her. But she didn't think he was ready at all to be a father. "I think I'm going to be sick," she moaned.

"No you're not, especially if I can't be," Vida shook her head. "We're mature adults, we need to deal with the consequences of our actions, no matter how freaking terrified we are," she tried to make light of the situation, though Madison's face said it wasn't working.

The Blue Ranger heaved herself to her feet and sighed. "Guess we'd better call our parents," she suggested, shaking her head. "And I guess I better tell Nick…oh God, I can just see the looks on their faces…pure disappointment."

"And I'm going to wait until Xander gets back before I tell him."

With their plan figured out, the pair left the bathroom and went to collapse in their respective rooms, both scared to death about facing this unplanned path of their futures.

The Pitt
The Underworld

There was nothing but darkness and bone-chilling cold in what had once been the Master of Evil's sanctum. Gone were the creatures who had once done his bidding – the Hidiacs were long gone, having been destroyed by the destruction of the master; The Ten Terrors had either been destroyed, or in Mutambo and Itassis' cases, had joined the side of good; Imperious had been defeated swiftly and surely by his former friend, The Solaris Knight; Necrolai and Koragg had both been turned human, and had also joined the Rangers in their fight against the master; and Morticon, the first casualty of this new war, had long been gone.

However, in the darkest, deepest corner, under a pile of broken walls and dirt, there was movement. Rocks rolled away from a place about mid-way up the pile. A large, beefy hand emerged from the depths. It was covered in metal, but as more of the body it was attached to became visible, the metal casing fell away.

"I AM FREE!" he choked out, coughing as he stumbled from the rubble.

His last clear thought had been of his battle with, and defeat by, the Rangers and the bitch Gatekeeper. There had been nothing but darkness since…. At the back of his mind, a memory tickled his consciousness. He had recognized that girl, the one who carried the Gatekeeper's power, he just couldn't place where he'd seen her before the battle with the Rangers.

Finally steady on his feet, and naked as the day he'd been born, he knew his first act was to find clothing, food and a more decent shelter than the pit he was currently standing in. He needed to figure out what the hell had happened after his last clear memory. Obviously the Rangers had destroyed the Master, just as he'd thought they'd destroyed him, and yet, here he was, alive and fairly well. With a shake of his head, he began to pick his way out of the darkness and towards the surface.