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Allen walked down the halls of the famous Black Order High school; he recently moved from England due to Crosses debt collectors. "Where is class 3-A? Im already late and lost on my first day here, how lovely." He wasn't paying attention where he was walking an accidentally bumped into someone, he was surprised and looked up to see a person with long blackish blue hair pulled up in a tight high pony tail, he wondered to himself why a girl would be wearing a guy's uniform "Che, watch where you're going Baka moyashi."

Allen slightly blushed in frustration "D-Dont call me a moyashi, my names Allen!" then it hit him, this person wasn't a girl but a guy. The man was emotionless and walked off. Allen sighed and started to walk again when someone behind him said "Don't worry; Yuu-chan is always like that~ I bet you're the new kid looking at your appearance." A redheaded boy walked up to him. His hair was spiked up and he was wearing a green bandana "by the way my names Lavi, I've been sent from my class to look for you and take you there!" Before he could reply Lavi had grabbed his arm and dragged him down the hall. "Yuu-chan should be back to our class by now, he was sent with me. I'm surprised that he hasn't beaten you up yet. Usually when a person bumps into him like you did there lucky to only get a couple punches."

They walked in silence for a little bit then Lavi started asking questions, like that was a surprise to Allen, "So first off, where did you come from? "London, we had to move due to certain circumstances" Lavi nodded, and looked at the glove Allen was wearing on his hands, "What's with the gloves? It's still August so it's not that cold out." Allen hid his left hand from Lavis view "I'm making a fashion statement, and before you ask, the hairs natural and the scar is an answer for another day" Lavi chuckled and stopped in front of a door "Dang, you must move a lot to know the questions people will ask" He opened the door and stepped inside "Here's the newbie!"

Lavi went and sat down in the empty desk that was near the back corner. The professor looked over and smiled "Hello there, I am Komui, your Chemistry teacher. Welcome to the Black Order High! Please introduce yourself to the class." Allen looked over slowly and saw the whole class staring at him, except for the guy he bumped into earlier; he was looking out of the window, totally ignoring the class. So as properly as he could, Allen quietly said "My name is Allen Walker and I moved he from England. I hope to be friends with you all"

Some of the girls blushed and looked away and Allen mentally sighed 'Please don't let them bug me.' Komui smiled and pointed to the desk next to a girl with green ponytails and in front of guy he bumped into earlier "you will be sitting next to my amazing adorable sister Lenalee! But you better NOT LAY ONE HAND ON HER OR ELSE-"The next thing the whole class knew was that he was hit in the head by a binder that was thrown "Stop it brother!" Allen picked up the binder on the ground and walked over to his desk 'I would never be interested in her anyway, I'm gay after all'

He handed the binder to Lenalee and smiled "Here's your binder back, I'm sorry if I caused this trouble." Lenalee smiled and shook her head "No problem! And don't worry; my brother is always like this, sad to say." Allen sat down and looked out the window to his side. Komui recovered very quickly and looked over at his sister with sad eyes "why would you do that Lenalee?! I'm protecting you!" lenalee hid her face in embarrassment and shouted "Just start the lesson!"

Allen didn't listen to what komui was saying, he was to busy staring out of the window, looking down and seeing the trees sway in the wind. He didn't want to move away from his home town to Japan, it didn't make sense to move over here when there were debt collectors here as well, and Cross didn't give him any information on the real reason of the move.

Flash Back:

"Oi! Idiot Apprentice, were moving out in 2 minutes so we won't miss our flight. Grab all of your god damn stuff and lets go" Allen was shocked to hear this, he didn't know they were moving. So he ran upstairs and was only able to grab a few things that were important to him. He grabbed some clothes and threw them into a duffel bag he had. Then he grabbed his laptop and his backup money he was able to hide from Cross. He ran down the stairs and saw Cross take a puff of his cigarette and sigh "took you too long, let's get the hell out of here." On the car ride there Allen tried to get information on why they were moving and where to. All he got was "Japan and debt collectors you didn't pay baka"

End of Flashback:

Allen was spacing out of the window when he felt something hit him. He looked down and saw a paper ball, so he picked it up and opened it, "Meet me outside by the farthest tree." There was no signature, but Allen could tell this wasn't going to end well.

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