Hey everyone... I'm sorry, but at the moment I have no inspiration for my stories. At all. I was really hurt this summer, and that took away all the will power I had to keep these going, I haven't had the spirit since then. I try to think of ideas but my mind just pulls a blank. Please forgive me everyone, I really have tried, but my soul and heart just isn't at ease yet. I need to push out the dark thoughts before I can make the rest of the stories, or else they will be full of darkness and hatred... which I know shouldn't be in my fics XD I may just make a new one to express my feelings in them, and maybe it will help me complete these, im not sure. I thank you all for all the support you have given me, and I will try to update as soon as I am emotionally up for it! I will promise this. These fanfics im writing aren't dead, I will continue them, even if I die there will be more to come. Thank you and im sorry.