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Annette Kohler watched with terrified eyes as the German officer-what was his name?- led her beloved old Grandfather out of the house, tossing the old man on his knees in the frozen grass. She wanted to scream out- her Grandfather had bad knees.

She brought her fist to her mouth to hold in any noise. Arthritic knees didn't matter, not now, not when-

Deep breath-

Choking on tears-

The officer bent over Grandfather, and said something low. And Grandfather jerked his head up in anger and hissed something back. No surrender.

Annette fingered the row of daggers discretely hidden inside her peasant's coat. But, no. That wouldn't help. There were too many soldiers to take down. Enough soldiers to outnumber the dozen or so staff that had stayed at Grandfather's side.

Sure, she might be able to take out the officer standing threateningly at Grandfather's side. Perhaps even the two soldiers standing just behind him, before they noticed her.

But then they'd notice. And catch her. And she couldn't run that fast. Besides, they'd get the scroll hidden deep in her peasant-coat pocket.

The scroll on which Grandfather had busily scribbled all of the pertinent information, then thrust into her hands. The horror she knew was marching towards the Darwinists. And she remembered, "Girl, take this to the Count; he always has a plan. It's vital information. He'll know what it means. And hurry. Run, don't stop-"

And that's when they'd heard the door break down.

Now, the officer took a dozen steps back from Grandfather-

Pulled out his gun, all casually-

Annette turned away from the scene, and ran further into the woods, away from the house-

And towards London.

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